Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday in Paradise...

Posted By: Leah

(I'm looking serious b/c I'm such a good model!)

Today's our work party!so I don't have a bunch of amazing photos (and probably won't because Courtney and I are kinda in charge of this thing) but maybe!

Anyhow, I got courtney to snap a pic of me because I thought I did pretty good theming it out today. We're calling the party "Just another day in paradise..." aka "Holiday in Paradise" aka, we have an island-themed lunch (grilled pineapple, jerk chicken, keylime pie, rum cake, you get the idea) at this event facility, then after that we're all leaving to go play glow golf! (like cosmic bowling but with mini-golf. it's inside, don't worry).

So here's my look:
Courtney hooked me up w/ an ugly xmas sweater that fit the theme perfectly, I have on my velvet leggings (sarah, don't hate), my faux juicy lime green cover-up (aka skirt), some boots (couldn't go there w/ flip flops, there's ice/snow on the ground!) and my hair is gorgeous! but you can't see. it has beads in it. Oh! and a real lei from hawaii!
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  1. Work it girl! You are rockin the island look. Tyra would be so proud of your serious model face.


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