Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Posted By: Leah
Sorry for sucking so hardcore on the blogging lately. I am doing well and I hope you all are too!
Are you ready for the new year? I know I am!
 I have just sent out my e-mail to my crew at work to get ready for me to step up and lead them in our inner-office biggest loser kind of contest. I'm doing the fruit till noon, raw till dinner thing. Actually yesterday and today I just had fruit until dinner ... I probably need some vegetables but I am just not feeling them.

Oh guess what i got for xmas? A lot of fun things, but something extra special is a food processor!!!! And my sister said that we could make our own hummus, yay!

Oh! BTW my sister sarah's back from denmark :) it snowed the day after christmas and was just wonderful and amazing. we had a family snowball fight with the parents and gav too!

That's about it! happy 2011!!!

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  1. Thanks for not hiding your blog. I never knew when you had posted! Your New Year is off to a great start! Yea.


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