Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ridiculously Happy

Posted By: Leah
Hey guys, I'm rediculously happy today! Not that I am unhappy... ever. But today it's like the joy that is enveloping me is overwhelming. It is a dreary, gross day outside and I don't even care. I am so happy that I feel like sunshine is radiating out of every pore of my body.

Ok soooo why am I so happy? Not really 1 specific reason, just like a bunch of stuff together. And that is the lamest answer ever so I'll 'try' to give you guys a tiny bit more info (see how my blogs are progressively spilling more and more each time so you know what I'm up to!)

1- I had a realllly good review at work. In this economy I know everybody is suffering, even my job where everybody needs healthcare, there are still budget cuts. Anyhow, my last review wasn't really great. It wasn't bad but I was put on the spot about my time management (y'all know I have ADD bad) and I couldn't really formulate a good answer. Well I have been kicking A the past couple months and doccumenting everything, being the hero... you know how I roll. So today it was just an awesome review highlighting how I rock. I love when I get recognition! And things in my professional future are looking bright... I think I'll have added responsibility starting in the summer.... holler! *Note: i never had any actual time management issues, I just couldn't list the 80 billion things I do in a day, only like 5 that exact second. I not only proved myself in what I do, but how I exceed in every way.

2- Speaking of work, my whole office is going to a conference next week at the beach!!!! They have rented out the whole resort and it will be 400 of us getting our party on! Ok, well maybe not, there are informational sessions for the day, but at night they have fun stuff planned and we can go out in Wilmington. I'm excited! PS I'm so happy about going with my work besties, they are such fun, great girls. I'm loving we get a paid vacay together I mean work conference, whatever!

3- Ugh. I'm soo not trying to talk about this, because everyone will read wayyy more into it. But you know how I'm a single mama, right? So I have this friend who happens to be a boy, who is super cool and fun and stuff. not a boyfriend. friend-boy. Anyhow, so we've been hanging out for a while and he's the one who took me out on my 6 year non-anniversary (see monday's post). So he gave me the most thoughtful compliments last night on the phone. Remember how I got to play DJ? he said he really liked the music I put on (this was over like 3-4 hrs. I designed the coolest playlist everrrr. i win). Also, he was going through his calendar seeing what weekends we both had free coming up and in May he was like oh may 5th is your birthday! I was like omg you know that?! I guess it doesn't take a genious to look on my facebook. And I rub it in everyone's face cinco de mayo is my bday cuz it's awesome. Anyhow, I was like yeah I'm going that weekend to the beach w/ my friends for my b-day. He was like oh you and me could have gone on vacay to celebrate. I was like well we can celebrate my bday anytime! Ok, so again... this isn't really a big thing. But thoughtful. Like idk, the whole convo was good, lots of how awesome I am being pointed out. I thrive on attention (at work, from this boy, etc), so it was good stuff.

4- I have those side-bangs, right? Well I normally keep them trimmed myself, but this last time I cut them too short and... I have the best bangs now! I should post a pic! ok still side-bangs but shorter. Anyhow I love them and get a zillion compliments. I should just go work at aveda. I am such a stylist!

5- LOTS of good news for girls I know. I found out that not 1, not 2, not even 3 or 4 but 5 of my good friends are prego this week! No, I'm NOT naming names. And don't even guess... it's all the 1st baby for each of them. I'm so so so so happy for these ladies! WHAT was in the water all across the east cost a month ago or so... valentine's day??? LOLOL!??

6- Ok so i'm good in the work/non relationship/hair areas, what else... I guess I just have a lot to look fwd. to. Lil wayne and Avett bro's concerts next week. The beach... lots of positive things coming my way. And I guess I feel very in control of my life. Like everything is just how I want it. Not too much or too little. I am very, very lucky. My life does not suck. xoxo

(all images stolen from google images!)

Tell me what is making you happy this week!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Post 325 Mrs. Mia Wallace

Posted By: Leah
Soo after me going on and on (and on and on) about my non-6 yr anniversary, I do feel slightly obligated to fill you in on what happened. Ok acatually not really. I just feel it was sort of Pulp Fiction-esque ok not really at all. And again... you know how to contact me for the deets!

But if you don't feel like going through all that effort to contact me: Yes it was fun, no I didn't have to get a shot of adrenaline in my heart. No, I don't think there was any dancing but there was a pretty cool diner. I didn't have a milkshake. I did have an eclair. And there was a lot of good music (b/c I played dj).

Three tomatoes are walking down the street- a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him... and says, Catch up.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My last wedding anniversary! 6 and done yo?

Posted By: Leah
I am not trying to brag on myself too much (ok yes I am) but I am an event planner by trade and can throw one hell of a party.. wedding or otherwise

I've been blogging about this all week, so obviously this last anniversary thing is on my mind. You don't know how overjoyed I am to be getting divorced. And, as the process works (well in the state of NC anyway) you have to be legally separated for one year before filing for an official divorce. While you are separated, (this is as written out in the agreement the expensive atty's put together) we are allowed to date, etc. it says 'do everything a single person would do.' Haha so yeah... I have been doing my best these last 7 months to do that.

ANYWAY although being married sucked (yes of course I'm grateful for Gav, the best thing that came out of the deal), I did have a kick ass wedding. Way last May, almost a year ago I did a guest post on House of Dolls where I told all the unfortuinate hilarious things that happened on my wedding day 6 yrs ago today.

As a special treat I wanted to link up that post for you guys (no, I didn't know I was going to be separated a year later at the time I wrote that post. But you can actually tell by reading it how into myself/the event I was and see how I cared about nothing else. I'm awesome).

So here it is... my last wedding post in honor of my last anniversary ever! woo hoo!!!!

Click HERE for the hot mess that was my wedding day

Friday, March 25, 2011

YES, this is what you have been waiting for... in pictures

Posted By: Leah
Sorry I've been keeping my private life on the DL. But I thought it wouldn't hurt if I shared a bunch of pictures with you guys... right?!?!?!!?!!!

I love when bloggers do recaps of their week/month/day whatever in pics. I went through my phone to see what I could find and was like DAMN SON... the last month of my life has been effing awesome and it's more of a shame than anything else NOT to share this stuff.

So here we go... a few highlights of the past month in pictures!

Sooo I went to DC! I hadn't been there since like the 8th grade and w/ my fam (lame. hahah!) so this was a really fun trip! We stayed at this baller hotel. The room all had a livingroom and kitchen and crap. Yeah... it was NICE.
Plus.... it was walking distance to all the monuments and the stuff you are supposed to do when in DC. Have you seen the monuments at night? And during a full moon? omg epic!
(yes apolo ohno is my boyfriend. old news)

Also... the food in DC... shut yo mouth, it's good. I got a little overly excited with the tableside guac made at Rosa Mexicana. AND... the sangria. yeah good times.

Then the day I got back from DC I got to go to see In the Heights (broadway play, it's good) and who knew I'd get the front row hook-up? I'm a rockstar for real.
(I tried to lighten this one up and it just looks crazy. you get the idea)

Ok let me think what else... um.. oh so Gav! kinda forgot about him for a minute. Well we picked out a new bed for him at ikea.

1- I FINALLY sold my rings/jewelry etc. I freakin loved my engagement ring. But I had to let it go... make space for a new one... KIDDING! gross.

2- I had a fun girls (ok + our kids) night with a couple good girl friends & one's husband at her house. They can all straight THROW DOWN in the kitchen. YUM!

3- I have gotten back into cooking. I keep forgetting to take pics and blog about it, but sometimes I remember to tweet about it.

4- I put Gav in the magnet school lottery. His home school is amazing, but there is one magnet that he would love, so we went to the magnet fair and put his name in. I'll know in April. 

This is something pretty awesome... through my work I got tickets to ALL the ACC games. I gave all the tickets to my dad but did get to go to see Carolina play. They won in the last second, it was awesome!

Gav started his swim lessons last saturday. Yes, this child is learning to swim finally! And right now I'm doing an 'at work mani' hahah! i'm telling you, it's the best place to do your nails (well next to having them professionally done). Lots of time w/ out distractions, I don't run the risk of messing them up, I can let each coat dry for hours. Good stuff!

PS I don't think my toe was broken afterall! you can sorta see it at the bottom of the pic. it's back to normal.. thank god!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! As I mentioned the other day, it's my 6 year non-anniversary. And yes I have plans w/ a boy that is not from the club or my ex or gav or anyone in my family hahah.

What are you doing this weekend???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tiny bit more stuff you want to know...

Posted By: Leah
This Saturday will be... my 6th and last wedding anniversary! Well it doesn't even count because I'm legally separated. But I mean my wedding was amazing so I might as well have a shout-out to all the funness I planned 6 yrs ago :) In honor of that, I was going to attend my friend's Pampered Chef party... but as of yesterday I have real, actual plans for Saturday night! ... And I'm back to not telling you the exciting stuff I'm into. But trust me I will be having fun ;) oh! and no, not w/ random club dude... eew. Lets be for real. But yes a boy.

Hahah oh man, I should get these to wear next time at the club BAHAHAHA j/k!!!!!!

So in honor of of my non-anniversary. I still got myself presents from my friend's Pampered Chef party! So fun, right? If you want some pampered chef stuff but don't know anybody who sells it/or who is having a party you can go here and pretend like it's your non-anniversary too :)

This morning I went to the dentist. I don't hate it as much as most ppl do. Plus I love my dentist, he's great. I had to get a deep cleaning which I think is only what they make dirty ppl and me get hahaha. I also had to get a cavity filled. But everything went well and now I have a numb side of my face. Good thing I ate before I went. I can sort-of speak, but when I laugh it is just frozen. But now, I am so, so tired. I didn't get any sedation aka drugs at the dentist, so I don't know why I'm so worn out. But omg, I could fall asleep right here and normally I'm not like that. I feel like I've run a marathon. weird, right?

OH! and so even though everybody and even the dentist says I have a pretty smile, I am looking into lumineers, zoom, vineers, etc. I had braces so my teeth are straight. but I really want them white. I have used crest white strips and stuff but i don't know what my issue is, they never seem white enough. No I'm not vein, like in pictures I feel like my teeth are noticably darker than everybody else's. I don't want them so white they are blue, but I have random white freckles on my teeth (yes this is a real thing). When I had braces i asked the ortho and she said that the only way to get rid of those is professional whitening. Like 15 yrs later, I believe this is true.

BUT... for the price of veneers or whatever (anywhere from $1k - $6k++) I might as well get something GOOD done. Nose job? Boob lift (TMI - but I've had a kid, plus 1 boob's a D and one boob's a C)? Am I crazy? No... I think any/all of the above is a good investment in me. yes?

Monday, March 21, 2011

The kind of post you REALLY want me to write...

Posted By: Leah
To celebrate my friend Lauren's 25th birthday a group of us went out this past weekend! Yes, I know I don't ever talk about going out/dating/anything even remotely exciting like that on here... I do try to keep my private life private (even though I tell everyone everything anyway just in person!)

but this saturday night was fun and also hilarious in some parts so you get to know about it! Yes, this is long... and it does start out dull... but in summary, I got so low at the club I fell over and also I have a broken toe. legit. and i gave this dude my number and....

So I left my house around7:20pm to get to the comedy club by 7:30pm. I have bad ADD and forgot to get in the shower until 6:45pm. I don't usually get too dolled up to go out, but i thought this was a good time to do so, too bad I was running late.  Here's a pic of me i took at the last second b/c i liked my make-up even though I only put it on in about 3 min.. It didn't show up and I look cross eyed!
We went to the comedy club for the 8:00 show. There was a bachelorette party in front of us, however over 1/2 the table was made up of ladies who were in their 40's or 50's and very clearly gay. This is Greensboro, so not an uncommon sight at all. Not just the opening comedian but the headliner too spent a good part of their show poking fun at lesbians. It wasn't anything offensive. I remember something about a vagitarian... that's funny stuff! One guy even worte a song... but the odd thing was that I don't think the majority of the table knew that the other 1/2 of the group was gay. Yes, I know... how would my gaydar work and it not work for the ppl in the person's same family/friends they would celebrate a bachelorette with. Anyhow, watching these ladies cut eyes at each other during the song was hilarious. I'm like people, it's okay. be out! I felt so uncomfortable for them! The rest of the room was laughing and these poor ladies just sat there looking panicked. unfortuinately that was pretty much the most entertaining part of the comedy club.

So from there we got free tickets to a country/western club which happened to be in the same parking lot. Did I mention we were with a couple black guys? Not that they weren't into country music (ok no, they weren't. i'm not either) but I get really uncomfortable with rebel flags. And they were all over this western club place. I know we are in the south and it's supposed to be our history, but when you see the NC flag with a rebel flag in it... yeah... not really my type of thing.

It was only 9:30 and we needed something to do before going downtown to the actual real club, so we just hung out at the country bar. They had a mechanical bull which none of us got on (plus i was wearing a super short skirt, TMI). So we just stood there and watched the live country band and people doing line dances/2-steppin or whatever it's called. We thought about just going outside to wait by the car until it got late enough to go downtown, but it was cold and being inside with rebel flags just seemed like a better idea at the time.

FINALLY it was like 11-something so we headed towards downtown. Let me just fill you in, if you didn't already know this about me... I love going to the club. I mean LOVE. I love everything about it from the music, dancing, drinking, creepers trying to get up on me, for some reason it makes me happy. I am not really a girl into hanging out at a bar. I have ADD bad and sitting there and maybe talking to a random stranger gives me social anxiety. yes, I know they have medicine for this. I also know if I'm on the medicine drinking's not a good idea LOL kidding! also, if i am going to drink and sit around, i can do this at my house with people I already know. I'm sorry, i am not cool enough to hang at the bar.

So the great news about the club is my friend's friend is 'talking' to a guy who is a bouncer at the club we were going to. Which means our whole group got in for free, girls and guys! It is a rooftop club, which is great and the weather was perfect sat night. I will not go into too many details, just the highlights. Oh! and it was the Supermoon. Did you see it? Looked the same to me. So anyway, by I guess a little after midnight this club was packed. I pretty much stayed in my group, but yes I did let a few dudes dance up on me. And no I didn't give my friends the 'thumbs down get this boy off me' signal... well I did but I think only to like 2 when they were getting a little too overly friendly. But I am kind of an attention snob so unless the dude is super creepy, old or ugly I am down for whatever.

Ok so highlights at the club! you remember the OMG song by Usher they still play on the radio. So this one dude who looked like ugh, why can't I think of his name! Black guy, actor, everybody thinks he's hot... Ok It'll come to me... anyhow this look alike was dancing with me and he was like singing it to me and pointing where he felt appropiate. to the parts like "honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow" hahah. but also the other part that goes "Baby let me love you down. There's so many ways to love ya." He seemed sincere about it HAHAHAHAH.

They randomly played the cupid shuffle. I was pushed next to this girl who had on 5" spike heels. During the cupid shuffle she shuffled her damn stiletto onto my baby toe. I knew the second it happened that it was broken. I've broken many a toe and good thing I had been drinking a little because I could still walk/dance at that point. Here is my poor little piggy today (sorry for my creepy ashy foot). Yikes.

Next highlight was you know Ludacris's How low can you go? I hadn't heard that in forever! Well after like 3 hrs of dancing + a broken toe I was dancing w/ this dude. He actually reminded me sorta of this dude I used to work with in Richmond who lives in Burlington now (Sarah V. it's Kenny). It could have been him but wasn't. Anyhow alllll the girls were on him all night. Well lucky me with my getting low skills, he chose me to get low with during that song. The bad thing was I had on these shoes ( pic to the left. they are from target but actually really comfortable, even with a broke toe). So although I can get pretty low, I had an extra 4" I needed to get low with these shoes. Long story short, my little leg muscles got me so low that I couldn't get back up!!! So my friend-of-a-friend 'new friend' tried to help me. Well this girl weighed 90 lbs so she couldn't do it. I was basically stuck squatting in a 'get low' pose and had no way up. The dude i think ran away (as I would have if I were him) so finally i tipped myself forward and with every ounce of strength pushed myself back up. I don't think a ton of people saw me/realized I wasn't actually just being 'low' and staying there for fun... but it was embarassing!

Ok last highlight ( i mean there were more, but I'm not trying to bore you guys). Was there was this old lady up on the stage (anybody can jump up there) and she was doing nasty/dirty stripper moves. And she was OLD. like 70? ok maybe not that old... but not young. So I glanced up by accident right at her booty poppin and leg straight up on the wall (she was gettin it) and was just liek "Oh my eyes! why god!?" and this random dude who was walking by heard me and was like "oh my god I want to go back in time and not have witnessed that!" so somehow like a few min later same dude shows back up and is dancing with me. We kinda bonded over being visually raped by this old lady. So we kinda started talking/while dancing. The dude (for being a guy at a club) was actually really cool. We bonded about both being 30 and feeling way the heck too old to be there, we both went to college in gboro, then left, then recently came back. I was like 'plus gboro has a target!" he was like 'uh what?' i'm like "you know... target, shopping!" he was like 'oh wow ok" hahahaha. yes I really talked about target at the club. you know you would do this too! Anyhow after all this bonding when he asked for my # I actually gave it to him. Like my real # not a fake one. And when he put it in his phone he accidentally called my phone so I was like see it's real! You all know I don't give my # out to anyone ever ever. But at that moment it seemed like the nice thing to do.

My friend was like do not answer his calls, you can't be meeting dudes in the club. And yes this is totally true. Like what dudes go to the club, really? Not any I'd ever try to hang out with. ever. So in the event this dude calls (which I am not holding my breath on) I will do the right thing and answer. If i was a guy, and went as far as to chat a girl up and ask for her # and the girl actually give it, then if he calls her, I think it's awful for the girl not to answer. she should have not given her # out. The old "oh, i'm just here for fun" line is always a good one. Oh! but no, I'm Not trying to date this dude b/c I'm not trying to date anyone (ok you all who know me IRL know this is a lie, but that's my story I stick to hahahaha).

And... that's it! Ok that's not really it, but that's what you guys get to know!!!

OK that's not it! I fwd this to Lauren and she reminded me...
oMG… you did not even mention comedian with nasty belly dancing in a thong pouring water over his naked chest with 3rd nipple and stomach that contoured to his belt buckle.

So how could I have forgotten that part??? ok... so back to the comedy club... the 'headliner' comedian was awful. he was some recovering addict from canada or so he said. he thought it was a good idea to strip. and he had a 3rd nipple! or a gunshot wound. hard to know. Anyhow, he had this big belly and it did contour around his belt buckle. and he had this water bottle he kept having 'issues' with. he poured it down his chest. he was the biggest creeper ever. no wonder i totally blocked that part out of my mind. I think ppl should just be funny, not have to get naked, pour water on their 3rd nipple. eew.

Friday, March 18, 2011

...And I'm still here

Posted By: Leah
yes I get a #fail on the blogging. But you all know this and understand this.
And if you don't understand I could probably e-mail you w/ the situation.
And no, nothing bad, nothing secret/undercover. And I realllly wish I could share with all of you. I really, truly do. I mean it's good stuff. And when I say good i mean things you probably maybe would want to know about. Anyway! It's getting warmer and I need go go shopping. I have been looking for fun stuff like shoes and dresses. Or maybe office desks like from CSN!

Oh! Did you know all the awesome things I'm doing? I'm going to guess no...
So I am going to the beach not 1, not 2, but 3 (ok maybe 4!) times. 3 trips are already booked. the 4th is kinda in the works. Also, I am going to Lil Wayne AND Avett Concerts in the same weekend (actually that's the same week as the 1st beach trip).

Yay exciting! booo on me not telling you more details. Do you have twitter? I do share slightly more on there... I mean just about everything. And no, none of the really exciting stuff. . . well sometimes!!!!

Here's my info if you want to follow me (I'm pretty sure most of you follow me/I follow you already).!/leahwinstead

Have an awesome weekend everybody! It's going to be gorgeous!
(pretty flowers, by me. unedited)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

... And it's March

Posted By: Leah
Time for another mosaic about me! March-style!

Yeah, not my fault people have all these heart pictures around in honor of Valentines day which was weeks ago. I can guarantee you I wasn't like looking for this stuff. Compared to last month I feel a lot more sure about stuff (how many times can I say 'stuff?' let me find a new word). Less 'up in the air.' Kind of deal. (way to be vague!)

I will say the theme to this month is hearts, even though that wasn't my goal at all.

So here's the deal if you want to make your own!

Make a mosaic of your own by doing a Flickr search for the answer to each of the following questions:

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. Favorite drink?

5. Dream vacation?

6. Favorite hobby?

7. What you want to be when you grow up?

8. What do you love most in life?

9. One word to describe you?


Make one for your blog and let me see it :) I really like this project and want to keep it up every month.
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