Monday, December 20, 2010

what do you know about the Secret

Posted By: Leah
Remember a few years back not only Oprah, but the whole country was obsessed with 'The Secret' basically (if you don't know or forgot) it's this 'law of attraction' thing where if you 'visualize' something enough, you can bring it into reality?
Anyway, in my Patti Stanger book (I'm reading for the 2nd time) she talks about the law of attraction thing too. She gives all these examples of bringing things into reality (and she has a reality show on Bravo, so I assume she knows what she's talking about). 

So in Patti Stanger's book she talks about bringing things to you. An example she gives to try is for a rose. Basically, you think about a rose, you imagine what a rose would smell like, etc. and then in a short time, if you think about it enough a rose will show up in your life. It could be taking home a centerpiece from a party, it could be a co-worker getting flowers and leaving for the holidays and letting you have them on your desk because you will be there, etc.

So I just wanted to put this out there now that I'm going to work on the visualization thing. I'll keep you posted on when (not if but when) a real rose shows up in my life.

So far I've seen them in a few random places, but I am thinking about a real rose here. and it's for me not anyone else. I've seen photos of friends on FB with roses randomly, I have seen roses in movies, maybe I'm just more aware of roses all of a sudden, but I am bringing a rose into reality.

Work Party - Holiday in Paradise

Posted By: Leah
So here are a few pictures from my holiday party at work aka me in my amazingly awful outfit!
It's like tacky christmas sweater meets the islands in the winter. So bad yet so good at the same time!

"Please vote for me so I can win the target gift card!"

"I will touch my boob and kick up my leg... I have no problem with that"

(ok so really, I was MCing this thing so I am at the mercy of everyone who felt like taking pics of me to capture this event and the awesome tropical food and desserts. Oh wait, there weren't any other pictures)

Velvet tights and our awesome anklets made of garland.

Here's a video of courtney dancing and me to the right trying to make people smile to take a picture. video
Here's a lovely group-shot of my coworkers and I.
I was pretty mad at everyone who didn't theme it out. Boo on them. At least we had leis for everyone.

So that was it. Then we went to Glow Golf which was fun for a little while. Then we went shopping, then home for the day.

1- has your work had their holiday party yet? Don't you wish I was there to plan your event?
2- Do you want to hear an inappropiate story I didn't share here? It's HILARIOUS

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday in Paradise...

Posted By: Leah

(I'm looking serious b/c I'm such a good model!)

Today's our work party!so I don't have a bunch of amazing photos (and probably won't because Courtney and I are kinda in charge of this thing) but maybe!

Anyhow, I got courtney to snap a pic of me because I thought I did pretty good theming it out today. We're calling the party "Just another day in paradise..." aka "Holiday in Paradise" aka, we have an island-themed lunch (grilled pineapple, jerk chicken, keylime pie, rum cake, you get the idea) at this event facility, then after that we're all leaving to go play glow golf! (like cosmic bowling but with mini-golf. it's inside, don't worry).

So here's my look:
Courtney hooked me up w/ an ugly xmas sweater that fit the theme perfectly, I have on my velvet leggings (sarah, don't hate), my faux juicy lime green cover-up (aka skirt), some boots (couldn't go there w/ flip flops, there's ice/snow on the ground!) and my hair is gorgeous! but you can't see. it has beads in it. Oh! and a real lei from hawaii!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

you guys... it's cold

Posted By: Leah
but that is okay because I have a fabulous ice lantern tutorial for you!
and it has to be below freezing for this to work, so yay for frozen, icy weather.

Like many of you, one of my favorite things about this time of the year is enjoying holiday lights.
The only bad thing is that these beautiful lights use A LOT of electricity. Piled on top of our already higher heating bills, it is very expensive and not very ‘green’ to have lights strung all over your home. Don’t worry… I have found a solution for outside your home that is not only beautiful, but practical (green and inexpensive) that I wanted to share with you!

one of my ice lanterns on my patio (multi-colored battery powered lights inside)

I found this ice light tutorial online. With my luck though, of course the week I found it, the Greensboro temperatures soared back into the 40’s and 50’s.

I had hope it would freeze soon again, so I created my ‘container within a container’ of water and set it outside, waiting for the next frigid day to come... And it finally did on Monday!

How I created my ice lanterns

• I filled a large plastic container with water and then placed another container (also filled with water, rocks work too) inside of it.

• I left the containers outside to freeze. Once frozen, I brought them inside and ran them under warm water in the sink to release the plastic containers from the ice.

• I then had a hollow ice shell that resembled glass.

• I purchased several strands of battery operated holiday lights (available at Big Lots, Target, Wal-Wart, etc. for around $2-$4 each).

• I placed the battery-powered lights inside of my ice shell and voila! A beautiful, eco-friendly (batteries are recyclable) option for your outside holiday d├ęcor. (you can also use candles instead of the lights, but I get nervouse leaving fire outside... even with ice over it lol!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

mani/pedi day

Posted By: Leah
so yesterday I told you guys about my amazing, blissful trip to target where I had the TO DIE FOR starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate. So after that Lauren came over and we got the cutest mani's pedi's ever!

Yes, I have tiger toes (people are all down w/ the zebra, what happened to the tiger?) and I love my nails. Yes, people say it looks like I hit them with a hammer and to that, i just say I look B.A.

I have one with mine and Lauren's toes on my phone, but I can't get it to download. So here's her nails and my nails and courtney's un-mani'd nails at outback lol.
 ok well this was a random post hahah. but I have even more to come!

Monday, December 13, 2010

the best thing I ever drank. salted caramel hot chocolate

Posted By: Leah
so I am not a starbucks girl. If someone's going on a starbucks run I will only get some if they are buying. I am down for pumpkin spice frappiccinos, chai lattes, the normal stuff. but it wasn't until people around my office started getting the salted caramel hot chocolate that I took an interest. I think thought getting hot chocolate at starbucks was just odd... I mean open up a pack of swiss miss people, it's all the same.

....and then it was this past weekend. I had an early gav drop-off so he could go out of town w/ his dad and I found myself cold, in the car at 8am with nothing to do. So I did my favorite activity, I went to Target! I got inside and they were playing trans-siberian orchestra's christmas cannon

I thought I was pretty chilly and for some random reason I was hungry so instead of getting food at the starbucks in target, I figured a salted caramel hot chocolate would be equal to breakfast and lunch (at 16 g fat and 450 calories, it totally is).  But whatever, I ordered it regular and

God ! ! !

I had to literally stop in my tracks in the $1 section to try to get a hold of myself. The taste is unlike anything I have ever tried. I just did a little c&p from the starbucks website (because if you have not tried this, it sounds kinda random, I mean hello? salt? but no, trust your girl on this...)
Hot chocolate with mocha sauce and toffee nut syrup, topped with sweetened whipped cream, a caramel drizzle and sprinkled with our sea salt and Hawaiian Turbinado sugar topping.
hold on here's another discription from the starbucks website:

What could make chocolate even richer than chocolate? What could add even more depth, more levels of flavor, more of that sensual warmth that only chocolate seems to give us? Caramel, of course – and a few of its friends.
A smooth, buttery drizzle of caramel adds so much to this classic warmer, but we didn’t stop there. We went deeper, with mocha and toffee nut syrup and just to be absolutely sure that you could taste every layer of this mouth-watering delight, we added a sprinkle of our sea salt topping blend that features Hawaiian Turbinado sugar for a hot chocolate like no one has ever experienced before.

Ok that's what's up. No wonder I didn't eat lunch until like 4pm. Oh! I will have to show you my mani/pedi I got with Lauren. But I'll talk about that tomorrow because this is all about the hot choc. With the music playing, it was just a little piece of heaven. And just a side-note, I have had a salted carmel brownie before (people say they are so delicious) and I disagree. This is different/better/more amazing than that. You must go to Starbucks today, right now, go get it. Seriously! Mary, and other vegan friends, they can do it with soy! See, no excuses! get it already!!!!! You will thank me!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm a genie in a bottle, baby

Posted By: Leah
uh no, this post isn't about Christina Agulera (sp?)'s nude cell phone photos. I mean seriously xtina, anyone could google you for some racy photos, you don't need to be snapping your own. I digress, this post is really about if I had a genie and was granted 3 wishes!

So fun, right? My good bloggy friend Sara over with Unofficial Mom thought of this awesome post theme, and you all know I spend 1/2 my day in la la land imagining all the wonderful things that are *just* about to happen to me. Hey, it gives me hope, right? lol! So here are the 3 wishes I'd have (after wishing for more wishes first, duh! this isn't Aladdin, in my world you can wish for that!) PS all of these are doable, so my wishes really can come true! (awww)

1- My dream townhouse. So I'm in the market for a townhouse. This is real, not a dream. I actually have located some pretty darn gorgeous townhouses that *almost* meet my criteria. What is my criteria, you may ask? it's actually pretty simple. 1- it has a garage, 2- it has a pool, 3- it has a jacuzzi tub in my master suite. So cruising around last weekend with gav (I pretended we were looking at lights, which we were... just in front of townhouses lol!) I stumbled upon THE most gorgeous, yet fabulous, yet great location and *almost* affordable (when I start making like uh... $20k more a I wish!). The picture above are the actual townhouses I really want, so fab,right? well I stopped by there yesterday (for fun!) and there are only 4 available left (they are new)... and they are HUGE like 4 bedroom and all start at like $260k so um yeah... not going to happen hahah. Anyhow to go along with my barbie dream house... I mean my townhouse, I want new everything in there, furnature, a decorator to just hook it up and make it look fab.

2- To be a VS angel. I would love to be Miranda Kerr if I could choose, but not sure how fast I could pick up the accent. Basically I know exactly what I'd need to do to get her body (hi? lypo j/k), eat right, exercise, get a spray tan, get some 6" stilletos and some super cute wings. But what I really want is to be in the VS fashion show. To walk the glitter runway and wear the wings. The body-part would of course be part of it, but I look forward to the VS fashion show all year and want to be in it! And you KNOW I'd make a heart with my fingers at the end of the runway and wink, like all the angels do ;)


3- To be a combination of these 2 ladies. Patti Stanger & Lisa Loeb
Here's why... I love Patti's brains, humor, wit, and take-charge/aggressive attitude. She is the best 'people reader' ever. AND I love her advice on relationships, dating, self esteem, body image, etc. she's so sassy... just a blast :)
Lisa Loeb is so pretty! she is so sweet, cute, and seems like everybody's bff. she's great with kids (she's always on nick jr. singing), and loves hello kitty. I love her highlights and her glasses. Her style is just perfect.
What they both have in common: they are bicoastal (both with houses in NYC and LA), both have (or have had reality shows), both celebrate Hanukkah, have written books, and both are awesome!

So what would your three wishes be if you had a genie? Link up with Sara, the Unofficial Mom!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so... here's my 2011 holiday card

Posted By: Leah
as you recall, I already ordered and sent out my holiday cards for 2010. Then shutterfly (my photo-sharing company of choice... always!) had this amazing 50 free cards to bloggers offer. Well hi? how could I not take part. so i went ahead and got my 2011 cards. We took this picture at the xmas tree farm the day after tgiving. funny how there's not an xmas tree in sight! I don't love this card as much as I love this year's card (see post below). It's not as 'bright' 'colorful' etc, but because I have no clue what I'll be up to/where I'll be living next year, etc. this seemed like a 'safe' kinda generic, yet still fun picture, right? (just humor me and say it's the most awesome card you've ever seen)

... and if you're seeing this and in my family or IRL friend, just forget this all before next year (technically this one and the other one I sent this year are slightly different, include our 'real names' hahah etc).

 so anyhow, yeah here are the rejects... we weren't having the most photogenic day (and my puffy vest under my coat wasn't a good look either. whatev, it was cold in the mts.)

Gav of course, is always handsome

Here's the man cutting down the tree!

Holiday Card from Me?

Posted By: Leah
Hi! I know I could just e-mail you guys individually, but I'll just open it up to all of my fab blog readers...

who wants a holiday card from me and gav? Ok so technically it's the same card in the post below, and you could totally just print it out (it's a single-sided card)
but... if you would like to have an actual piece of mail from me... (and I totally expect one from you back!!!!) hit me up on this awesome, super-private, confidential form! CLICK HERE
PS don't you just love my new banner? I already created one for n. years. so exciting lol!
PPS we are going bowling at work this afternoon! yayay!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays You Guys!

Posted By: Leah
So Hanukkah's almost over, and it's a couple weeks until Christmas and hopefully (with the exception of my sister who's in Denmark) everybody's gotten their holiday cards from me (Sarah, it'll get there sometime before you leave... hopefully)! So I can now reveal to everybody else my super fun/exciting/festive design this year!

so great, right???? It's gav's 1st ride on the ferris wheel at the nc state fair on the left, then the rest are pics my cubee courtney took of us this summer.

And... I ordered my 2011 cards (I got 50 free from shutterfly, I think that promo's still going on so if you haven't ordered yours you better get on it!)  I already got those back. I know, I know, Gav and I'll probably look totally different next year. But he's all bundled up and I am too and we are running and it's in cross-process, so hopefully if he's a foot taller or I'm 20 lbs skinnier, it'll all look the same...right? And really, who is going to care? Not me because I got 50 cards for free from shutterfly ($102 value!) wooo hoo!

(ok I may show you that card.... idk!)

  • have your sent your holiday cards this year yet?
  • have you even ordered them?
  • do you agree that it's awesome to feature your pets on your cards? (even though I haven't since Gav has been born)

Monday, December 6, 2010

It snowed this weekend!

Posted By: Leah
(this is gav eating the gingerbread house he made with my mom... see I even work on saturday!) anyhow its 4pm today (monday) and I JUST ate some lunch. yes I'm that busy. I know you all think i'm joking but it's legit crazy work piling up and it just goes on and on! But i'm not stressed, nothing is difficult, just A LOT!

Anyway, I did want to share more fun snow pics! After I got home from work on Saturday (like 3pm, not too late) it had been snowing a few hours so I took gav out to go sledding and to have fun :) yeah... these are all off my cell... hahah!

check it out....

Posted By: Leah
so every monday Gav and i do something really exciting. it all started when i had to bring in books on different subjects each week for his school. well after about 3 weeks of him being so pittaful because we didn't have books on 'going to the dentist' 'planets' 'the presidents' I started trying to think where I could get ahold of books so he would be included when it was Tuesday's story time on the week's subject. well after asking my friends if they had said books at their homes (which they didn't either) I had the revolation... the library! Yes, that little building across from my apt. up on the hill that we drive by and I had never been in.

I took Gav one monday, got him his first library card (ok and one for me too, just not my 1st). gav was able to get the appropiate books to bring to school each day.... for free! yes, they let you keep those suckers for 3 weeks. and you never have to talk to a librarian (not that it would be a problem). You just pick out a bunch of books (and dvds... good ones! goodbye redbox!) throw them on this pad thing, scan your card, and you are all set! a tiny receipt prints out telling you when your stuff is due and that's it!

so libraries are great for kid's books... but I still spend a fair amount on Amazon getting random mc randomness books. so today I had this thought... i wonder if the random book I was just about to his 'buy' on Amazon... Patti Spanger (yes, millionaire matchmaker)'s book was at the library. I mean it seemed crazy, they carry educational materials... so I went to the website. They had me type in my card's barcode #'s. I typed in like 1 word off the name on the book... and voila! they had it at the central library! it's not the one by me, but I figured I could go on my lunch hour or something.

well when I went to select the 'pickup' button, it said they were delivering it to my little library across from myhouse and I could be e-mailed or called when it was there! and I get it for 3 weeks, and can renew it... and ok.... probably most people go to the library all the time. but I hadn't been since early HS. in late HS everybody got the internet and forgot about libraries (or at least I did).

Anyhow, that was my revolation that I just had to share! so go to your library, your tax $'s paying for it. get your books for free! it's great!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm here! Crazy Busy but here for the in love series!

Posted By: Leah
So I'm pretty sure most of you think I've fallen off the face of the earth. I promise I haven't I've just been so crazy totally beyond comprehention busy at work. I don't have a laptop at home anymore so work's my main blogging location. So anyhow work's crazy busy like I said, but I am leaving early today... and so that means my brain has shut off even earlier... that means I must blog!

So what am I loving this week? that I have to work on Saturday? uh no. BUT that means I was off earlier in the week (I can't get overtime, yo?) so yesterday Gav and I went to see Disney on Ice! Toy Story 3 was the first movie gav ever saw in the theatre this summer (I have a post somewhere on here about it), and so he could follow along pretty well to the ice show. It was much less dark/emotional than the movie (thank goodness!) Anyhow the cutest part were the Barbie/Ken scenes. Check out Barbie's high heel ice skates hahah! (PS no I didn't take these pics)
Thants some pretty impressive/uncomfortable skating for toy story characters... I'm just saying!

2- I finally got new contacts today! for most people they go to the eye dr all the time, but i am the worst, wear the same contacts for 2+ months (when I'm supposed to only wear them 2 weeks). I take them out... um never! yeah, I'm really bad. Anyway, I went today and got some good new contacts that i really can keep in for 1-2 months, not ever take out, and they won't make me get an eye infection! so that's always awesome news. Also, in january I'll be due for some new glasses so I gotta get my Lisa Loeb look going on.  Hotness!

3- I really want a white christmas tree. I could google this probably faster than finding pictures of one, but I think they are so kitch and cute. Maybe after N. years I will find one on sale for dirt cheap

4- know what else I want? A feather wreath. I saw one at this shabby chic bakery and it was the cutest thing ever. not something I'd think I'd like but I do.

5- My girl Vanessa talked about Bakerella today and omg, I forgot how obsessed I was with wanting to make cake pops. I told my friend Kari all about it... we must make these sometime for sure! What'a cake pop? basically you make a box cake, add 1/2 can icing, make into balls, freeze, take out, dip in that kind of chocolate you buy at the craft store, decorate, and eat! ok here are pics...
Yes they do hello kitty ones! I must have them. hi?

Ok I gotta get back to the last 6 minutes of work lol, but I just wanted to say hi!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! (Free cards?? Thanks Shutterfly!)

Posted By: Leah

I have so much to be thankful for.
What are you thankful for this year?

I sent the cards (above) the day before Halloween, I loved them so much! I have been putting all my pictures on shutterfly ever since I 1st got a digital camera in like '04. So my entire life (it seems) is on that one site. They are forever offering awesome deals and promotions, so I can get super cards (like the one above) at a great price. The fam loves getting cards all the time and I like for them to see how Gav looks throughout the year. Courtney took the pics in the card above, arent they awesome???

Anyhow, if you have never used Shutterfly I highly recommend it... and... right now they are offering 50 free cards to bloggers who want to talk about their shutterfly experience, so you know I had to join in! I have already ordered my holiday cards (from shutterfly ofcourse!) but with 50 free, I will come up with another holiday (new years? is it too soon?) I'll show you my amazingly darling super special holiday cards closer to the time. In the meantime you can check out shutterfly's cards for yourself.

Click to take a peek at thier super cute Christmas Cards. I am friends with people of all faiths, so I usually send one of the Holiday Cards. They have this new ultra luxe paper (it's what my thanksgiving card is printed on). It is like thick linen... totally fabulous! it's hard to tell online, but here are some more Christmas Photo Cards

They also have other photo-gift items like personalized mugs, wall canvases, ornaments, even totes and jewelry!
Great gifts for the fam for sure!

Speaking of the fam, I send everyone birthday cards with Gav's cute face. You can also create Birthday Party Cards. They are constantly updating their designs, so I never send the same one twice. I have always wanted to host a holiday cookie decorating party... wouldn't that be the coolest ever? They have darling Holiday Invitations that would be so perfect... maybe next year???

This isn't what I ordered for my holiday card... but I have a super cute idea in mind for how I want to use this one. Aren't they so cute??? And hello, there's glitter on it... fabulous! so *hopefully* my idea will work and I'll make my dad or somebody snap this 'dream photo' I have and it will be so beyond fabulous!!!!

So you want to get in on the awesome free 50 cards promotion too, right? Do you use shutterfly? You really should... in my opinion it's way better than the other photo sites... but that's just me! Anyway, click here to get set up to get your own 50 cards. You have to be a blogger, but if you are reading this, you probably already are!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What up csn?

Posted By: Leah
CSN has been sooo generous to let me do so many reviews as of late, I have gotten so many items that I like and may want to give for xmas gifts. Guess what? They have offered to let me do another review :) I haven't gotten any of their home decor items to review. So this time I'm thinking about some of their fancy-schmancy bakeware or maybe art. I could even look at their tv tables. So many choices!

The best thing about their site is that you can get the price super custom... like if I wanted to randomly spend $17, I could! I love that kind of stuff!

This weekend I'm kitty sitting and so excited! it's a kitty play date!!!!What are you doing this weekend?

My friend is famous!

Posted By: Leah
I'm so excted! I just had to share. I went to log into my yahoo today, and saw my friend Deanna on the homepage! I had to do a double-take! The article features how she's survived in this tough economy through her and her husband being laid off, etc. She is truly one of the most positive, upbeat people I know. She is so supportive of her friends, family, co-workers, etc. She has had some bad luck but has remained strong. I hope this story can provide others with hope :) CLICK HERE to go to the story. PS isn't her husband Brian a DOLL???

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fruit till noon, raw till dinner.

Posted By: Leah
For you guys who have followed my blog for a while, I sometimes get super excited about what I'm eating and take pics and post recipes, etc. Othertimes I'm just bored of talking about it. But if you have been missing my vegetarian (most of the time)/vegan (sometimes) posts... Today I feel like talking about food!!!!

We had final weigh-ins for biggest loser yesterday, this is the 3rd session this year. Since january I've lost I think 21 lbs total... well, that I've kept off. Technically I've totally seen way lower numbers on the scale, but we won't count that because I was only there for maybe 15 minutes lol. but I think 21lbs consistantly is a safe number and I'm okay with it  :)

so anyhow, i know you are all jealous of me (ok prob not but maybe! lol) and want to know my 'secrets' which are not secrets, but some people just want know exactly what I eat. I do love to talk about food (I lead a weekly group on being healthy for my work-crew) (people want to be like me, I know it!) so anyway, back to what it is I actually eat.... you ALL KNOW about fruit till noon. I preach this like nothing else. you must not consume anything except for water, hot tea (not coffee, if you want a hot drink), and fruit until 12 noon. I am over beating it into people, so google it if you want to know more. trust me, this works like nothing else. so what's the next step if you want to be ultra healthy in an ultra easy (and cheap) way? do fruit till noon and then raw 'till dinner.

If you've ever read of heard of Skinny Bitch this is what the book's all about. It took me a while to understand how and why, but if you want to skip the rest of this post, and buy Skinny Bitch used on Amazon for $4, feel free.

I don't know about you, but I will eat anything that I bring for lunch. Yes, I do have the hospital cafeteria right by me, and yes I'll totally hit it up from time to time (and I *may* order the chicken salad wrap), but most of the week I'll eat whatever I brought. What's important is a full belly. What did you eat 2 tuesdays ago? ok, unless you are on WW or tracking your food, and can look it up, you have no idea. Why? because it doesn't really matter. It really, truly, was not an important meal to you and the only important thing is that your belly got full, right? right.

A few mos back I went on and on about the pleasure of food. How appealing it is to look at amazing food. How I totally watch food network and love it. Where I'm going with this is that people 'think' they must have spectacular, delicious, exciting meals 3 times a day. But they don't have time or energy or money. So what is the easiest? something that 'sounds' good. it has been proven time and time again people desire food that has a combination of fat, sugar, and salt. this makes their belly happy (think: cookies, or fries, or chips, or a cheeseburger, or polynesian sauce on a chick fil a sandwich... YUM!) 

it is pretty rare that people crave a salad... if they do, it's probably what's on the salad (bleu cheese (salt, fat), dressing (sugar, fat, salt)). See where I'm going with this? So what I'm telling you to do is to get the heck overyourself.

yes, I said it. You do not need to have fat/sugar/salt to get a full belly. you need calories for a full belly. These can come from a variety of things. You know weight watchers and the whole flex points thing? the trick is to find the most filling/exciting foods with the lowest point values. people go crazy over those hostess 1-point 3-pack mini hohos. But guess what? that's not a filling lunch, and trust me you will be hungry in about 5 seconds. So what else can you eat that's low in calories? vegetables! Back to good old WW (yes, I'm a WW lifetime member / dropout for the record) you can eat as many vegetables as you want for..... zero points!

Calm down, I'm not going to tell you to eat nothing but vegetables or to go join WW, I'm not that lame (even though I am jealous of jennifer hudson)! this is what I'm going to tell you to do and it's cheap and easy...  eat fruit till noon. just freakin do it. You will have crazy energy and love life. stop hating and do it already.  have you read the book i recommended forever ago by Harvy Diamond called "Fit for Life?" there are a bunch in the series, I have "Fit for Life, not Fat for Life" but they are all basically the same. Again, feel free to google it, but in a nutshell, it is way better to eat live, living foods because they are more nutritious. (duh) the end. Harvey Diamond's goal is to eat 50+% living food a day. By eating fruit till noon and raw till dinner (I mean I have a piece of fruit for breakfast  or cut up veggies for lunch anyhow, it's cheap and easy). you get like 70% raw and will feel spectacular.

so now you want to know what's up with dinner. Well friends, here's the good news. by eating so much raw food you will not be starving or even hungry for dinner. something about all that rawness is an appetite supressant. how would you like to eat a sleeve of cookie dough for dinner? Yes please! lets say that weighs 1/2 lb. Ok how would you like to eat 1/2 lb of... some delicious .... lettuce! that'll be maybe 10 cups of lettuce, right? you will not be starving and you can eat what you want for dinner and not be ravelous and eat a bag of cheetos while your lean cuisine is in the microwave. (no, don't go eat 10 cups lettuce. you are missing the point. you couldn't eat 10 cups of lettuce if you wanted to. but you COULD eat a sleeve of cookie dough). Oh, and don't even think about not using some kind dip/dressing on your salad.

Ok, I'm rambling but the point I'm proving is if you trust me on this, eat fruit till noon (any kind as long as it is raw, not canned, or a juice (unless fresh squeezed)). and then do raw till dinner (salad, veggies, google 'fun easy raw foods') then for dinner you can eat whatever you want (within reason). I have been totally vegan recently (yay) and so for dinner I've been making different kinds of chili with a side of potatoes or tempeh or anything that sounds good. even nachos. The exciting part is I am using tofuti sour cream (it's saltier and thicker than the regular kind, way better!!) and Galaxy brand cheddar  rice cheese (it even melts!) and throwing that on everything I can find! Yes sour cream and cheese totally have salt/fat/sugar... the good stuff I crave. But the animal-free kind is better for me (have we discussed my over the top cholestrol? ok lets not). But I find myself fuller faster, having more energy, and clothes fit wayyyy better!

No one believes me but I only spend about $20/week on groceries. Yes, I buy the expensive dairy alternatives, and hello philly swirl popsicles (I'm not anti-corn syrup... yet!) a bag of apples is like $3, vegetables are really not that much. I am cool with my beans coming from a can, but dry beans cost pretty much nil. I do rice, and trust me when I say faux sour cream and faux cheese is fab on EVERYTHING!

so yes, this long blog post is what I'm eating and what I plan to eat until I get bored and unmotivated again hahah. The good news is I've kept the 20+ lbs off for 8 mos or so and I don't feel like I'm dieting. yes, I eat cupcakes and ice cream, and may have been going to chick-fil-a once a week for 2 mos straight... but when you eat mostly healthy, your body forgives the not so healthy stuff and you still look hot! isn't that's what is important anyway? and could you get away with eating chick fil a every week and crazy amounts of halloween candy, etc? no probably not... and you know why? because you aren't doing fruit till noon, raw till dinner. so booya! in yo face! I got the secret and now you do too!!!!!!!!

{ps all pics are from google images}

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