Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ridiculously Happy

Posted By: Leah
Hey guys, I'm rediculously happy today! Not that I am unhappy... ever. But today it's like the joy that is enveloping me is overwhelming. It is a dreary, gross day outside and I don't even care. I am so happy that I feel like sunshine is radiating out of every pore of my body.

Ok soooo why am I so happy? Not really 1 specific reason, just like a bunch of stuff together. And that is the lamest answer ever so I'll 'try' to give you guys a tiny bit more info (see how my blogs are progressively spilling more and more each time so you know what I'm up to!)

1- I had a realllly good review at work. In this economy I know everybody is suffering, even my job where everybody needs healthcare, there are still budget cuts. Anyhow, my last review wasn't really great. It wasn't bad but I was put on the spot about my time management (y'all know I have ADD bad) and I couldn't really formulate a good answer. Well I have been kicking A the past couple months and doccumenting everything, being the hero... you know how I roll. So today it was just an awesome review highlighting how I rock. I love when I get recognition! And things in my professional future are looking bright... I think I'll have added responsibility starting in the summer.... holler! *Note: i never had any actual time management issues, I just couldn't list the 80 billion things I do in a day, only like 5 that exact second. I not only proved myself in what I do, but how I exceed in every way.

2- Speaking of work, my whole office is going to a conference next week at the beach!!!! They have rented out the whole resort and it will be 400 of us getting our party on! Ok, well maybe not, there are informational sessions for the day, but at night they have fun stuff planned and we can go out in Wilmington. I'm excited! PS I'm so happy about going with my work besties, they are such fun, great girls. I'm loving we get a paid vacay together I mean work conference, whatever!

3- Ugh. I'm soo not trying to talk about this, because everyone will read wayyy more into it. But you know how I'm a single mama, right? So I have this friend who happens to be a boy, who is super cool and fun and stuff. not a boyfriend. friend-boy. Anyhow, so we've been hanging out for a while and he's the one who took me out on my 6 year non-anniversary (see monday's post). So he gave me the most thoughtful compliments last night on the phone. Remember how I got to play DJ? he said he really liked the music I put on (this was over like 3-4 hrs. I designed the coolest playlist everrrr. i win). Also, he was going through his calendar seeing what weekends we both had free coming up and in May he was like oh may 5th is your birthday! I was like omg you know that?! I guess it doesn't take a genious to look on my facebook. And I rub it in everyone's face cinco de mayo is my bday cuz it's awesome. Anyhow, I was like yeah I'm going that weekend to the beach w/ my friends for my b-day. He was like oh you and me could have gone on vacay to celebrate. I was like well we can celebrate my bday anytime! Ok, so again... this isn't really a big thing. But thoughtful. Like idk, the whole convo was good, lots of how awesome I am being pointed out. I thrive on attention (at work, from this boy, etc), so it was good stuff.

4- I have those side-bangs, right? Well I normally keep them trimmed myself, but this last time I cut them too short and... I have the best bangs now! I should post a pic! ok still side-bangs but shorter. Anyhow I love them and get a zillion compliments. I should just go work at aveda. I am such a stylist!

5- LOTS of good news for girls I know. I found out that not 1, not 2, not even 3 or 4 but 5 of my good friends are prego this week! No, I'm NOT naming names. And don't even guess... it's all the 1st baby for each of them. I'm so so so so happy for these ladies! WHAT was in the water all across the east cost a month ago or so... valentine's day??? LOLOL!??

6- Ok so i'm good in the work/non relationship/hair areas, what else... I guess I just have a lot to look fwd. to. Lil wayne and Avett bro's concerts next week. The beach... lots of positive things coming my way. And I guess I feel very in control of my life. Like everything is just how I want it. Not too much or too little. I am very, very lucky. My life does not suck. xoxo

(all images stolen from google images!)

Tell me what is making you happy this week!


  1. Hi new follower here! Thank you for your comment on my post! Sooooo loving this post! Being happy for no reason or because of several reasons is ALWAYS a good feeling!!! :)

  2. My bff's bday is on 5/5 also. We have had many a cinco de mayo themed party for her. I'm not happy about the rain but other than that things are pretty good.

  3. I'm happy that things are going so well for hearing that!

    Also feel free to send that preggo producing water this way :D

  4. this is a totally rad post! your happiness is completely infectious, so thank you for that. and i'm so excited there are so many awesome things in life for you right now. 5 pregnant women? boy it must be spring. :) and it's awesome you have a friendboy in your life. i think that's something every single gal needs. at the very least, it shows you that great guys exist and you don't have to settle, plus they have a sweet way of making you feel pretty. and at the very most, the best relationships always start out as friendships first. :)

  5. I love it that things are going so awesome for you, and that you seem to appreciate even the smallest of things.

    What has made me happy this week is that I was accepted into the military's fertility specialist, so I no longer have to fork over ANY MONEY! This is going to save me at least $20,000, and for that I am thrilled!

    I cannot wait for my appointment on Tuesday, and hopefully soon later you will have another prego sauce person to add to your list.


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