Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gav, Ryder, Snooki and Me!

Posted By: Leah
If you didn't know (meaning you don't follow me on twitter/aren't my fb friend). Gav and I hung out with Snooki this weekend.

Yes... this all really happened. and it was awesome!
And I now own her book.

How jealous are you???
I know you have so many questions. And the answers are probably:

"about 4 ft"
"more of a tan than orange"
"really sweet"
"didn't make eye contact"
"I would love some guidette grandbabies!"


  1. Yay, that is cool. ANd hey didnt know you had a twitter, follow me @Nessa_AZ

  2. Awesome! She has a book? WHAT? I am hopelessly addicted to her nonsense. LOL.

  3. AH! that is so ridiculously awesome!

  4. I just realized next to Snooki's arm (behind my elbow) she had a jar of pickles! I knew she loved them but come on... at a book signing? gross!

  5. OMG. AWESOME. That is complete baller right there.

  6. Lol- funny pic! Hey, I saw this yesterday and thought of you :


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