Monday, December 20, 2010

Work Party - Holiday in Paradise

Posted By: Leah
So here are a few pictures from my holiday party at work aka me in my amazingly awful outfit!
It's like tacky christmas sweater meets the islands in the winter. So bad yet so good at the same time!

"Please vote for me so I can win the target gift card!"

"I will touch my boob and kick up my leg... I have no problem with that"

(ok so really, I was MCing this thing so I am at the mercy of everyone who felt like taking pics of me to capture this event and the awesome tropical food and desserts. Oh wait, there weren't any other pictures)

Velvet tights and our awesome anklets made of garland.

Here's a video of courtney dancing and me to the right trying to make people smile to take a picture. video
Here's a lovely group-shot of my coworkers and I.
I was pretty mad at everyone who didn't theme it out. Boo on them. At least we had leis for everyone.

So that was it. Then we went to Glow Golf which was fun for a little while. Then we went shopping, then home for the day.

1- has your work had their holiday party yet? Don't you wish I was there to plan your event?
2- Do you want to hear an inappropiate story I didn't share here? It's HILARIOUS

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  1. 1 - no. i don't exactly have a "job." but my old job was a lawfirm, and they had some pretty wild parties! good old days... but your event looked hilarious and so fun. awesome sweater by the way! 2. inappropriate story? Always!!


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