Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Blog Day of Silence for Daddy Butch {and Summer}

Posted By: Leah
This is a special blog post for a special blog friend Summer, who lost her dad this weekend. Summer's blog reads more like a view into her heart and unfortuinately she's had more downs than ups. She is a gorgeous NOLA girl living in NYC and trying for a baby. She seems to always get bad news, but I feel so confident that she will get her baby. Maybe through adoption, maybe through... who knows, but this is what she wants most in life and I know it will happen. Please take a moment of silence for Summer's Daddy. He was very special to her and she blogged about him often. They said his cancer was gone, then it came back suddenly and took him away from her sweet family.

Summer's blog is without a doubt one of my favorites. She is an amazing writer, making each reader feel like her close friend. She takes pictures all around NYC and of her fun adventures. No one deserves to have so much bad luck. Especially not Summer.

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  1. oh the poor dear! what a sad sad day. my thoughts and prayers go out to her.


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