Monday, October 25, 2010

NC State Fair 2010 - Volume 1: The Food

Posted By: Leah
Can you believe that until last Friday I had never been to the fair? That means I've never had an elephant ear, kettle corn or (gasp) a fried snickers bar. I'm from Charlotte, so the idea of driving 3+ hrs to Raleigh for the fair is unheard of, plus we have Carowinds right in our backyard practically, so who needs a fair when you have a theme park? Well all I can say is man, I have been missing out!

I took a zillion pics of everything because it was just so amazing, fun, bright, and different from anything I have ever seen. This blog post today is going to be just about food because, well... I don't even know where to begin with the crazyness of the fair, but the food seems like a fun place to start.

I went to the fair with my 2 good friends from work Courtney and Lauren and also took Gav. We left after work on Friday, drove an hr to the fair (we are in Greensboro) and got there about 7pm. The 'hot' item that everybody was talking about was the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger. Yes, it's real and yes we got one and split it into 4ths. It is the most un-vegan thing ever, i know, but this is something I could not pass up trying!
 It was not as gross as it sounds. It sort-of reminded me of breakfast: donuts, bacon, cheese, hamburger (sausage-taste sorta). I had one bite and was done. Gav LOVED his 1/4 so he got my 1/4 too so he ended up eating 1/2 of it. Hilarious!

Next, I felt like I needed Gav to eat some kind of protein that was reasonable healthy, so we went to this mediterranean place. We got chicken on a stick and it came with hummus and this good garlic sauce for dipping.  It was only $3 which seemed like the best deal there (PS the Krispy Kreme Burger was $6, I know you were wondering). Gav didn't really like the chicken on a stick because it was char-grilled, but he ate a little of it. But... if I had been being a good vegan at the fair (which obviously I wasn't) this place had lots of healthy options. Oh well, good to know hahaha.

Next we went and had the BEST thing ever... this Bangin' roasted corn. OMG. It was dipped in butter and had parmejan cheese and garlic salt. YUMMM

After that we walked around for a couple of hours, did fun stuff I'll talk about in the next post, fast forward until it was time for... fried deliciousness!!!! We had deep fried chips ahoy (I liked them, no one else did. reminded me of a cookie right out of the oven), deep fried oreos (reminded me of chocolate cake, I think they should have used double stuffed), and deep fried reeses cups (like a peanut butter cookie).

Unfortuinately (or fortuinately) my belly was pretty full after all of that so I couldn't eat anything else. But that didn't mean that I didn't sample what the other girls got!
Courtney LOVES kettle corn! I am not really a fan of the buttery/sweetness but I did try a little and I can see how if you like sweet and salty this would be super good. They were cooking it up right there, so Courtney got a little bag for us to all try and a big bag to take home to her family.

Another co-worker had told us about Elephant Ears... not to be confused with funnell cakes. An elephant ear is this big fried dough with cinnamon sugar. You can get toppings on top of that if you want too. They just got it regular and it seriously tasted like cinnamon toast crunch cereal! Gav was pretty much on a sugar high at that point... and yes it was like 11pm hahah. Ok wait, Courtney and Lauren were on sugar highs too lol!

The last thing we didn't really eat, but got to hold/smell/pose with was the 5 lb gummy bear and gummy snake! You could buy these for $25 each which we totally didn't (gross!) but it was fun to hold them. They smelled soo good!
I looked a little too excited to be holding the gummy bear, ok, well gav does too... and so does Lauren. The sugar was really getting to us!

Last thing, we didn't try this, but I had to take a picture for my sister sarah... they had fro-yo in a cute, tiny truck. hahah yay!

Tomorrow I'll talk about the ferris wheel... or maybe the side-shows... or maybe the games... I just don't know yet !!! But I did lose like 2 lbs this weekend. I guess my body was shocked by the friedness and just shut down lol.


  1. I went to the fair a couple time in college (since i went to NC state) but I haven't been since. I don't know if i could handle the krispy kreme burger. I like funnel cake though and people were always walking around with giant turkey legs back in the day.

  2. AH!!! THE KRISPY KREME BURGER WAS SOO GOOD!! I'm going to have to serve that at the wedding LEAH!! :) Since we'll miss the fair because of a dumb wedding next year, HAHAHAHA!

  3. I have been to a fair in forever...but now I want to go just for the elephant ears!

  4. Ahhhhhh I sooo want to go to the fair. It’s here but only like two weeks left. I just want to go this time for the food and taking pictures, lol. But what are Elephant Ears?

  5. oh that looks like SO much fun!!! it's been a long time since i went to a fair. now i definitely need to go! :)

  6. OMG how did you eat all that food..?? Did your heart stop! You were like a kid in a candy store weren't you? :) Very cute pics of Gavin and you look fabulous too!

  7. looks like you guys had a great time!

  8. Some guys from work had a "5 lb gummy bear eating contest" where they tried to eat it in one sitting. I saw pictures. There was puke involved. It was not pretty.


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