Saturday, March 26, 2011

My last wedding anniversary! 6 and done yo?

Posted By: Leah
I am not trying to brag on myself too much (ok yes I am) but I am an event planner by trade and can throw one hell of a party.. wedding or otherwise

I've been blogging about this all week, so obviously this last anniversary thing is on my mind. You don't know how overjoyed I am to be getting divorced. And, as the process works (well in the state of NC anyway) you have to be legally separated for one year before filing for an official divorce. While you are separated, (this is as written out in the agreement the expensive atty's put together) we are allowed to date, etc. it says 'do everything a single person would do.' Haha so yeah... I have been doing my best these last 7 months to do that.

ANYWAY although being married sucked (yes of course I'm grateful for Gav, the best thing that came out of the deal), I did have a kick ass wedding. Way last May, almost a year ago I did a guest post on House of Dolls where I told all the unfortuinate hilarious things that happened on my wedding day 6 yrs ago today.

As a special treat I wanted to link up that post for you guys (no, I didn't know I was going to be separated a year later at the time I wrote that post. But you can actually tell by reading it how into myself/the event I was and see how I cared about nothing else. I'm awesome).

So here it is... my last wedding post in honor of my last anniversary ever! woo hoo!!!!

Click HERE for the hot mess that was my wedding day

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  1. That sounds so much like my was an everything that can go wrong will kind of day. Except for the milk after beer part...I may have thrown up in my mouth a little on that one!


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