Monday, December 6, 2010

It snowed this weekend!

Posted By: Leah
(this is gav eating the gingerbread house he made with my mom... see I even work on saturday!) anyhow its 4pm today (monday) and I JUST ate some lunch. yes I'm that busy. I know you all think i'm joking but it's legit crazy work piling up and it just goes on and on! But i'm not stressed, nothing is difficult, just A LOT!

Anyway, I did want to share more fun snow pics! After I got home from work on Saturday (like 3pm, not too late) it had been snowing a few hours so I took gav out to go sledding and to have fun :) yeah... these are all off my cell... hahah!


  1. gingerbread houses AND snowmen?! how fun!!! enjoy the snow a little extra for me, will you please?

  2. Yes, it did snow this weekend! It was pretty and nice. I wish it would snow on like a Monday so I can get out of work.


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