Friday, March 27, 2009

Design-Her Gals!

Posted By: Leah
I absolutely adore the website Design-Her Gals! I think it is so awesome how you can create very realistic likenesses of yourself/your friends/family/etc. Anyhow, it's a great company that supports stage IV breast cancer patients and they donate a lot of every sale to that organization. I get their e-mails and I ended up getting $25 off my next order if I submitted my girl online for their spring collection. So of course I did it! Anyhow I wanted to let everybody know about that awesome website, and I got these really super cute cards for my family with my $25 off (I still had to pay $27... these cards aren't cheap but they make awesome gifts for people who have everything!)

Here are my cards... I dont' know who exactly I'll be giving them to, but in the event somebody gives our whole family a present they get to have one lol!

This is one I made for my sister Sarah before she dyed her hair brown this fall

This is one that I think my mom made for herself or maybe I made it for her...

Cool, right? I think it's the best website! I highly recommend it!
If for some reason you are feeling inspired to order right now, they have 30% off if you use the promo code: spring09
just FYI!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asked for a 13 but they drew a 31

Posted By: Leah
Way back last summer I got a new tattoo. I was born on the 5th day of the 5th month (May 5, Cinco de Mayo). For some reason I have always had this obsession with 5's (I always was #5 on sports teams) and I love 5 petal flowers (see other tattoo).

So I went ahead and got 5 stars (5 points) this past summer on my back. Stars are pretty cool. We went to this really nice tattoo place that is supposed to be one of the best in the area, if not THE best, and paid top dollar for the ink. The guy told me for the after-care to only use plain lotion.

Ok so here it is freshly done (yes that is ink and blood... sorry!)

But it looks good, right? Here it is a few hrs later. Everything still intact (it's really on my right side, I was just taking the picture in the mirror).

So as it was healing I was doing what I was supposed to and putting my plain lotion on all the time. But it itched SOO badly and got so scaly and gross. I don't think it was infected but it for sure scabbed up (sorry, no pictures of that... eew!). Then one day I happen to see that parts of one of the stars was GONE! It was seriously the weirdest thing. Did my body reject the ink? Did he forget to fill in the line? what happened? Also, do you see the difference in color from the photo above to this one? It's not like I go tanning or do anything that would make the color fade so much in only 7 months.

So I called the place where I got the tattoo and tried three times to get an appointment to have it retouched/recolored. The artist is apparently too busy, didn't get the messages, I don't know what happened but he never called me back. I then called another tattoo shop, told him my story and he said that putting plain lotion only on a tat. is not good, you need something thicker like Neosporin or A&D so it most likely scabbed up then the black ink and most of the color 'fell off.' EEw Eeew eww! He told me I really should call the place where I got it so they could touch it up for free for me, but he would take a look at it if I'd like.

I called the place one last time, explained the exact situation and long story short. They refused to make me an appointment, gave me a vague time to come in, and didn't say if it would be fixed or not, just that if they could get ahold of the artist he'd take a look. I really have a very simple tattoo that we are dealing with. Come on, it's just some stars! Anyhow I was like bump this (do people even say that!?) and went in to see the nice guy who explained why my tat looks the way it does now. He was going to fix the black outline on the spot, but when I said I needed it recolored he had me make a real appointment.

SOOooOoOOooo now that I have a real appointment for my touch up and I'm paying him anyway, I started wondering if I should go ahead and get another tattoo!?!? I know I want Hello Kitty, but I just can't think of where I'd want her. So I don't want to rush into that. But I'd love to have more stars. And honestly, I'd love to have a tattoo that I can actually see. I had this awesome idea to get stars on the side of my knee, like on the outside. Ok, it sounds crazy but I was at kitchen 64 one time and this waitress had it and it was the coolest thing ever!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bump It!

Posted By: Leah

As you may know, I ordered Bumpits (like on the infomercial that comes on pretty much every station) from eBay and they came in the mail last Friday. I have talked about them non-stop, so I went ahead and posted some pictures. As with anything, I of course have a disclaimer:
According to the Bumpit people, to use them correctly, you are supposed to tease your hair and then use hairspray first to achieve the huge bump-look as seen in the infomercial. I honestly don't want to ruin my hair by teasing (thus, the reason for the bumpit) and also I was trying several looks so I didn't use any hair spray. As a result, looks below are much less dramatic than what is possible. One last disclaimer was that I was also giving Gav a bath in the tub right behind where I was doing my photo shoot below (a mom's gotta multi-task when possible!). So no, there are no embarrassing baby in the bathtub pictures, but I really was trying to make sure he was safe so I spent literally only 30 sec. or so creating each look.

This first shot is of me with regular hair. I had been out in the yard all day and taken it out of a ponytail and this is it. I only have this included so that you can see what I look like 'before.'

I don't know why I was making that expression. I look just like Psycho T. (Tyler Hansboro)

This is what the actual Bumpits look like:

Your hair is supposed to be able to do something resembling these looks(picture taken directly off of the Bumpit website):

...And then there is me. Here I am with the 'Big Hollywood Hair' 1 1/4" Bumpit:

Next is me with the 3/4" 'Regular' Bumpit and a headband (it's a 1/2 inch difference, but in the pictures it looks basically the same):

The whole reason I got the Bumpits in the first place was to make that cute 'bangs bump' like celebrities all have. This is using the small, 1/2" 'Mini' Bumpit:

I got really fancy and did a 'double bump' (I made that name up). I did the mini bangs bump AND an extra bump in the back:

This morning I tried my first attempt at wearing the Bumpits to work. I started out doing the 'double bump,' but it wasn't really working. I think the center bump did okay (that is the picture at the very top of this page). I took a quick side-view so you can see the same look as above, but a little lower back bump:

In summary, I think Bumpits are a good investment ($19.99 + shipping). They are for you if you have thin, un-exciting hair like me. They offer a quick and easy alternative for a more fun look. I don't know yet if you can use them with curly or wavy hair, but I am going to try (I flat ironed my hair in the pictures above). I can't say if I will use these everyday, but I am going to try to get better at using them. Once I have mastered the ponytail and a few of the other looks I'll post an update!

Friday, March 6, 2009

An un-delicious candy? Oh, it's real.

Posted By: Leah
Ok, let me start out by saying that for the record I like any kind of sweets or treats, and if it contains sugar, I will enjoy eating it. I especially like my desserts when they are homemade and/or given to me for free. So, I am at work today... (I feel I must add that I went to the gym on my lunch hour and did the eliptical for 4 miles in 30 minutes. It's not the toughest workout ever, but it was good. Thanks Karen!) and I ate my Lean Cuisine for lunch and then noticed on the 'giveaway table' (every office has this location, it's where people put treats, desserts, etc. that they have made to share and give away) there was something I had heard of but never eaten before. It was Turkish Delight. The first thing that came to my mind was that book we read in the 5th grade (I think) called "The Search for Delicious." I felt like I had done well today with going to the gym and eating my Lean Cuisine, that it would be okay for me to look at and possibly sample this free treat on the table.

The box looked nice. I really thought I was going to get something fancy and delicious. On the inside of the box, as you can see in the photo, it contained squares with powdered sugar piled on. I cannot think of one thing with powdered sugar on it that is not good... donuts, cookies, cakes, etc. So I pick up one of these tiny squares

and upon looking at it a little closer, it seemed kind of weird. I was hoping it was carmel dusted in powdered sugar, creating a 'bulls eye' candy sort of treat. So I bite into it and honestly... I really have no words to describe the flavor/texture/consistency. It was truly unlike anything I have ever consumed. It was so odd that I went back to my desk and immediately did a wiki-search to see what the heck was in my mouth. Here is what I found:

Turkish Delight, lokum, or loukoum is a confection made from starch and sugar. It is often flavored with rosewater and lemon, the former giving it a characteristic pale pink color. It has a soft, jelly-like and sometimes sticky consistency, and is often packaged and eaten in small cubes that are dusted with icing sugar or copra to prevent sticking. Some types contain small nut pieces, usually pistachio, hazelnut or walnuts. Other common types include flavors such as cinnamon or mint. In the production process soapwort may be used as an additive, serving as an emulsifier.

And yes, this one had some kind of nuts in it. All I can really say after eating it was that it was gross. I feel like I had been tricked; a very mean trick by someone who truly wished ill things to happen to me. I mean, really... who would call that a candy? I wanted to spit it out but I made myself eat it. It was by far the grossest 'candy' ever invented. The people in Turkey (I am assuming that is where it's from by the name?) must really have depressing lives if they call this a 'Delight.' I higly advise people to stay away from this 'trick candy' because it is not good. I now fully understand why it was on the giveaway table. I don't know if you can buy this at the grocery store or if somebody brought it all the way back from Turkey. Regardless, it is disghusting. Lesson learned... not all candy is good and sometimes the 'giveaway table' is full of tricks, not treats.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A sad, happy ending

Posted By: Leah
For the past four years my favorite reality show, without a doubt, has been The Girls Next Door. During the first part of this season, it was revealed that this was the last season of the show as we know it now (Hef with Holly, Bridget and Kendra) and that Hef and the girls were splitting up. It was very apparent watching this season that the girls just didn't seem to have the same happiness and energy as in previous seasons. The only one who genuinely looked happy was Hef (but who could blame him!? He is Hugh Hefner). This season Holly was distant, Kendra dyed her hair darker and got another boob job and Bridget dropped 20 lbs. Things on the show didn't seem right

I have the first and second seasons of GND (Girls Next Door) on DVD and on the weekends when there is nothing on (and they aren't already playing a GND marathon on E!) I will watch the DVDs. (And for the record, yes this show is appropriate for even Gav. to watch so if you were thinking it's some porn show you are very very mistaken.) I feel like I know the Girls so well. If you aren't already a fan of the show, I know it sounds either uninteresting or just plain trashy to watch. It is anything but that. The show is a reality show from the Girl's perspective of what it is like to live the fabulous Beverly Hills lifestyle as one of Hef's girlfriends. These are just regular girls that happen to have been born beautiful who were plucked out of obscurity and invited to live in the Mansion. None are Playmates and I think only Holly and Bridget are even Bunnies (allowed to wear the costume. It's all complicated). It is very clear that they don't all sleep together and it's not 'dirty' in the way you would think. The Girls are each individually unique and so cool in their own styles. I'll do a very very quick recap to make sure everybody knows what/who I'm talking about and how happy/sad this show has made me:

Holly is Hef's true #1 girlfriend and she is the only one who did share the bed with Hef. She is beautiful and perfect and is just the ideal girl. It was revealed the reason she and Hef broke up was because she and he tried to get her pregnant but it just didn't work out. She then got busy with her job and then somehow (this isn't discussed on the show) ended up with Chris Angel... MIND FREAK! On the show she was always in Vegas where his show is. Chris Angel and she broke up at the end of last month. Poor Holly :(

Kendra is the youngest and newest girlfriend and is an absolute riot. She is soo absolutely hilarious. She goes by 'K-dub' and is a fan of the S.D. Chargers. She truly makes the show as entertaining as it is (was). I actually had all three Girls on my myspace friend's list and about a year ago Kendra's info. was that she loved Hef, loved living in the mansion, traveling, etc. but said she knew it wouldn't last forever. She said she was 23 and wanted to get married when she was 24. I thought that was kind of a weird thing to put in her 'about me' section. Little did I know that she probably already had plans to get her own 'mini mansion' and that she was getting married to a NFL player. Good for her, I'm so happy that she is doing what makes her happy.

Bridget is my favorite and the fan favorite of everyone I know. She is not only beautiful, but she is very intelligent (she has 2 master's degrees), she is sweet, is in her mid 30's (10 yrs+ older than the other two) and she is 'all natural' (tmi). She is the kind of girl that you know would be a great friend. She has her own show on XM/Serious... And my personal extra close connection... she also loves Hello Kitty! Bridget's younger sister Anestassia visits the Playboy Mansion in the summers and it is such a fun relationship they have. It reminds me of Sarah and me! If one of us was in Playboy! And if we had big fancy celebrity parties in our underwear! Bridget was offered her dream job so that is her reason for leaving the mansion. 

I never remember to watch The Girls Next Door when the show is on new, but I always catch the reruns later in the week. Tonight I got caught up on this week's show. This was the week the girls moved out of the mansion. I was honestly very choked up. I know you probably think that's crazy, especially coming from me, the person who laughs at other people's reality show failures and shortcomings. But, I feel like I've watched these girls for so long and what other reality show has followed the same people for four years? I mean, I just felt the pain they must have had saying good-bye and closing that chapter of their lives.

The good news is all the Girls are moving on to bigger and better things. I am so proud of them!
As I said above, Bridget has gotten her dream job... her own show on the Travel Channel. She is going to be like a sexy Samantha Brown (sorry Sam, but you are no bunny. I still like you and you are so funny!!!)

Kendra is getting her own show that starts in June on E! It's all about her moving into her new house, learning how to live on her own (she moved straight out of her mom's house when she was 18 into the Playboy Mansion. Tough life, right?). No offense Bridget, but Kendra's show looks really really funny!!

And... I just found out today that Holly has been chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars this season. What a perfect show for her!! I know she will do an awesome job and hopefully meet a new guy along the way. She deserves to be happy.

So all's well that ends well for the Girls. I hope Hef is doing okay. It was so sad hearing him tell Mary, his Secretary, how sad he was to let Holly move out and do her own thing. Holly truly was perfect for him as he was for her. It was just the wrong time because he was unfortunately too old to have kids with her, get married, and all that. They were just about 50 yrs off. It reminds me of that Ben Folds Five song that makes me cry every time I hear it. So don't even bother playing the video below unless you are ready to sob uncontrollably. I am not kidding. My friend from my old job got married and gave personalized cd's as wedding favors. I remember I was driving to Charlotte and put in her cd to listen to. I didn't recognise this song, but just let it play on through. I had never heard it before but I was literally driving down I-85 sobbing. Ok I can't talk about it anymore. You think I'm joking. Play it all the way through and grab the Kleenex...

Not so Ugg-ly

Posted By: Leah
Ok so I admit it. I was an Ugg hater. For the past 4+ years I have talked nothing but smack about Uggs. I thought celebs who wore them were dorks, I saw people wearing them on the outside of their jeans and thought they were creeps. I just hated on Uggs in general. Then one day around Christmas 2007 my sister Sarah got some fauxUggs (sorry to call you out that they aren't real! I mean they ARE real!) and she let me try them on.

She said, "oh you are so cute in them lets take pictures!" So I actually have a photo of the first time I tried on (faux)Uggs. We went to Carolina Place Mall that afternoon (me, still in Sarah's Uggs) and I remember the boots made my feet sooo hot. We ended up trading shoes because I was so toasty-hot wearing them. Ok that sounds gross. I mean it wasn't that hot, but it was hot.

Sarah got her fUggs (I am calling them that to shorten the name and you can decide if they are real or not) and went to college in the fall. It was around that time that I noticed that everybody, I mean EVERYBODY was wearingUggs. No matter where you go, what time of year it was, people were sporting them like crazy; shorts, skirts, jeans, dress pants, the whole nine. (Notice how Sarah is still rocking the ones I had on above! Love this picture!)

Fast forward to Christmas '08. Even though I had been trying to deny Uggs out of my life, I secretly remembered how comfortable they were and I wanted some! I never know what I want for x-mas so fUggs seemed like a good gift!

Still not ready to commit myself (or anyone else purchasing them for me) to $100+ furry boots (I'm sorry, it just seems like a lot!) I had Sarah and the fam. get me some Target brand low-top fUggs. I was at that time still not totally comfortable with the boots, so I had them get me the mid-length. I wore them on the weekends and on casual Friday, but it was not until this week with all the snow that I broke out those bad-boys full time! I am wearing them right now! Still! I have had these on non-stop for going on a week. I love these boots! It's like slippers that you can wear outside and to the store and even to work and nobody calls you out or says you look bad. People think you look awesome! For being comfortable! Yay!

I feel like I'm almost ready to make the real commitment (and by that I mean the last year's out of style Marshall's selection) and get real Uggs. Am I crazy? Is the end of Uggs coming soon and they will be 100% out of style next fall? You just never can predict these things.

I guess the saddest part is that my fUggs are identical to the ones above however they don't have the "Ugg" label and are about 1/2 that tall. Am I really that materialistic that I HAVE to have the label? Maybe they sell faux labels all "Coco-Canal-Street" style. Somebody check that out and get back to me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's do this...

Posted By: Leah
There are so many things that I see everyday that I want to share. I have a very interesting life. I think that my outlook makes everyday good. About ten years ago when I was trying to choose what college to attend I took a tour of UNCW. The guy giving the tour saw me struggling to imagine myself fitting in there. He said something to me that I will always remember, he said, "It is not what choice you make but what you make of that choice." I think life is to enjoy and you have to make the most of it. Everything is not always sunshine and roses, but if you surround yourself with things and people that you enjoy, you can choose to have a good day no matter what obstacles are against you.

I see things all the time that I want to share with everyone I know. I understand that not everybody is into the same things that I am, but sometimes when you see things that make other people happy it makes you a little happier. So lets get down to it! In otherwords, get ready for a bunch of stuff I like!

Last week I had an icky stomach bug (something I didn't like). When I finally thought I was better, we went to BDubs for dinner and I felt extra bad all of a sudden. I looked up at the tv monitor and saw the most fascinating thing.... Bumpit!

I had to order it! So I found it on eBay and it is coming to my home in a week! I know it's a Sarah Palin look, but hopefully I'll be able to pull it off in a more A-list styled way.

This is nothing new, but I absolutely adore Hello Kitty. I can't put in words how much I adore her. It's one of those things you either understand or you don't. So if you don't personally love Hello Kitty, it's okay! I found a video of a MAC Hello Kitty launch. I should have been invited! Two things I love in one:

Also on the Hello Kitty subject, I saw these pictures online. I showed Jason and told him I needed to have these delivered immediately. He was like ok whatever and went back to reading Watchmen.

I had a dream a couple nights ago that I had a Hello Kitty tattoo on my left heel. I remember being worried I would use my ped egg (another fabulous infomercial invention I couldn't live without) and scrape it off. Eeew TMI I know. I am so torn about getting HK inked on me. I would love to have her on me forever, but am worried that the tattoo artist would mess her up or I'd end up in a nursing home and the caregivers would talk trash about me. I know it's irrational, but you need to think this stuff through before having HK put on you for life. If I didn't already have a 'tramp stamp' I would totally have this on me. The weird thing is my lower back tattoo already has these same flowers/vine thing going on.

Ok it's getting late and I am to the point of rambling on my girl HK. But one more thing I must discuss is that QVC has HK Diamoninique. Did you know this? Nothing is all that 'fabulous.' It's not exactly Kimora Lee Simon's line. But for the price, I think it's okay. I was going to post a picture, but there actually isn't anything worth posting from QVC.

Anyhow if I did get a HK tat, this is probably what I'd get... I know you are curious. And I'm not sure where I would get it because all my other tattoos are on my back and I can't see them...
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