Monday, November 15, 2010

hey you guys!

Posted By: Leah
So I promise I'm still here... even though I may not show up on your blogger feed anymore... or ever get the chance to post, I'm here and doing well!!!! I have so many pics to edit and post... but just so you all know I'm not just kidding on all my adventures I'm going to post some un-edited pics so you can get a tiny taste of what's in store...

I think we already covered halloween... or did we? Wait... I did edit this one, weeks ago... look at that cute watermark at the bottom, who knew? is gav 4 or ... 24? will we ever know?

this was a message from Gracie to lauren's kitty LE.... that pin sold at the craft fair last friday, I wonder if the person who got it will ever know it was worn by a 5 month old kitten? haha probably not!

Oh yeah, so gav and I went to the grandover. I like to brag about stuff like the rack rate of the room. If you aren't in the hospitality industry, 'rack rate' is the maximum they can charge for a room, and that's what they post on the back of the door. it's most exciting in vegas where you pay $49/night for a suite at mgm, and the rack rate is like $600/night. good stuff!

what's the grandover? it's this hotel right off of I-85 near high point/greensboro in NC. It's pretty nice. I am the biggest hotel snob in the world so of course no, it's not the nicest place I've ever stayed. and yes, I've worked and stayed in nicer. but it was free, so what the heck?

i forgot to bring my flip-flops for the indoor pool/spa... so i had to sport my sparkle toms (my other choice was ankle boots. neither was that hot with the tankini.

Gav in the indoor pool.

Ice cream for dinner... ok this is getting extra random, I know...

We went to build a bear at the mall for our evening activity. check out HK's panties lol!

Gav took the most fun bath ever


here's my proof I was really there too.

oh and the view was really pretty!

ok well that's it for now! I will do a real post one of these days :)


  1. wow, that looks like a much needed getaway! i could totally use a pool right about now...

  2. Nice!

    I can't wait to hear about the fair. I'm assuming you sold out (of course)

  3. I am excited to be a part of your private blog! I want ice cream for dinner now.

  4. You actually got to stay there!? Thats Awesome! It looks super cool! I walked through the lobby once just because I was curious! But that looks super fun! Especially gavs bath!


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