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Fruit till noon, raw till dinner.

Posted By: Leah
For you guys who have followed my blog for a while, I sometimes get super excited about what I'm eating and take pics and post recipes, etc. Othertimes I'm just bored of talking about it. But if you have been missing my vegetarian (most of the time)/vegan (sometimes) posts... Today I feel like talking about food!!!!

We had final weigh-ins for biggest loser yesterday, this is the 3rd session this year. Since january I've lost I think 21 lbs total... well, that I've kept off. Technically I've totally seen way lower numbers on the scale, but we won't count that because I was only there for maybe 15 minutes lol. but I think 21lbs consistantly is a safe number and I'm okay with it  :)

so anyhow, i know you are all jealous of me (ok prob not but maybe! lol) and want to know my 'secrets' which are not secrets, but some people just want know exactly what I eat. I do love to talk about food (I lead a weekly group on being healthy for my work-crew) (people want to be like me, I know it!) so anyway, back to what it is I actually eat.... you ALL KNOW about fruit till noon. I preach this like nothing else. you must not consume anything except for water, hot tea (not coffee, if you want a hot drink), and fruit until 12 noon. I am over beating it into people, so google it if you want to know more. trust me, this works like nothing else. so what's the next step if you want to be ultra healthy in an ultra easy (and cheap) way? do fruit till noon and then raw 'till dinner.

If you've ever read of heard of Skinny Bitch this is what the book's all about. It took me a while to understand how and why, but if you want to skip the rest of this post, and buy Skinny Bitch used on Amazon for $4, feel free.

I don't know about you, but I will eat anything that I bring for lunch. Yes, I do have the hospital cafeteria right by me, and yes I'll totally hit it up from time to time (and I *may* order the chicken salad wrap), but most of the week I'll eat whatever I brought. What's important is a full belly. What did you eat 2 tuesdays ago? ok, unless you are on WW or tracking your food, and can look it up, you have no idea. Why? because it doesn't really matter. It really, truly, was not an important meal to you and the only important thing is that your belly got full, right? right.

A few mos back I went on and on about the pleasure of food. How appealing it is to look at amazing food. How I totally watch food network and love it. Where I'm going with this is that people 'think' they must have spectacular, delicious, exciting meals 3 times a day. But they don't have time or energy or money. So what is the easiest? something that 'sounds' good. it has been proven time and time again people desire food that has a combination of fat, sugar, and salt. this makes their belly happy (think: cookies, or fries, or chips, or a cheeseburger, or polynesian sauce on a chick fil a sandwich... YUM!) 

it is pretty rare that people crave a salad... if they do, it's probably what's on the salad (bleu cheese (salt, fat), dressing (sugar, fat, salt)). See where I'm going with this? So what I'm telling you to do is to get the heck overyourself.

yes, I said it. You do not need to have fat/sugar/salt to get a full belly. you need calories for a full belly. These can come from a variety of things. You know weight watchers and the whole flex points thing? the trick is to find the most filling/exciting foods with the lowest point values. people go crazy over those hostess 1-point 3-pack mini hohos. But guess what? that's not a filling lunch, and trust me you will be hungry in about 5 seconds. So what else can you eat that's low in calories? vegetables! Back to good old WW (yes, I'm a WW lifetime member / dropout for the record) you can eat as many vegetables as you want for..... zero points!

Calm down, I'm not going to tell you to eat nothing but vegetables or to go join WW, I'm not that lame (even though I am jealous of jennifer hudson)! this is what I'm going to tell you to do and it's cheap and easy...  eat fruit till noon. just freakin do it. You will have crazy energy and love life. stop hating and do it already.  have you read the book i recommended forever ago by Harvy Diamond called "Fit for Life?" there are a bunch in the series, I have "Fit for Life, not Fat for Life" but they are all basically the same. Again, feel free to google it, but in a nutshell, it is way better to eat live, living foods because they are more nutritious. (duh) the end. Harvey Diamond's goal is to eat 50+% living food a day. By eating fruit till noon and raw till dinner (I mean I have a piece of fruit for breakfast  or cut up veggies for lunch anyhow, it's cheap and easy). you get like 70% raw and will feel spectacular.

so now you want to know what's up with dinner. Well friends, here's the good news. by eating so much raw food you will not be starving or even hungry for dinner. something about all that rawness is an appetite supressant. how would you like to eat a sleeve of cookie dough for dinner? Yes please! lets say that weighs 1/2 lb. Ok how would you like to eat 1/2 lb of... some delicious .... lettuce! that'll be maybe 10 cups of lettuce, right? you will not be starving and you can eat what you want for dinner and not be ravelous and eat a bag of cheetos while your lean cuisine is in the microwave. (no, don't go eat 10 cups lettuce. you are missing the point. you couldn't eat 10 cups of lettuce if you wanted to. but you COULD eat a sleeve of cookie dough). Oh, and don't even think about not using some kind dip/dressing on your salad.

Ok, I'm rambling but the point I'm proving is if you trust me on this, eat fruit till noon (any kind as long as it is raw, not canned, or a juice (unless fresh squeezed)). and then do raw till dinner (salad, veggies, google 'fun easy raw foods') then for dinner you can eat whatever you want (within reason). I have been totally vegan recently (yay) and so for dinner I've been making different kinds of chili with a side of potatoes or tempeh or anything that sounds good. even nachos. The exciting part is I am using tofuti sour cream (it's saltier and thicker than the regular kind, way better!!) and Galaxy brand cheddar  rice cheese (it even melts!) and throwing that on everything I can find! Yes sour cream and cheese totally have salt/fat/sugar... the good stuff I crave. But the animal-free kind is better for me (have we discussed my over the top cholestrol? ok lets not). But I find myself fuller faster, having more energy, and clothes fit wayyyy better!

No one believes me but I only spend about $20/week on groceries. Yes, I buy the expensive dairy alternatives, and hello philly swirl popsicles (I'm not anti-corn syrup... yet!) a bag of apples is like $3, vegetables are really not that much. I am cool with my beans coming from a can, but dry beans cost pretty much nil. I do rice, and trust me when I say faux sour cream and faux cheese is fab on EVERYTHING!

so yes, this long blog post is what I'm eating and what I plan to eat until I get bored and unmotivated again hahah. The good news is I've kept the 20+ lbs off for 8 mos or so and I don't feel like I'm dieting. yes, I eat cupcakes and ice cream, and may have been going to chick-fil-a once a week for 2 mos straight... but when you eat mostly healthy, your body forgives the not so healthy stuff and you still look hot! isn't that's what is important anyway? and could you get away with eating chick fil a every week and crazy amounts of halloween candy, etc? no probably not... and you know why? because you aren't doing fruit till noon, raw till dinner. so booya! in yo face! I got the secret and now you do too!!!!!!!!

{ps all pics are from google images}


  1. Wow 21 pounds is pretty good. I actually tried the fruit until noon thing for a week or so. Then I ran out of fruit. I guess I could have tried a little harder. I might have to taste this sour cream though at some point.

  2. I'm impressed. And I may have to try this whole fruit till noon business you speak of...


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