Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ShopLeah.... almost ready to launch!

Posted By: Leah
So technically if you did want to go purchase something on my site you absolutely could. I just have not had my 'official grand opening' yet!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SYTYCD + Crafts & Gav = do work son!

Posted By: Leah
SYTYCD was on for two hours tonight and that is entirely too long for only 4 dancers. Anyhow so I broke out the hair clip crafting boxes and Gav and I got to crafting. Really, all he did was pick out colors that matched but it was fun. So I laid out some ideas for hair clips. The rectangular padded ones are for toddlers, the bobby pins are for a little older girls. I tried to keep everything pretty simple and sort-of seasonal. I have not glued any of this together so if anybody thinks any of these look especially bad I can take them apart and start over, it's no problem. I tried to have something for everyone (well, as much as I could with the colors I had). I think my fav's are the purple/green bobby and the red/black bobby that looks like a poppy sort-of.

(Click to make this picture HUGE... but you can see the colors and detail better. Don't forget, nothing is glued, it's just laid together for ideas)

I thought I had SO MUCH craft stuff, but not really! Oh well, really the thing I'm excited about is making the organza flowers (see blog entry a couple back).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ShopLeah Banner Design!!!

Posted By: Leah
I am sooo excited! The girl who I have been working with on the graphic design has created the PERFECT banner. She said she wanted to have this part done first and then we could do the other stuff. I think this is SOOOOooooOOOoo perfect for me! Oh, and I guess my not-so inspired online store name is out... ShopLeah! (click to make larger!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Craftasticness has begun!

Posted By: Leah
Just as a recap: I had my exciting idea to get craftastic about a week ago and then had to decide what I wanted to make. Well I came up with the hair clip idea. Unfortuinately you can't really just run out to Michaels or Target any craft store and buy hair clip making items. I mean you can buy like little decorations, but not the actual clips in bulk etc. (I guess you could, but you'd spend like $20 on hair clips which is just depressing).

So yay for the internet and being able to get stuff online. I looked on ebay and tried some google searches but really Etsy (my inspiration for all things crafty) sells supplies and I found the best deals on there. Fortunately I ordered from three different people so I was able to get some things super fast. The first girl had the supplies for baby clips. I just got the tiniest little metal clips I could find and she also sold little cover things you can make for them (like baby rectangles) and then also a few little decorations like tiny flowers. So these arrived on Friday!

I basically had a big envelope of tiny clear packages of things so I felt like I needed to get it all organized. I took Gav to Michaels (the store that scares me) and we look all around and I picked up some items, but noting was 100% what I wanted. I basically abandoned the cart and took Gav to Wal-Mart. I thought I remembered they had a crafty sort of fabric section. Well I know I used to go to Wal-mart all the time in college and thought it was so cool and fun. Yeah, well not so much. Gav and I did a quick lap in there and left asap. It's just creepier than I remember and they have nothing. So we went back to Michaels and fortunately my abandoned cart is still there! All the things I sort of wanted, but not really were looking a lot better to me so I picked up a few more things and we got out of there!

So anyhow here is a picture of my nicely organized craft items and the first two barrettes I made. I got a little glue happy so in the future I will use a lot less. I went ahead and at least assembled the barrette backing parts in a few colors.

I remembered something I read online about if you are giving somebody something you made it's a good idea to make it look packaged professionally. I found these random pieces of white cardstock and used these little clear bags and put them in there:

Then I remembered I'd be seeing Kari and Eva (who is one) the next day so I thought it would be cute to package it a little better like a tiny gift! I found these cardboard (hopefully recycled) little boxes. I had the ribbon and the label is just my address label But it turned out cute!

So anyhow that was it for my 1st project yay! I can't wait to get the rest in the mail. I think the next shipment is coming from China or somewhere and that will have the bobby pins with the little flat things on them, the tiny sparkles, etc. I looked at Wal-mart for organza but they don't sell anything except for some cheap cotton and like tulle. I wanted to get started on the organza flowers (blog below) but that will have to wait.

OH! So on Friday Etsy had the coolest thing EVER! Omg I was ready to buy it (as I am with everything on there) but then I think wait if somebody random could make it I probably could too. (there are a lot of easy homemade things on there mixed with some amazing artistic stuff). Anyhow the thing I found that I was soo excited about was this picture of a kitty terrarium!

So I started clicking around and found sooo many just adorable terrariums that you could buy (sorry the pics are so huge):

Anyhow here are the directions to make my own!
• Glass mason jar with lid (I used an old spaghetti sauce jar)
• Potting soil
• Activated charcoal (sometimes called terrarium charcoal)
• Small stones, pebbles, or gravel
• Sheet moss (sometimes called preserved sheet moss)
• Decorations (such as small toys, larger rocks, etc.)
• Chopsticks or bamboo skewers
• Spray paint (if desired)
First prep your jar by washing and drying it. If you're reusing a mason jar, you may want to spray paint the lid to cover any logos, etc. I painted mine using Krylon spray paint in "Blue Ocean Breeze." The coverage is great and the drying time is only 10 minutes. I also had to remove some sticker residue from the glass. I soaked the jar in warm, soapy water, which removed most of the label. Then I took the residue off with a bit of vegetable oil on a cleaning cloth.

Start by adding a 1" layer of pebbles to the bottom of the jar, followed by a thin layer of charcoal. The charcoal will help filter the water in your terrarium and will absorb odors — otherwise your terrarium may start to stink. (You can also choose to mix some charcoal into your soil at a 1:4 ratio, but I prefer the layered look.) After the pebbles and charcoal, you'll add a 3"–4" layer of potting soil.
Now you'll start adding in the greenery. Simply tear pieces of moss off the sheet and place them in a single layer inside the jar. It can be hard to fit your hand inside the jar to adjust things, so use chopsticks or a bamboo skewer to move the plants around.

If you want to create some interest with height, you could mound up the soil in one area to create a mini-mountain to cover in moss. All-moss terrariums look great, but you can also experiment with adding plants like small ferns and the like. I found some nice plants growing between the sidewalk cracks while walking my dog one morning, so I ripped a few out and brought them home to add to my jar. They've been absolutely thriving in their new mason jar ecosystem.
Decorate as you wish with a variety of rocks, shells, plastic toys, or whatever you like! I used some fun plastic deer and mushroom cupcake toppers from Bake It Pretty.
Now water your terrarium lightly (until you can see some moisture down in the pebble layer), and screw on the lid. You will need to water your terrarium every few weeks. Droplets of moisture are fine — you want to see these — but if it starts looking especially foggy in there, take the lid off for a few hours to let moisture escape. Otherwise, an occasional water and/or spritz with a spray bottle should be fine.
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