Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Posted By: Leah
Where I live we have an annual pumpkin carving contest. I am competative when it comes to stuff like this, so you know I was in! The only thing is I have pretty much zero artistic carving skills. I have the pumpkin carving kit, and google image seach, even had a pumpkin, so here's what Gav and I came up with.
Because I knew it wouldn't be the 'best' or 'scarriest' I knew I could probably win some points for creativity. I am sure you have seen pictures of jack-o-lanterns with a smaller pumpkin  in it's 'mouth' but how about... an apple???
I turned in our masterpiece today. I hope we win something... even $25 would be awesome. I find out at 10am tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and toes!!!

PS remember I lost my kitty Miz? I got a call that someone had seen her yesterday! I called everyone I knew who lived in that area (exactly 1 person) and had her run over and look for her. No luck. Gav and I looked for her on our own and no luck. Oh well, maybe it was her ghost... it is almost Halloween afterall!!!

PPS Gracie is the sweetest kitty ever! She loves Gav and even lets him carry her around the house. cute!


  1. i hope that a Miz sighting turns into you finding her. how great the new kitty loves your son so much. What a patient cat

    hope you have a great weekend and that Gav has a great halloween.


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