Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need this watch, right?

Posted By: Leah
So I was watching the Bachelor 2 weeks ago (don't judge, you know you watch it!) and Allie... the girl who was the best for Jake, but who left b/c she had to go 'work' but then called him to come back and he denied her... yeah so they kept showing her on the phone with him and she had on a ... Hello Kitty Watch! I just 'assumed' it was a KLS design and there was no point in me even considering it b/c it costs thousands. Well then I randomly came across this blog of 'Stuff Elle Woods would want.' And I liked Legally Blonde, and the play, but I happened to see it last night so it really got my attention. It featured a couple HK items like rain boots (so cute! but $80 is high for rain boots) as well as this watch from Zales! And it is only $75! (it seems like a more appropriate price to me for a watch instead of rain boots... go figure).

So here's the thing... it says it's a rubber watch band. Uh... what is up with that?
Hello Kitty® White Rubber Watch with Pink Sapphire
ITEM #: 17922592
Zales's box The Zales Difference
Why shop Zales?
Sweet as can be in charming pink, Hello Kitty® styles always make you smile. Perfect for keeping time, this adorable white rubber watch features pink flowers, pink sapphire accents and Hello Kitty® decorating the round, white dial. © 1976-2008 SANRIO CO., LTD
 Yeah... so I am sooo confused. You wouldn't put pink sapphires with a rubber watch band, and wouldn't white be hot, gross, get dirty, creepy? I figured it was the white ceramic/enamel one like this (here is the KLS one for $1,250.00).
Hi? Basically the same, right? Ok confusing for sure.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

7 Things About Me! All with pics!

Posted By: Leah
First of all I have to thank Amy over with Ponder & Stitch for the Beautiful Blogger Award! That is soo sweet, thank you so much! :)  Amy designs the coolest cuffs ever and sells them on Etsy in her shop. I purchased one for my sister for xmas and am so jealous, because I want one! They are so unique... just the best. Thanks for the award!

Now for 7 things about me. Two girls whose blogs I follow posted their 7 things this week and it was such a cool idea I am posting too!

1) I wear Muklucks to sleep EVERY NIGHT. I actually own this exact fair isle gray/black pair!
I get sooo cold when I sleep and kick socks off, but my mom gave me these and they are the BEST. They are so warm and comfortable and best of all... I can't kick them off lol! 

2) I have FINALLY discovered the secret (not really) trick to losing weight (only took me 30 yrs). I have lost weight and been teeny tiny on LA Weight Loss, then Weight Watchers, but always gained it all back. So it's totally obvious (and no it's not being vegan lol but I'm sure that would help) but it's eating more raw foods than cooked/processed foods. Yeah, that's it. Like for serious. I first read about it in Skinny Bitch, but they just said to eat fruit only for breakfast and a salad along w/ whatever else for lunch. I tried it, it worked, I was totally full w/ no cravings, but I needed more info. So I got that book from the '80s Fit for Life (Actually I think I have the newer version, Fit for Life Not Fat for Life.) Anyhow it gives the for real breakdown of how your body processed food and all this boring stuff. But moral of story, if you eat more raw foods (like produce not meats lol!) then you are set. It's for real. Nothing I didn't 'know' I just needed somebody to tell me and give some facts.

3) I love herbal tea. I mean I drink it every day all day. I have always been like this. I know some people can't function without their coffee... but this isn't really that kind of thing. I just think water is boring, cold drinks make me cold, but I enjoy warm drinks because they make me warm. If I could, I'd drink hot cocoa all day or something fun like that. But it would probably rot my teeth lol ... so hot tea is the same idea but good for me! (There are sooo many benefits of green tea, etc. I drink it all). I used to add splenda or honey or whatever, but I've kind of taken to drinking the tea just plain. They even have tea K-cups ... it's awesome (called T-cups! Cuteness)! I try to get decaf but I'm fine w/ whatever.

4) I am a cat person. You probably could have guessed b/c of my hello kitty obsession lol. But really, I like cats so much. They are so clean, calm, laid back, don't care if you like them or not. You can just leave them overnight or for a week (not recommended!) with a pile of food and a zillion cups of water, a clean litter box and they will be set. Very low maintenance, my kind of pet! When they do come to you, it's so rewarding because they are so aloof, most of the time lol. Plus if you have one on your lap then have to jump up to get the phone or whatever, you can just toss them off and not have to worry about breaking them hahah! PS I have 2 cats, maggie and brodie.

5) I love to travel. I have gone a lot of places, even w/ gav! I don't think we will get a chance to take a big vacay this year... but you never know! One thing I don't like (even though I keep going) is cruises. Everybody says they are so fun and the food is so good, etc. I just don't like them. I have tried all the big cruise lines, but I just think the food is nasty (food is a big thing for me obviously!) I hate paying to do everything, the people are always creepers. Idk, I have bad luck. Or I need to pay for a suite. That would probably make me happier. I will probably go again, just because I want to like them as much as everyone else.

6)  I have really bad fashion sense. I wear the most boring clothes ever. Like to work I wear some kind of black or brown or gray pants and some solid sweater/shirt/top. Fortunately my sister Sarah has good fashion sense and for xmas every year she picks out lots of cute clothes for me. I wish I could just go into a store, buy what looks good on me and rock it. I just some how make it by w/ out buying clothes ever hahah!

So this was us last April. I'm on the left w/ a top Sarah got me in Paris. Jan (my step-mom, Sarah's mom) is in the middle in a dress Sarah picked out... and Sarah is on the right looking cute in a darling Anthropology dress!

7) My favorite number is 5. I was born on the fifth day of the fifth month (cindo de mayo!) and I have this obsession with 5-petaled flowers, stars, and the number in general. All my tattoos reflect that (I have 5-petaled flowers, I even have 5 stars!). In my dining room I have the picture below framed that's  a bunch of 5's haha! It's called “The Figure Five in Gold” by Charles Demuth.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All I needed was some fresh food.... I heart squash!?

Posted By: Leah
I wish I could just magically 'get it' about how to continue to eat healthy. I have spent the past week... eating  not totally unhealthy, but being very slack. It all started exactly 1 week ago at the Work Retreat (see that blog about all the amazing food). From there it was kind of like, forget it, this week is ruined. I kept having delicious homemade 'healthy' (sort-of) food given to me and I kept on eating it. Bla bla bla, sob story over (I could go on about it all day). In a nutshell... sugar = bad for me, dairy = bad for me. When I have sugar and/or dairy I throw all reasoning out the window and eat whatever I can get my hands on. This leaves me feeling even more hungry, I crave what I didn't just have (salty or sweet), and I feel ick. Not sick, but very very tired, headachey, not able to focus... you get it. The crazy thing is that I 'know' that if you put good things in, you get good things out. And if you eat crap, you feel like crap. ANYWAY (ok so I did include the sob story lol) I randomly came upon Alicia's favorite squash kabocha this weekend and purchased it (that mess was $7!). I got on the scale today and yeah... I knew I needed to change some stuff about my week of crazy eating (I tried to have myself under control but sooo many delicious free temptations).

So tonight for dinner I had kabocha squash. I found a random recipe but really all I did was cut it up, throw it in a pan with some olive oil and cook it at 350 for 35 min (Probably could have gone 5-10 min longer). The seeds looked just like pumpkin seeds so I threw them in there too to roast. I never roasted seeds before... but they turned out well! I threw them on my salad and it was a great dinner (and I feel SO much better already!)

The roasted kabocha tastes a lot like a sweet potato. It's starchy. It doesn't taste at all like squash (not that I ever eat squash lol). It doesn't need any seasoning. It would have been good with a dip or something to cut the starchyness (Imagine a baked french fries, with no catchup feeling). But they were really good. I was glad I got kabocha and made it.
I wasn't sure about the squash seeds but they were very very good. I took them out of the stove when they were popping... probably about 10 min or so. I snacked on them while I cooked the kabocha. No salt, no oil. These were good for real. 

I had a ton of the squash left over (I must have gotten one that weighed 5 lbs) and found a recipe in The Kind Diet for kabocha squash soup. That will be tomorrow night. I went ahead and cut up the rest (well like 1/2 it was a TON) and threw it in a container so i can cook it quicker tomorrow. 

Another reason I like squash now is that yesterday was Jason's bday and we went to Village Tavern. I got spaghetti squash for dinner... YUMMMM omg it was crazy good. I don't know if they sell it in normal stores or what, but I  must find it and eat it all the time! So squash is my new favorite food? Interesting stuff!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wowo (you would think I never had anything to do)

Posted By: Leah
So I just randomly, by accident (not really) stumbled across this site telling not only everything about Hello Kitty (I already knew this lol but I'm sure most people dont) as well as HK party ideas! Ok so these are for a 4 yr old probably, but some still seem fun! I need to get a life lol... but I even found pictures I thought went with the article. Ok I am going to do work for real now!

           Hello Kitty Girl's Birthday Party

ArticleBy Jessica Jinn

This year, Hello Kitty celebrates her 35th birthday and there's nothing she loves more than a fun party. Your daughter will love having her own Hello Kitty-themed birthday party because Hello Kitty is known for bringing happiness to girls across the world; and she's become a trendy fashion icon.

Hello Kitty lives 20km from London. She weighs approximately 3 apples and is approximately 5 apples high. Celebrate her love of apples and the color red with our easy decor tips and food ideas!
Gift Bags:
  • Fill your Hello Kitty gift bags with lots of fun, pink accessories.
  • Hello Kitty Heart Stickers
  • Hello Kitty Coloring and Activity Book
  • Butterfly Hair Clips - These cute hair clips are perfect for any little girl. Not only are they stylish, but they're pretty too.
  • If you'd rather have something pre-prepared, sells a nice favor pack filled with pencils, tops, and puzzles.

Hello Kitty Menu
Hello Kitty prides herself on her British personality and love of apples. Let these traits shine through a Hello Kitty Menu.

Main Courses
  • Fish and Chips - Nothing screams "British" more than Fish and Chips. Try out Alton Brown's recipe.
  • Scones - Check out our article all about making the best scones.
 Dessert and Sweets
  • Hello Kitty-themed Strawberry Dip Biscuits: This treat is full of long and thin cookie sticks and it comes with a pocket of strawberry dip.
  • Apple Muffins
  • Hello Kitty Cake Pops: These cute pops look just like Hello Kitty on the outside and have a sweet strawberry center on the inside.
  • Strawberry Birthday Cake
  • Add Hello Kitty cake toppers to really make this a Hello Kitty cake.
  • Since Hello Kitty's favorite color is red, serve an array of red non-alcoholic drinks for the girls.
  • Cream Raspberry Sipper: combines sorbet, grape juice and mint. It's a perfect drink to cool down with.
  • Cranberry Peach Punch: A drink combining honey, cinnamon and cranberry will instantly be a crowd favorite.

Hello Kitty Decor
  • When decorating for this party, use light pastels, pinks and reds.
  • Strategically hang pink and white pom-poms from your ceiling.
  • Buy faux butterflies and tie them around pieces in your home.
  • Take pink tulle and wrap the backs of your chairs with them, securing tightly with white ribbon. Arrangements of white and pink daisies.
  • Set up the snacks and drinks in a self-serve bar form with the use of some household items.
  • Fill a stout vase-or, better yet, a few candy jars- with some white and red foil-covered chocolates and candies. Fill another with white marshmallows and red M&Ms, and another with pink, white, and red jelly beans. Take a few glass cups of varying heights and fill with red licorice and sugar dust sticks.
  • Label your vases, cups, candy jars with red post-its cut into a circle.
  • Arrange all your various snack items in circles, and add apples in the middle of each circle of snacks.
  • Either use a lollipop table display rack to display your cake pops or fill a shallow plant pot or wooden rack with playdough, sticking the pops in the dough or use floral foam.
  • Prepare drinks in glass pitchers so the colors are on display.
 Hello Kitty Games and Activities
 Dress Hello Kitty
  • Let the girls dress up Hello Kitty for fun. This game can easily be accomplished with a few household items. All you need is:
  • Enough Print-outs of a Hello Kitty outline for every girl
  • Scraps of cloth and colored construction paper
  • Markers, crayons, and colored pencils
  • Rhinestones and craft jewels
  • Plenty of child-safe scissors
  • Let the girls go crazy bejeweling and dressing up Hello Kitty.

Friendship Bracelets
  • Hello Kitty loves her friends. This party is a perfect opportunity to encourage friendship by making friendship bracelets.
 Cupcake Decorating
  • Let the girls decorate their own vanilla cupcakes. Supply them with all the frosting and sprinkles and let them go wild.

 Pin The Bow on Hello Kitty
  • Make your own cut-out of Hello Kitty's head, minus the bow.
  • Create several bows for the kids to try to tape on Hello Kitty while blindfolded.

 Ok hahah so most of these aren't practical for anyone out of elementary school, but still so fun to read about!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What should I do for my 30th Bday??

Posted By: Leah
So usually for my bday I either don't care what I do (and just go to dinner w/ the fam) or I'm somewhere awesome (like last year I was at Epcot). So this year I'm turning the big 3-0. I know, scary stuff. I don't really know where to go to celebrate. I have to work the day before... like HAVE to work, no choice so I can't take that week off. I guess I could take the day off, but idk. ANYHOW I had the idea to have a birthday party. Like you know, old school... invite my friends over and have cupcakes and stuff. I haven't had a bday party like that since... I turned 19? So of course the theme would be hello kitty. But I just don't know! Would this be fun for anyone but me? ok probably not! haha. I need to keep on thinking of something awesome... My bday is cinco de mayo... so it would be like a fiesta themed hello kitty... ok this is getting weird! Or like a dia de los muertos theme? IDK!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Delicious LUNCH! (brought the camera to work!) Leeks!

Posted By: Leah
Usually my pictures are of meals at home. But I made this delicious leek/onion/garlic thing and ate it up so fast that I didn't even have a chance to take pics of it cooking or on my plate. Fortunately I split it in 1/2 and had some for work. I was very tempted to eat it all as soon as I made it, but I didn't. I had my camera at work and took pics of the lunch table and my lunch. I have been following a new plan (I seriously switch up my eating habits weekly). This one is pretty hard-core. It's Fit for Life (new book, not mentioned in my book review) blog last month. Your parents probably read this book in the 80's lol, or maybe just mine did. The concept can be vegan, omni-whatever. It is fruit until noon (same thing as Skinny Bitch says. It really works for me and I like it.), then for lunch you eat a salad with either protein or starch. Then dinner you eat a salad with whatever you didn't eat (starch or protein). Cooked vegetables are a 'neurtal' like you can eat them whenever. So the theory is that it takes less 'energy' for your body to digest salad and fruit. Then it uses certain ways to digest starch and totally different ways for protein. Whatever, something new to try. SOOO this meal was my primarily starch. Just fyi. I did this the past week and lost 3 lbs.

Ok well the picture looks gross hahah. But this was seriously the best lunch! So The important part was the crazy colorful thing in the middle. It was a recipe from the kind diet. I didn't have 1/2 the ingredients lol, so I just used the leeks I did have, olive oil, maple syrup and garlic then added daikon and red onions instead of sunchoke and whatever root she said to use. They had leftover rosemary roasted potatoes that were GOOD! I had about 1/2 the brown rice (not really exciting). Then on my salad I had Annie's Goddess dressing. If you haven't tried this it's THE BEST! Also I had sugar snap peas. If you haven't had those raw you must! I had them growing up in the garden in my backyard (yes we had a real garden!) and they are soo sweet and good.

Here is the picture and real recipe for the roasted leek dish from TKD (me giving away Alicia's recipes again.) If you have not purchased The Kind Diet, you truly should. It absolutely changed my life, etc. Just read the book review above. Worth getting! It's even on Amazon used for cheap now! (still in hardback only)

SERVES 4 to 6

4” piece of lotus root (about 1/2 of a medium root), sliced into thin rounds
3 sunchokes (also called Jerusalem artichokes), thinly sliced

2 small or 1/2 of a large, thick leek (white park only), sliced into thick half-moons
2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon shoyu or 3 pinches fine sea salt

1 tablespoon maple syrup

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Place all vegetables and garlic in a bowl.

Add the oil, and toss to coat.

Spread the veggies onto a baking sheet.

Roast the vegetables for 12 minutes, then sprinkle with the shoyu and syrup.

Stir to coat.

Return the vegetables to the oven, and roast an additional 10 minutes.

At this point, check to see if the vegetables are tender and becoming golden.

If not, return to the over for 5 to 10 minutes longer.

Serve warm. 

Apolo OhYes.. and the deal with his yawning (if you wondered)

Posted By: Leah
So I heart Apolo Ohno.... I have for the past 8 years. I don't know why I haven't blogged about him before now! I am one of the few people who like the winter games more than the summer. I think the sports are so much more unique and anything on ice (from hockey to ice dancing) is my favorite. I think everything looks more graceful on ice (even people beating each other up in Hockey lol!)

Anyway, I hope everyone has been watching Apolo in the Olympics... he has 7 metals, that's more than anyone has ever personally earned in the winter games. I am so proud hahah! So in the rare event you haven't been watching my boy Apolo, you totally have to start now. he'll be on the short track on two more dates this year. This is probably his last olympics (he's 27, but that's old in short track). He'll be on this Wednesday the 24th and Friday the 26th. Yay Apolo!

This weekend I was at home in the QC watching Apolo get his 7th metal and we were discussing why he's always yawning before races. You can tell it's for a reason, I thought it was nerves, like to get his mind on something else, my dad thought it was to get more oxygen into his lungs. As it turns out, we were both right!

Why does Apolo Anton Ohno yawn before his races?

By Martin Rogers

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Seconds before the biggest moment of his career, the excitement and adrenaline were finally too much for Apolo Anton Ohno. He couldn't hold it in any longer.
He yawned.
Television viewers were stunned by the American's apparently lackadaisical approach to the race, which would determine whether he would become the Winter Olympian with the most medals in U.S. history. (He did, with a bronze.)
(Yawns are contageous, did you know that? Even if you hear someone yawn on the phone, you will most likely yawn too)
Yet some sneaky investigation by Yahoo! Sports revealed there is madness behind Ohno's moribundity.
A friend of Ohno's – who asked not to be named because, er, "Apolo might not like it" – revealed that the yawning lets extra oxygen into his lungs in the seconds before bursting across the ice.
Ohno himself confirmed as much to Yahoo! Sports. "It makes me feel better," he said. "It gets the oxygen in and the nerves out."
So now we know!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The best (worst for me) food ever!

Posted By: Leah
SOooo here's the thing. I really really try extra super hard to not eat meat or dairy or even sugar for that matter (or white bread, etc.) but sometimes you go to places where 1- there aren't any other food options, 2- I'ts free, 3- the food is so good that you HAVE to have it. Yeah, so that was me yesterday and I was all of the above. I actually did request a veggie meal and i totally got it... but I HAD to sample everything because everyone was flipping out... and for good reason, the food was DELICIOUS!

So we did a retreat for work at a local B&B. I knew the food was provided but I didn't expect that to be the highlight of my day lol! So we got there and as soon as we sat down at the table, thinking we'd get some fruit and a muffin or whatever, the lady (is 'innkeeper' the correct term)? Brought out apple dumplings. I don't think i have really ever had one. I knwo what I imagine them to look like and this was not it... sooo much better! It was apples in kind of a crossant, with this glaze. So I thought this was my breakfast and ate it. Well next she asks who the veggie is. I said it was me (I feel embarassed, idk. I shouldn't be). So she brings out a plate with an english muffin, fruit, sausage for the omni's, and this ramequin with some cheese thing on it. I really was going to be fine with my fruit/english muffin (oh, hard to tell in the pic... but the butter was in the shape of hearts. cute!). But everyone was raving about the cheese/egg dish and that I had to try it. So I said ok fine, it will be ok... so... omg... I don't know how to describe it... The top was cheddar, then a layer of this ooey, gooey, cheese sauce mixed with a lightly scrambled egg, then under that was a hard boiled egg, then under/ around that was more of the cheese sauce, then under that was spinach. I had one bite and wow. I don't even like eggs, but this was spectacular. I stopped at one bite (maybe more like 1 1/2 bites). PS these are tonya's pictures... not my plate lol!  I think Courtney took even more pics and if they are of the desserts I will have to post later!

So we went into our meeting, and Mille makes granola, so she gave some to us... sooo good! then it was time for lunch! They served a plate with chicken salad (left it off of mine), fruit, spinach salad (with hand-roasted peanuts candied with toffee), fetta, cranberries, the most amazing homemade yeast rolls, more heart shaped butter, and fresh pineapple/grapes. Again... I was going to stick with the fruit, and spinach. OH! she made her own apple lemon vinagrette for the side. But everyone was raving about the chicken salad so I had one tiny bite and ... wow. Chicken salad was one of my favorites of all time and I know good chicken salad... this was by far the best I had ever eaten! I only had that one taste, but it was absolutely amazing! It was roasted chicken with no spices, but so sweet and good.

So next it was time for dessert... and we had peach cobbler. You could just smell the sweet butter when she placed it in front of me. I didn't eat the fresh whipped cream, but i did eat the cobbler. It wasn't the kind I'm used to with the pieshell crust. It was like a crispy bread-type pastry thing with the peaches and glaze all over. YUM!

So I could tell my mouth was coated with butter and fat. I figured we'd have an afternoon snack of fruit and be out of there. Oh no... there is more! at 2:30 she brought out her spinach/artichoke dip. Someone asked what was in it (I know the kind I get at the grocery store is vegan), well this was not... and I still ate it lol! It was made with... get this... Brie, sour cream, mayo, artichoke, spinach... I think I stopped listening after that lol. Also we had some fruit, but it was in a flower display thing so i couldn't really get to it without destroying the centerpiece. There were these little pinwheels and another of my favorite of all things is.. Hovan. They used to be at South Park but moved. Anyway, I HAD to try one at this point just to know if she had Hovan's secret recipe (at this point, i truly thought it was possible). It was pretty close, not 100% but good. So yes I did have turkey for the first time in a month and 1/2.

We played a game that I thought was so cute at the end of the day. It was a 'match the girl to her favorite thing' game lol! My 'girl' was on the back, but look what they thought (ok KNEW) my fav thing was?? Hahah awesome!

So that was all, but it got me thinking about what could/should I have done differently? I think for sure the afternoon snack would have been fine if I just had the chips and not the dip. For lunch I could have picked the delicious amazing pecans out of my salad and not eaten the bread. I could have taken one bite of the dessert and been done. For the breakfast I think i did okay, but I could have had one bite and had been one with the apple dumpling. Tough stuff! I usually can be in pretty good control of what I eat or order, but when it's out of my hands, it's a little harder to make the right choices. Oh well, todays' a new day and done better so far.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tofu scramble... not so bad!

Posted By: Leah

Basic Tofu Scramble: Ingredients

  • For the Spice Blend:
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp dried thyme, crushed with your fingers
  • 1/4 tsp ground tumeric
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 Tbsp water
  • For the Tofu:
  • 1 lb firm or extra firm tofu, crumbled
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced (or more, to taste)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • Fresh black pepper to taste


  1. First blend the spices and salt together in a small cup. Add the water and mix. Set aside.
  2. Preheat a large, heavy-bottomed pan over medium-high heat
  3. Sauté the garlic in olive oil for about a minute
  4. Break the tofu apart into bite-size pieces and sauté for about 10 minutes, stirring often
  5. Get under the tofu when you are stirring, scrape the bottom, and don’t let it stick to the pan; that is where the good crispy stuff is
  6. Use a thin metal spatula to get the job done; a wooden or plastic one won’t really cut it
  7. The tofu should brown on at least one side, but you don’t need to be too precise about it
  8. The water should cook out of it and not collect too much at the bottom of the pan. If that is happening, turn the heat up and let the water evaporate. Conversely, if the scramble seems dry add splashes of water until it’s nice and moist
  9. Add the spice blend and mix to incorporate. Add the nutritional yeast and pepper. Cook for about 5 more minutes. Serve warm

Tof-u and Tof-me: Scramble Add Ins

  1. You can include these additions to your scramble by themselves or in combination with one another
  2. Broccoli: Cut broccoli into about 1 cup of small florets and thinly sliced stems. Add along with the tofu
  3. Onions: Finely chop 1 small onion. Add along with the garlic and cook for about 5 minutes, until translucent. Proceed with recipe
  4. Red Bell Peppers: Remove stem and seeds and finely chop 1 red bell pepper. Add along with the garlic and cook for about 5 minutes. Proceed with recipe
  5. Mushrooms: Thinly slice about 1 cup mushrooms. Add along with the tofu
I really hate to admit it, but I'm getting a tiny bit tired of: black beans, salads, celantro, and even homemade guac! I know, crazyness. So I figured I'd branch into another culture (not sure which tofu is from) and make a tofu dish. I just googled 'the best tofu recipe' and came up with the above one. Beleive it or not it wasnt' bad. I am not going to say it was delicious and I want to eat it every day... but it was a nice change. A few things I'd change... leave out the thyme. I kept crunching on these sticks. I know it says to crush it, but I don't know how. it's like a tiny stick? Oh and of course I didn't have ALL the ingredients... i didn't have the nutrit. yeast so (don't laugh too hard) I crushed up about 1/4 cup of wheat thins. I thought it would be the same... right? Uh wrong. The other ingredients made them sort-of soggy and stick together. Also I didn't have tumeric. But it's all good! Also, as you can see I added broccoli (yum, it was super good in there), red onion and red peppers (I just happened to have one. random but good!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras at Work Photos! Wooo hoo!!

Posted By: Leah
Earn those beads!!! Ahahah! So here are my work photos showing the fun ladies and me celebrating Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday! Hilarious because we work in such a old office haha! It looks like That 70's Show inhere.

Courtney and I had lots of fun... and King Cake is SO good. Neither of us got the baby :( maybe next year!

Happy Hello Kitty / Mardi Gras!

Posted By: Leah
Happy Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday everyone! I took a lot of pictures at work and will upload them tonight at home. In the mean time I have been researching Hello Kitty cupcakes (yes, this makes me more happy than you could ever know). I am just 'pretending' to have them in honor of Fat Tuesday. Here are some photos that have just brightened my day/week/life! If you are a HK girl like me... this will make your day too! ;)
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