Friday, March 25, 2011

YES, this is what you have been waiting for... in pictures

Posted By: Leah
Sorry I've been keeping my private life on the DL. But I thought it wouldn't hurt if I shared a bunch of pictures with you guys... right?!?!?!!?!!!

I love when bloggers do recaps of their week/month/day whatever in pics. I went through my phone to see what I could find and was like DAMN SON... the last month of my life has been effing awesome and it's more of a shame than anything else NOT to share this stuff.

So here we go... a few highlights of the past month in pictures!

Sooo I went to DC! I hadn't been there since like the 8th grade and w/ my fam (lame. hahah!) so this was a really fun trip! We stayed at this baller hotel. The room all had a livingroom and kitchen and crap. Yeah... it was NICE.
Plus.... it was walking distance to all the monuments and the stuff you are supposed to do when in DC. Have you seen the monuments at night? And during a full moon? omg epic!
(yes apolo ohno is my boyfriend. old news)

Also... the food in DC... shut yo mouth, it's good. I got a little overly excited with the tableside guac made at Rosa Mexicana. AND... the sangria. yeah good times.

Then the day I got back from DC I got to go to see In the Heights (broadway play, it's good) and who knew I'd get the front row hook-up? I'm a rockstar for real.
(I tried to lighten this one up and it just looks crazy. you get the idea)

Ok let me think what else... um.. oh so Gav! kinda forgot about him for a minute. Well we picked out a new bed for him at ikea.

1- I FINALLY sold my rings/jewelry etc. I freakin loved my engagement ring. But I had to let it go... make space for a new one... KIDDING! gross.

2- I had a fun girls (ok + our kids) night with a couple good girl friends & one's husband at her house. They can all straight THROW DOWN in the kitchen. YUM!

3- I have gotten back into cooking. I keep forgetting to take pics and blog about it, but sometimes I remember to tweet about it.

4- I put Gav in the magnet school lottery. His home school is amazing, but there is one magnet that he would love, so we went to the magnet fair and put his name in. I'll know in April. 

This is something pretty awesome... through my work I got tickets to ALL the ACC games. I gave all the tickets to my dad but did get to go to see Carolina play. They won in the last second, it was awesome!

Gav started his swim lessons last saturday. Yes, this child is learning to swim finally! And right now I'm doing an 'at work mani' hahah! i'm telling you, it's the best place to do your nails (well next to having them professionally done). Lots of time w/ out distractions, I don't run the risk of messing them up, I can let each coat dry for hours. Good stuff!

PS I don't think my toe was broken afterall! you can sorta see it at the bottom of the pic. it's back to normal.. thank god!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! As I mentioned the other day, it's my 6 year non-anniversary. And yes I have plans w/ a boy that is not from the club or my ex or gav or anyone in my family hahah.

What are you doing this weekend???

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