Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leah's Decade in Review! '00-'09

Posted By: Leah
I'm still trying to pick my favorite year... I'd say either 2005 or 2009!

2000 - (Turned 20)
* Brought in Y2k at a party on the Morehead City waterfront with Jason (we had been dating about 2 mos).
* Switched majors at UNCG from Comm to RPT (up there with one of my top great decisions of the decade). Had an awesome GPA (actually got all A's so got on the UNCG President's list) and got to move to my own apartment off-campus.

2001 -
* Turned 21
* Went to Europe for Andrew's wedding in PARIS with the family (I will have to scan pictures to add, they are fabulous!)
* Interned at the O. Henry Hotel in Greensboro.

2002 -
* Graduated from UNCG
* Went to Las Vegas (stayed in the Paris hotel)
* Moved into a super nice apartment
* Got my first 'real job' at the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau

2003 -
* Went to Las Vegas (stayed in the Luxor, were upgraded to a fancy suite)
* Did LA Weight Loss, got really skinny
* Went to Walt Disney World between Christmas and N. years

* Got engaged
* Had bridal and also engagement portraits taken
* Did wedding planning non-stop.

2005 -
* Had lots of wedding showers
* Got married, went on an amazing honeymoon in Riviera Maya Mexico
* Got a job with the Richmond Convention Center, moved to Richmond, VA
* Purchased a house
* Got pregnant

2006 -
* Had lots of baby showers
* Went on 'baby moon' to Las Vegas (stayed in the MGM and ate dinner next to Howie Mandelle)
* Had Gavin (greatest, most amazing child ever in the history of forever), Gavin started daycare at 11 weeks old. I went back to work.

2007 -
* Gavin crawled for the first time in March, turned one in August, took his first steps in August.
* Apparently I liked to dress Gav up a lot this year!
* Did Weight Watchers, lost all my baby weight and then some (booked E. Caribbean cruise)

2008 -
* Went on Caribbean Cruise
* Got a job with Rehab Management in marketing, closer to home.
* Went to Baltimore for a tradeshow with Rehab Management and took the fam.
* Won emp. of the year with Rehab Mgmt and got a free trip (I chose to go to Disney).

2009 -
* My Nana passed away
* Jason turned 30
* We sold our house
* Went to Disney World (free trip)from Rehab Mgmt. and celebrated my birthday (cinco de mayo) at Epcot with dinner at the Mexican 'country.'
* Got a job with Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC
* Moved back to Greensboro, NC (back to same exact road we used to live on. Another great decision of the decade)
* Started ShopLeah

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