Friday, March 18, 2011

...And I'm still here

Posted By: Leah
yes I get a #fail on the blogging. But you all know this and understand this.
And if you don't understand I could probably e-mail you w/ the situation.
And no, nothing bad, nothing secret/undercover. And I realllly wish I could share with all of you. I really, truly do. I mean it's good stuff. And when I say good i mean things you probably maybe would want to know about. Anyway! It's getting warmer and I need go go shopping. I have been looking for fun stuff like shoes and dresses. Or maybe office desks like from CSN!

Oh! Did you know all the awesome things I'm doing? I'm going to guess no...
So I am going to the beach not 1, not 2, but 3 (ok maybe 4!) times. 3 trips are already booked. the 4th is kinda in the works. Also, I am going to Lil Wayne AND Avett Concerts in the same weekend (actually that's the same week as the 1st beach trip).

Yay exciting! booo on me not telling you more details. Do you have twitter? I do share slightly more on there... I mean just about everything. And no, none of the really exciting stuff. . . well sometimes!!!!

Here's my info if you want to follow me (I'm pretty sure most of you follow me/I follow you already).!/leahwinstead

Have an awesome weekend everybody! It's going to be gorgeous!
(pretty flowers, by me. unedited)


  1. what?! i didn't know you had twitter! i just sent you my follow request. the beach!! that sounds amazing and perfect, and i can't wait to go snooping around your twitter for all (or some) of the juicy details. :) i'm glad things are going really well and i hope you are ridiculously happy!

  2. Avetts I am jealous! Is everything ok?

  3. I am now intrigued by what's going on with you.


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