Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You can do this

Posted By: Leah
(You have been missing all of my food photos... right?)

As a continuation of my guest post over on Mary's blog (read it now if you didn't before). I wanted to show some photos. Really, you can do this. Don't be scared to try/be something or someone new.

Cook It. Eat It.
As you will remember from my guest post, I gave some ideas on a sample menu. It's hard for me to think about something without seeing it. So here is my picture of a 'dinner for one' that is totally vegan, totally filling, and yes, I would have thought it was totally sick just by hearing the ingredints but it is DELICIOUS. I do not lie about food being good. I love eating too much.

Ingredients: One pan cooking of - fresh sweet onion chopped, packaged sweet potato fries, 1/5 block tofu, sea salt, cumin, thyme, mrs. dash... anything else on hand that seemed like a good spice.
Result: Crazy flavorful tofu burger on whole grain flat bread with baby spinach, fresh tomato, and honey dijon dressing. YUM.

Pack It. Track It.

Food for work for the next day: (always plan ahead. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail).
Fruit 'Till Noon- peaches (I had 3 total). Lunch - My 'rockstar' salad of baby spinach, Garden Burger, frozen peas, frozen edamame, salad dressing (w/ out sugar), fresh tomato... yay summertime. Totally vegan.
Calorie Counter: No, I don't have an iPhone. I have an android phone and get most of the same apps. I use Calorie Counter on my phone (you can scan packaging), but really like The Daily Plate (thanks Lance Armstrong). All free. All easy. And yes, this was actually what I ate on monday not yesterday or today.I toast the veggie burger, throw it in a huge bowl with every thing else.
Result: Full, happy belly, feeling of total control. Envy of everyone at work who was like "wow what a beautifully bright salad."

Just try it. Just for me... ok really just for you. You know you want to. You know you are curious and scared and wonder what would happen if you actually ate healthier.
Would you feel better?
Would you look better?
Would you lose weight?
Would you have energy?
Would you have so much energy that working out seemed like a fun thing instead of a chore?
Would you be saving the planet? (factory farms are the #1 contributor to both air and water polution due to animal wastes)
YES! Yes to all.

The only thing stopping you is YOU. And you know this.
Ok I'm done, but you have just begun.
Consider yourself motivated.

Vegan- say what? My guest post on Mary's Blog

Posted By: Leah
I wrote a guest post over on Mary's blog all about going vegan, but not because I love animals, more like how I got my skinny on via ditching the meat/dairy.  If you have followed my blog for a while you have gotten to see bits and pices of this story unfold. I have an exerpt below and yes, I do call the readers perv's so don't get too offended. Click here to read the whole thing. And you follow Mary's blog, right? she's awesome! (you remember her, we went to college together, she wrote a fabulous post about LOVE for me. See it HERE!)

Exerpt from "Going Vegan, Losing Weight.. My Story" on Changing the World, One Veggie at a Time.

"...You don’t see a 30 year old sucking from their mom’s boob do you? Eew no. So how is drinking from a cow’s boob different? And cow’s milk is to fatten up a huge farm animal. And what is in milk that makes you ‘crave’ it, like crave cheese and ice cream (yummm don’t think I don’t like these) it’s casein. It’s the devil. It is this little protein that makes babies crave milk so they will eat and thrive. That’s what you are craving. See? You are a perv."

And don't hate... I totally have another one of my fro-yo posts coming up. Call me a perv, I can handle it. I love dairy.  (another quote below)

"...well guys, this part sucks. I wish I could say I’m ‘perfect’ but I’m not. I do partake in ice cream, bakery items, and even… sometimes… (meat). I wouldn’t order a rack of ribs, but if someone I’m eating with has ordered them and offers me a bite, yes I will indulge and I will enjoy it. Life’s too short to feel like you are punishing yourself. My goal is 80% if I can follow my healthy eating 80% of the time I know I’ll feel great."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh what fun it is to ride

Posted By: Leah
...on a horse in a saddle with no stirups - Hey!  Ok really that was Gav not me, because I was wearing flip-flops and not in the mood to get on a horse because it was HOTTT this past weekend in the QC. omg the humidity is crazy. It was 100 at least all day. Anyhow Gav (normally) loves riding on Bay, my step-mom's horse so we went out to the stable and gav did a couple laps. I used to be all about some equestrian jumping, but idk...I like kitties, not horses. Everyone should know this lol!

They have some chickens and velvetine rabbits I hung out with (trying to keep out of the sun)

My parent's dog Tibby jumped in the horse drinking trough lol. Seriously, it was hottttt. Oh, that's a huge picture of Bay, Jan's horse's face.

Gav rode around for a while, did a tiny baby jump (on in and outs don't even count as a jump).

But Gav knew what was up! hahahhaha. This was way more fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010

...And it was called yellow

Posted By: Leah
This week's theme is... Yellow! PS- I got honorable mention in the Talented theme last week of my pic of Gav w/ the spoon balanced on his nose... check me out here.

This picture is actually from last october. It was when we went to Jason's grandparents house for a pig picnin' (my first and last time eating meat directly off of a pig lol). Jason's cousin Chris got this sweet little yellow lab puppy named Syndey and she fell asleep on Gav's lap! Cute!!! This is my entry for this week.

I dress Gav in yellow A LOT because I think it looks good with his blonde hair (which is quickly turning to brown. so sad) and tan skin (I'm JEALOUS!). Here's a pic from my photo-shoot w/ Courtney... I re-edited and punched up the yellow fo sho! Looks like the child is glowing gold hahahah.

I could have been a creeper and included baby pics of Gav when he was sick and all jaundaced... he had a nice yellow tan, and his eyes were yellow too (oh billiruben). But that's kinda weird and I figured wouldn't get me very far in the contest unless someone had a sick sense of humor (like me). Bahahaha!

The Paper Mama
So join in, link up! it's really fun to take pics with a theme in mind, or re-edit your old pics and give them new life :) To enter this week's Yellow theme click here! Next weeks' theme is... 'Favorite Toy.'


Posted By: Leah
I have to come clean about something... I LOVE this season's the Bachelorette.It's my guilty pleasure. And not just once. I DVR them and watch them over and over. ANYHOW so Ali (current bachelorette) was on last season's Bachelor (my mom called Jake as gay last season and now he and Vienna split... she said he never touched her... INTERESTING). If you haven't been watching (and you know you HAVE to watch now after reading this) Ali was the girl on last season's Bachelor who left for work (she worked for Facebook?) and then came back and Jake was like sorry peace out and didn't take her back (lucky her). Well they made her the Bachelorette this time and they did a fab job casting the guys for Ali. I already have my top 3 picked out. I HAD to find out who will be exposed as having a girlfriend this week, I did a google search and not only did I find who had a gf, but I found who everyone *thinks* is the top 2. But I will not spoil it and tell you... or what may or may not happen in the end. Here are my favorites, and why I think they should be her top 3 (yes it's months until she cuts them down to this amount but these 3 guys are sooo great so I have to discuss them now).

Chris L. (Chris Lambton... actually he's the only Chris now that the other, boring Chris N. was kicked off last week). This is hands down my favorite dude to ever be on any of these shows (Bachelor or -ette). He's so awesome and used to be a teacher in NYC but his mom was sick (and later died) so he had to move back to Cape Cod (not a bad home town!) and be with his family. Now he's a landscaper. Chris reminds me 110% of Vince Vaughn. They have the exact same accent and this dude is hilarious, he's tall... he's actually way better looking than Vince V (sorry ladies, but you know it's true). So this is my #1 pick. He must win. If not, they better give him his own Bachelor show. Except there won't be any girls good enough for him. Actually... I'm not even sure Ali is good enough for him. hahah ok well she could be. we will have to see! Fav. moment so far: when Ali was sick and it was his bday and he hung out with her all day. Least fav. moment so far: same night when she was sick they danced on the roof to her fav. band. Then they started making out and it was gross. He was way too into it. Kinda uncomfortable for everyone.

Frank. I like his glasses and he always dresses really well. His job title is 'retail manager' so I think he probably works at Banana Republic or something lol (for the record I could care less about anybody or their significant other's job title. it's just so in your face on the show because every time they show the dudes they flash their age and job under them, like it defines who they are). I really like frank because he, like Chris L. (above) is really funny. Frank's more 'quirky' than funny. He stresses out a lot and isn't as self-confident as the other guys. He sort of reminds me of Mark in RENT. Prob. just the glasses haha. I hope he makes it to the end, but I get nervous every week. I also like it when he wears his glasses. When he doesn't, it looks like something is missing. Also, one weird thing he does is how he looks at Ali... not sure if it's because he doesn't have on his glasses but he looks like he's about to pounce on her at any moment. Fav moment so far: any time he and Ali are one on one. he seems more at ease for a second. Least fav. moment fo far: if he's not wearing his glasses and has that creepy pouncing-i'm-going-to-put-you-in-my-belly-face.

Roberto. I think what makes this dude different from the other latin guys is that he has no idea that he is attractive. like he is the most 'swarthy' - got that word from my mom, not sure if anyone else uses it guy on here and has no clue. He's super sweet but still brings the latin spark. I think he would be good for Ali because she's more business and he's more romantic and all that. He has realllly good chemestry with Ali, but I also think he would have that same good chemestry with any girl. He's super shy but if he had a clue what a catch he was he'd turn into a player in no time. I think Ali could scoop him up and keep him for herself. Fav. moment: when they were in the Lion King on broadway. That was awesome! least fav. moment: honestly, not one..... yet! But a new episode is coming on tonight so who knows!?! One of the guys (I know who but I won't spoil it) has a girlfriend and has to leave. I love some reality show drama!

Oh! and speaking of Bachelorettes... my cube-mate/cube-sister/whatever I want to title her this week Courtney... is engaged!!! As of last night! If you didn't know, wedding planning is my #1 favorite activity of all time. So let the planning begin! She has the most fabulous ideas ever (and it doesn't hurt that we are meeting/event planners anyway) so it's on!!!!!

Do you watch the Bachelorette?
Who's your fav? What do you think of Ali?
Chris L. is the best, right????

Friday, June 25, 2010

More pics!

Posted By: Leah

Sorry for all my self-indulgent posts featuring pics of myself all the time! And my new header with a huge pic of my face lol! but Courtney (who sits across from me at work) did a fab job taking all these pics and I totally enjoy editing (new fav hobby lol).  So I have to share! Here are more pics of... Gav and me... me and gav!


ok that's all for now... I may have to do another post but I promise I'll give it a few days LOL!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 about me!

Posted By: Leah
I was tagged by Kim of Fill Your Well,  one of my favorite blogs, with "3 things about me." I am totally honored because Kim is super cool and lives in San Fran, getting ready to move to LA and get married... you must follow her blog. It's awesome!!! Lots of wonderful and exciting changes coming up for her! Anyhow, here are my 3 things for each...

3 names I go by:
* Mom (gav)
* Gavin's Mom (gav's friends)
* LeLe (so no one has called me this since moving to NC)

3 places i have been:
* Paris, France (for my cousin's wedding, how great is that!?)
* Mayan Riviera, Mexico (on my honeymoon. love all inclusive resorts now!)
* Vegas (a bunch of times, the last time was when Gav was in my belly. must. go. back. soon!!)

3 favorite drinks:
* root beer
* hot tea
* orangeade (hand-squeezed)

3 jobs i have had:
* check-out girl at The Fresh Market
* marketing / recruiting coordinator
* currently -project specialist, doing continuing education events for a big hospital

3 tv shows i watch:
* Glee (sad the season's over, excited for the movies!)
* Bachelorette (LOVE Alli)
* Yo Gabba Gabba (and everything else on Nick Jr.)

3 places i would like to visit:
* Fiji
* Japan (specifically Puroland - Hello Kitty theme park!)
* California (dang, OC theme song just got in my head... "Californiaaaaaaa! It's okayyyyy")

Sanrio Puroland, Tama, Japan
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: Sanrio Puroland, Tama, Japan

3 favorite retro tv shows:
Define retro? ... I will just say 'shows on reruns'...
* Friends
* Seinfeld
* Full House (don't act like you don't love when it's on!)

3 places i have lived:
* Charlotte, NC (born and raised)
* Richmond, VA (when I got out of NC... didn't go far)
* Greensboro, NC (where I went to college and where I moved back to after VA lol!)

3 favorite dishes:
* Pad Thai - Tera Thai/Richmond
* Egglpant Caviar and Goat Cheese - Sea Blue/Vegas
* Grilled Catfish Sandwich - Cracker Barrell / Every Exit on every interstate LOL - don't hate that place is GOOD)

3 things I am looking forward to:
* Gav going to Kindergarden and not having to pay for daycare anymore... omg I'll be RICH!!! like straight up baller status. and when I get my credit card paid of... oh man... it's going to be like Miley singing 'Party in the USA' Baahahaha!
* Going on vacay - technically I don't have anything planned right now, but hopefully sometime I'll go somewhere lol!
* My newest niece/nephew... I'm going to be an aunt again! for the 4th time! we are all hoping it's a girl. omg if it's a girl she will be the most spoiled little girl ever. exciting!

3 people I'm tagging
* Sara - Unofficial Mom
* JMJE - Making Stuff is Fun
* Katie - The Perks

PS - How do you like the new blog design and stuff? It's a work in progress, and I know I keep changing it up... but it's getting better, right?

Photo Challenge: Talented

Posted By: Leah

♥ the paper mama's challenge this week is Talented. Gav has many awesome skills, but on Monday they were of the hook for real (yo). Here is the one I chose... Gav balancing a spoon on his nose! He first did this last year at a restaurant. I was impressed lol! He learned it on Yo Gabba Gabba, "My name is Gavin and my cool trick is balancing a spoon on my nose" he says it every time! PS- not sure why his hair's looking like it has bad highlights in all these pics. I was messing with the exposure and stuff and yeah... try to focus on the cute parts instead!

But here are some more cool tricks he did on Monday:
On the summer solstice, it is one of the 2 days a year (summer and winter) where because of the gravitational pull you can balance an egg on it's end. A raw egg. It's real. I'd tell you to try it today, but it won't work. Has to be the solstice. I thought this photo would take too much explination in the contest because not a lot of people know about the gravity-egg-thing so they might just think his talent is just looking at an egg bahaha!

And you all know I pretty much live at Target... so it should be no shock that we were there. I have started keeping my camera in my bag to capture more cool things (instead of relying on my phone all the time for pics). So this was Gav breaking it down, singing karoke in the party aisle at tarjay:

Also you will notice I've started adding a watermark to my pics. I like to think that only my friends/family/cool people look at my blog. I heard a scary story about a blog being copied, like a post word-for-word. Photos being taken, etc. So... I'm going to do a better job adding watermarks, and if you will notice on the right, I got my blog (both of them) copyrighted which was easy and free!

Ok enough boring stuff about that! If you want to take part in the ♥ the paper mama's photo challenge, click here! it's so much fun!!!
The Paper Mama

Look! I even made myself a signature so I can be cool like everybody else yayaya!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whoo Hoo Professional Pics!

Posted By: Leah

Courtney (who sits across from me at work) is a prof. photographer on the side and we finally got together this past weekend for pictures! She let me edit my own because, well, I love to edit! hahah! so check out what I've done w/ the awesome shots she took. BTW she took over 300 and I only edited 50 (editing wears a girl out!) so here is a very small sampling from the 50 that are done! woo!

and my favorite of all time... me looking like 'uh what?' and gav looking handsome!

Ok hold on I like this one too... if I was a country singer, I'd have this as my album cover haha!

Ok that's all for today... hahah I will be posting lots more tomorrow because I'm so pleased with Courtney for the fab photos and me for the fab editing skilllzzz!

Kid's Parties are the Best!

Posted By: Leah

I love when Gav gets invited to his friend's birthday parties, because he is still young enough that I get to stay and have fun too! This seems to be the season of parties, but this one was especially unique. It was The Princess and the Frog theme. They even had Tiana there!

This party was especially fun because it was at Burlington City Park. They have an antique carousel. It is so pretty and so much fun!

We (including meeee!!!) had wristbands and could ride everything unlimited times. Gav and I had a blast!

Gavin's bday is in August and I've already started planning what we will do. I am going to have the party at his school to ensure ALLLL of his friends are there (he has a different bff every day and I don't want to take any chances that his bff d'jour can't make the party). It will be a Wow Wow Wubbzy theme. I had an Etsy seller create the cloth gift bags (very cute and eco-friendly!) and I've already started gathering all we will need (hats, favors, etc). It should be 18 kids. Fun times!
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