Monday, January 10, 2011

Bloggie awards!

Posted By: Leah
Huge shout-out to my girl Sara with Unofficial Mom for the awards. Girl you rock! You have been such a fabulous friend and I love that you are into hearing about my adventures :) & stuff I don't post on my blog!

Thank you for all these awards. I appreciate the love, boo!

1) Thank/acknowledge the person who gave you the award - Check

2) Share 7 things about yourself - OK!

3) Pass on to other bloggers and notify them - So I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings so guess what, I'm awarding this to ALL My Followers! You guys are awesome and I promise I'll get back into photographing every second of my life soon.... you know you miss being all up in my biz :)

7 Things about me you never knew you always wanted to know

1) I wear the same jewelry every single day. And it's simple as I don't even know what. I don't switch up my earrings... I sometimes take stuff off but I never mix it up. I only wear earrings, my bracelet, and necklace (took it off yesterday). I wish I could accessorise better, but it's a little too much effort. My 2nd cousin showed up with my same bracelet from cape cod on at Thanksgiving. That's what I call a bonding moment!

2) I never take out my contacts. Never ever. I wear them until they dry out and fall out of my eyes on their own. Fortuinately they make the kind now I can keep in for a month. I generally keep them in 2 months. And yes I've ended up in Urgent Care w/ an eye infection and yes I still wear contacts. It's not that I'm lazy, but I have the worst time getting them out of my eye. I should work on this, but not into it.

3) I'm a wedding planner! I looovvveeee planning weddings and plan them for my friends, pretty much everyone I know. Some girls love babies, I love events. My friend Courtney's getting hitched in October and I'm directing. It's a huge bridal party of 7 maids and 7 groomsmen. + 2 jrs and 2 flower girls. I don't think i'm the expert on being married (obviously not! hahah) but I can freakin get you to the alter and throw you a fab party.

4) Today's the first day of this round of my office's losers 4 life group I lead (yeah you like the name, no I didn't make it up). I made everyone set a goal of losing 5, 10, or 15 lbs in the next 12 weeks. I normally take part but this time I guess I'll just do the 5 lb thing. I am really competative when it comes to stuff like this, but I don't really need to lose a lot more. so that's a good thing! idk, i like being all focused on what I'm eating, tracking food and stuff. I feel like when I control what I eat I have better control on my life. It's the one thing that no one else can do for me but me. I just need to tone myself up. I started back running again last week at the gym. I hate running outside, but stick me in on a treadmill with my ipod and I'm good.

5) I really like eating fruit till noon, raw till dinner. It sounds super awful, but it is amazing. I cannot even explain the energy I have. you'd think i'd be passing out but i feel amazing. it's when I eat heavy stuff in the morning I get super tired. then i eat pretty much whatever for dinner and i still feel good. I recommend everybody trying it. and if not the whole thing, at least fruit till noon.

6) today's daily deal/groupon thing was for eyebrow threading and I got it! I am very lucky that my eyebrows don't really ever need to be done. but when I was in HS I paid big $$ and always had them looking all movie-star-ish. I haven't tried threading and for $6 I figured it's worty a try.

7) I am so jealous of everyone who is getting snow today!!!!!! Usually we get it up here even when no where else except the mts gets it. but it's coming up from the south so it's going to get here eventually, but probably after 5pm and probably maybe only an inch or so. I really want to go sledding w/ gav, it's our fav thing!!!

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  1. I love it too!!

    I get my eyebrows threaded and it's awesome! A much cleaner line than waxing, plus it doesn't hurt as bad, so that's a bonus!

    We got a ton of snow, and are supposed to get more through the week. Pie had so much fun playing in it. Until she got all pink cheeked and cold :D


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