Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just had to share...

Posted By: Leah
so I'm putting on my running shoes because I'm going to make the running thing happen again for real. So I had my iTunes up and omg. It was the most gospel/soul/sounding-like-a-rvival Hallejula chorus blasting out of my speakers! At that moment about 5 people walked right by and were like "Um... ok..."

...and not to hate on anyone who listens to gospel/praise & worship as they work. I just don't. I had A LOT to do today and my plan was not to get sidetracked so sometimes music helps (sometimes not obviously!)
And no I have no clue where WoW Christmas came from. Not mine. I seriously think my ipod was hyjacked. Or I'm in this itunes dj thing, maybe they 'think' i want to hear this stuff. Guess what, it's August and even if it wasn't... no thanks. hahahahahah!

I gotta stay fly I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I

Posted By: Leah
So my IRL friends saw me quoting Three 6 mafia last night on FB, and I thought I'd share with you guys too. I think I may have somehow stumbled upon/been smacked in the face with something really great. I mean it'll suck until I get used to it, but it's just what I think I needed. So what I found was the FlyLady. Have you heard of her? I think I have been fwd e-mails about her in the past. She's in Brevard, NC so not too far away. At the time I got the fwds before I'm sure I wasn't ready to 'hear' the info. But now I think I am...

Staying Fly (this is what I'm calling it) is about how to get organized, get a grip and keep your house free of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrom). So the first step is shining your sinks. What? I know. Weird. And my sinks weren't even dirty. But the FlyLady says every night before you go to bed, in your 'evening ritual' shine your sinks. And dry them. When you wake up it will be like a 'hug' or the 'reflection' of the love you have for yourself. I know. You want to stop reading this post already hahaha.

But you guys... you know I wouldn't mess around about this stuff. I started doing what it says on the FlyLady site Sunday night, (basically, it's all these teeny tiny baby steps that equal a super clean organized house that never gets dirty) and woke up Monday and this sounds lame but it was pretty exciting to have sparking crazy-clean sinks. Then my 2nd day (yesterday) all you have to do is 'get dressed to lace-up shoes.' Well that doesn't even mean anything. So they have this glossary on what these crazy terms they use are. Basically the lace-up shoe thing just means don't be a bum. Like get up every morning, wash your face, get dressed and put on shoes. Something about if you are put together you will act put together, be motivated all that stuff.

Ok, so I won't bore you guys with the whole list... and I'm technically only on day 3 (however I plan to skip ahead even though they say not to). But I woke up this morning and guess what? I was pretty excited about having super clean sinks again. If you want to see the whole FlyLady deal click here. You can subscribe and get e-mails and buy her suggested cleaning products etc. But I won't be doing that, i don't think. Anyhow, something new and exciting for me to do and I love all the testimonials. I can totally see myself in all of them. I don't think anybody writing in to the site qualifies for Horders or anything, but it's nice to have a little guidance.

My one wish is that the website was graphically a little different. I think they need to do a little better marketing to the young, fun crowd because this kind of stuff benefits everyone. Anyhow, so it's just getting yourself in the habit of simple little tasks (chores) to do every morning and night and some scheduled home '15 min zone' cleanings, a 2 minute 'hot spot' clean up, stuff like that.

Have you ever heard of the FlyLady? Does the show Horders scare you too? Do you want to see a picture of my clean sink? hahahah j/k

Monday, August 30, 2010

xoxoxo you guys!

Posted By: Leah
So what do you think...

I was trying to make something totally different involving sewing words and yeah... I think I need to keep it to one letter at a time. I did an Etsy search and didn't see anything even remotely close to these. So I took pictures and put them up on Etsy! So they are one of a kind for sure, right?  (SL = ShopLeah... and if they never sell, my sister's name is Sarah and she can get one for xmas haha)

Don't forget... ShopLeah 20% off sale going on until Thursday at midnight! (code: SexySatin) These are on Etsy now for $6 which is really $4.80 for you.

But... if you don't have to have them, do you think they will go over well at the craft fair this year? Like what initials /numbers should I create? Would you wear them? Thanks for your feedback!! :)

PS... very very last chance to enter:

PSS... now that I think about it... my pic above is Macro.. and it's monday so I entered it into Macro Monday!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Don't forget!

Posted By: Leah
Hi Everyone,
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I just wanted to remind you about 2 super exciting things...

1- the amazing photo challenge I have going on right now... edit the pic of my mom and mario lopez for her bday. it's easy, and fun and will pretty much make her life complete!

2- I have a gorgeous new satin floral line in my etsy shop... ShopLeah. And this week with Code: SexySatin, you will receive 20% off (which i never do! 20% will be refunded via paypal not including shipping) click here to go shop!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The ShopLeah Sexy Satin Collection **SALE**

Posted By: Leah
Introducing... my new satin line!
I am offering all of you  20% off of not only my ShopLeah  (that's my etsy shop's) Sexy Satin Collection, but all of ShopLeah for an entire week! Code: SexySatin

(click photo to be taken straight to that listing. Regular and sale price indicated below each)
Anything you want it to be cluster Pink / Platinum / Black  $15  for you $12.

Anything you want it to be single 4" multi  $10  for you $8.

Flower Trio Pin  $10  for you $8.

Anything you want it to be cluster Platinum / Black  $15  for you $12.

Sweet Dot Pink (you pick) 3" Pin or Bobbie $8  for you $6.40.

Rockabilly Button-Look Trio of Hair Pins $5  for you $4.

Pink and Platinum 4" Pin $10  for you $8.

Platinum with white glass bead hair pin $8  for you $6.40

 And in honor of Sassy Peach from Finding Nemo...
Peachie Pink 3" Pin  $10  for you $8


Sooo... what do you think? Are you ready to rock the Sexy Satin this fall?

Just enter code: SexySatin in the notes to seller at checkout in ShopLeah and I'll refund you via PayPal (excluding shipping).
Promotion good now (Friday, 8/27/10) - next Thursday (9/2/10 Midnight EST).

PS - How about these matching earrings from Awesome|spot holder Jellisen? only $11!
Do you wish I was promoting your Etsy shop too? it's easy and best of all... FREE! click the Awesome|spot tab at the top of this page or click here.

PSS - Have you entered my mom's bday photo editing challenge??? This is a special gift to her... the person who brought you the Lovely Life of Leah!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo Editing Fun - My mom and Mario!

Posted By: Leah
Directly quoted from eat*pray*love, "Darling... it's time" for me to have my very own photo editing contest! It's for my mom's birthday! And the photo...is one she posted last night on fb of her and Mario Lopez! And yes, she took this cut-out from a store and has it at her house now... but that's another story!

Anyhow, the rules are sooo easy! Just save a copy of this photo (sorry the resolution is kind-of low, but that adds to the editing fun) and then edit like crazy! You can make it funny, serious, you can place any kind of wild background behind them... whatever you would like! Just don't forget to link back to my page. And include my button!

Info. about my mom...
1) she loves fro yo *who doesn't?
2) she loves anything mexican (obviously... including food, mario, the country, even the south-west us)
3) she likes cats and bats (but isn't a witch)
4) gav is her favorite person ever
5) it's her birthday on Sunday!
6) she has read all the Twilight books
7) her favorite colors are orange, blue, pink and yellow
8) she would love to travel the world


PS Here's the one I made!

Don't have PhotoShop? there are tons of free online editing sites like:

http://www.picnik.com/ (my fav)
... or just Paint on your computer!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The zoo (plus some creepers)

Posted By: Leah
Gav and I went to the zoo last weekend and we saw all kinds of animals... from cute ones to creepers.
Seriously... it is not cool or awesome or neat or fun to wear tails to the zoo. And the girl these dudes were with (yes, somehow they tricked a girl into hanging out with them) not only had on a tail... but ears too. It was beyond 'special.'
We saw seals and sealions (ok really... anything we could find inside).
And a polar bear who looked really hot. And a puffin who wished he wasn't in NC.
And Gav got lots of delicious ice cream (even though he only wanted the sprinkles and cone.)
Oh! Speaking of food, I packed us a picnic lunch. It was fun. We are Zoo Members (aka season pass holders) and even though we go fairly often, this is the first time we've brought a picnic lunch.
Gav got bored of eating and chased these poor geese all over.
We went to the cool playground and gav got to go down his fav. slide.
We saw Dora & Diego in 4D (not exactly Disney quality, but it was air conditioned).
Gav pretended to be a bee and we got to check out the newest exhibit... Lemur Island!
And... Lemur Island wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was thinking an island involving me and holding/petting/touching lemurs like at any petting zoo. This one has none of that. Just lemurs like 100 yards away past a mote aka island.
And... that was it. I'm glad the zoo is so close, also that we have season passes so I don't feel bad for not looking at everything every time. Also this is a 'nautral habitat zoo' so you see different animals each time you go, different times of the year, etc. It's cool to take gav to see in person the animals we read about in books.

3 Ingredient amazing peanut butter cookies!

Posted By: Leah

These are by far the best peanut butter cookies I've ever had. And best of all... I made them! And even better than that (like it could get any better) I had all the ingredients in the house! So get ready for me to rock your world.

The ingredients are:
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Sugar (or splenda if you are a skinny minnie)
1 Egg (use egg replacer if you are not down w/ eggs)

Preheat oven to 350 deg. Bake for 8-10 minutes. That's it!

Mix the 3 ingredients together (if you want... add a tblsp of flour and a splash of vanilla, but totally not necessary. And while you are adding things, add whatever you have, raisins, chocolate chips, etc).

This recipe's so easy even gav can make it. Look at him stir! (no I didn't add any of the above extras).
After everything's mixed up super well, break out your cookie tin (I don't have one, I use the Pampered Chef's baking stone for EVERYTHING! and it gets 'seasoned' so it's not dirty, even though it does look a little crazy).

(I am mad I didn't take a pic of the inside before they were gone, because the inside is soo soft and moist. Just delicious!

PS - Know what would look super cute to wear while eating peanut butter cookies? This darling hat I made. It's on my ShopLeah etsy site... sale coming Friday... get ready...
Hahah I have my own Awesome|spot and you can too! I would love to promote you for free! :)
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