Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Posted By: Leah
Happy Halloween (a few days early)!!!
 I went over and helped Gav's class with their trunk-or-treating as well as a field trip to the hospital this morning. Look how cute Gav was as a Rockabilly Rebel lol! 

But before I went over to Gav's school, Courtney and I took a picture at work in our costumes. She was a girl from Alamance County (self-explanatory if you are from NC lol) and I am Hello kitty's #1 fan!
I got over to Gav's school and they were pretty excited to see me. Well, I did bring them candy (from the asian grocery store with Hello Kitty on it, straight from Japan!)
We got the whole class together, lined up and they all had a buddy. Gav's buddy was Rachel (we went to her b-day party in the summer, she's a blast!)
Gav's teacher was Sue Sylvester. She told me I was the only one who guessed correctly who she was. I was like high-5 for Gleeks.

Finally, we got outside and took the kids to the parent's cars who had decorated for the trunk-or-treating. It was sort of like tailgaiting, + candy, - alcohol. Rachel was Glenda the good witch, so her mom, Dr. Rorie had their suv decorated like the wizard of oz. Creative stuff!
A lot of moms had their babies with them. The one in the upper left (zoomed in on upper right) is only 18 days old. I told the mom that she was pretty amazing!

Oh, speaking of babies, yesterday Lauren brought in her halloween costume prego belly from a few yrs ago. We all pretended we were prego at work. Dang, we are some cute pregnant girls hahah! So we just went around like nothing was new with us. It was a hilarious afternoon when people saw us with our bellys.
Anyway...Back to today! So next we took the kids over to the place next to the hospital which is like a step-down, skilled nursing place (like a nursing home but for young and old ppl). The patients were all super excited to see the kids, and the kids were so happy people were so thrilled to see them. Cuteness for everyone :) It was awesome seeing the kids brighten the people's day.
Oh, so this little girl in Gav's class had the CUTEST shoes on today... they had a 3D metal bee on the toe part. She let me take a picture.

So that's it! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!


  1. Love all those costumes and the prego belly. I really like Gav's Faux Hawk!

  2. Aww he is the cutest Rockabilly Rebel and the little Glenda is adorbale.

    I am also a GLEEK!!!!

  3. Gav looks fantastic!!

    I'm so impressed with the van decorations...looks like you guys had a blast!


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