Monday, October 25, 2010

NC State Fair 2010 - Volume 2: The Ferris Wheel

Posted By: Leah
Would you believe me if I told you I've never been on a Ferris wheel? well I hadn't... until last week! I totally feel like I've been missing out. When I told Gav we were going to the fair all he talked about was going on the ferris wheel. Now his dream has come true.
No really, as we were getting closer to the ferris wheel Gav grabbed Lauren's hand and kept shouting "Dream Come True! Dream Come True!" Hahah
We got our tickets $4 each, even for Gav, and waited in line. It was about 9pm at this point. We knew the fireworks started at 9:45, but thought we should go ahead and ride the ferris wheel now, and maybe ride it again closer to the time for fireworks if Gav did okay.
He of course loved it! Lauren... not so much lol!
At the top of the ferris wheel we could see the entire fair. It was so pretty all lit up at night.
We tried to take pics, but it was sorta hard, also the little car-thing we were in (basket?) kept rocking and scarring Lauren and Courtney hahah.
Oh yeah, Lauren made a phone call because I think she thought her life was ending.... but then we heard a loud boom. The fireworks had started! We had timed it perfectly! We were at the very top and the ferris wheel had stopped to let people off, so we could enjoy the fireworks. It was so special to see them from so high up!
We got to watch the fireworks all the way back down and got some pretty cool pictures.

Tomorrow will be my post all about the games, other rides (that we didn't go on) and Tiny Tina... world's smallest woman!!!!!


  1. The ferris wheel is the best ride!

  2. I have been such a bad commenter lately! Your fair pictures are so so fun! Makes me wish I had taken the time to go to our state fair this summer. Now the Seattle rain has arrived... no outdoor fun for awhile here.


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