Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tiny bit more stuff you want to know...

Posted By: Leah
This Saturday will be... my 6th and last wedding anniversary! Well it doesn't even count because I'm legally separated. But I mean my wedding was amazing so I might as well have a shout-out to all the funness I planned 6 yrs ago :) In honor of that, I was going to attend my friend's Pampered Chef party... but as of yesterday I have real, actual plans for Saturday night! ... And I'm back to not telling you the exciting stuff I'm into. But trust me I will be having fun ;) oh! and no, not w/ random club dude... eew. Lets be for real. But yes a boy.

Hahah oh man, I should get these to wear next time at the club BAHAHAHA j/k!!!!!!

So in honor of of my non-anniversary. I still got myself presents from my friend's Pampered Chef party! So fun, right? If you want some pampered chef stuff but don't know anybody who sells it/or who is having a party you can go here and pretend like it's your non-anniversary too :)

This morning I went to the dentist. I don't hate it as much as most ppl do. Plus I love my dentist, he's great. I had to get a deep cleaning which I think is only what they make dirty ppl and me get hahaha. I also had to get a cavity filled. But everything went well and now I have a numb side of my face. Good thing I ate before I went. I can sort-of speak, but when I laugh it is just frozen. But now, I am so, so tired. I didn't get any sedation aka drugs at the dentist, so I don't know why I'm so worn out. But omg, I could fall asleep right here and normally I'm not like that. I feel like I've run a marathon. weird, right?

OH! and so even though everybody and even the dentist says I have a pretty smile, I am looking into lumineers, zoom, vineers, etc. I had braces so my teeth are straight. but I really want them white. I have used crest white strips and stuff but i don't know what my issue is, they never seem white enough. No I'm not vein, like in pictures I feel like my teeth are noticably darker than everybody else's. I don't want them so white they are blue, but I have random white freckles on my teeth (yes this is a real thing). When I had braces i asked the ortho and she said that the only way to get rid of those is professional whitening. Like 15 yrs later, I believe this is true.

BUT... for the price of veneers or whatever (anywhere from $1k - $6k++) I might as well get something GOOD done. Nose job? Boob lift (TMI - but I've had a kid, plus 1 boob's a D and one boob's a C)? Am I crazy? No... I think any/all of the above is a good investment in me. yes?


  1. I think you should maybe go back and re-answer that are you crazy question....hahaha

    And you better be telling me the good stuff!! Also I think I missed a post somewhere...must go back and look...

  2. i love that you're celebrating your non-anniversary! you should totally live it up and do something fun for yourself. if it were me, i think i'd spend $1k+ on a new wardrobe and a cute haircut. or maybe a fabulous vacation. care to take on an italian lover? haha! :)

  3. Yay Leah! Have fun Saturday night!! I am so happy that you are happy!


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