Thursday, November 4, 2010

So who lives around here and wants to get in on some AWESOMENESS?

Posted By: Leah
And by 'around here' I mean North Carolina, specifically Greensboro. So what is this awesomeness I'm talking about??? Only one of the biggest highlights of my entire year... the Moses Cone Craft Fair at my work! Yes, I'm inviting YOU! It's next friday, November 12th from 7am - 6pm. Bring the fam, it's free and it's in the hospital! Yes in Moses Cone classroom 0030.

Why am I so excited about this? Well craft fairs are fun of course, but they are even more fun when all of the artists are the amazing, talented, life-saving co-workers of mine.. and ME! I think it's usually about 30-50 vendors (sorry I can't be more specific, it is 3 huge packed out rooms with the airwalls opened for one massive room).

And these aren't normal boring lame-crafts (ok well I guess it is a matter of preferance) but to me it's like an indi market of sorts. But with food and just all around awesomeness. Ok i know, I'm still not being specific. Here are some for real examples of items my besties from work and I will have at our tables (PS we will be all lined up along the back wall).

Cindy makes Hoots. What's a Hoot? it's a tiny, super soft stuffed owl of course! Gav has a pirate one from her he LOVES (it was his show and tell today, actually!) she has I think maybe 45-50 she's bringing. Only $8-$10 each. but they are big enough to be a toddler's pillow. such cuteness!

Courtney makes tutus. And yes, I have worn one of her tutus and I liked it and I want my own BAD. Technically they are for little girls (she does pet ones too) but I told her I'm going to the club rocking a tutu... yeah... we'll see hahah. She's charging I think $12 each. I'm telling you, this craft fair is like etsy and santa's workshop come to life!

I of course have ShopLeah my (sorry for the low inventory, I have been keeping most of what I've been making on reserve for the craft fair where I usually sell out). I always offer the most amazing deal ever. $5 for one hair clip/pin/toddler set and 3 for $10. I know, it's amazing! I have literally a hundred or more sets so it's going to be so exciting.
And so much more but that's your preview for today!

I do so much of my holiday shopping at the craft fair... last year I got my dad this amazing bowl that was carved from a tree and even had bark on the top. I got another family member a scarf, there is delicious food and baked goods. It's so great!!


  1. Sucks that I dont live out there but I do want to head out there someday. Have Fun!

  2. Damn. I live too far away. Sounds like an awesome fair.

    And I am now officially coveting the gray flowers in your last pic. Must. have. them.


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