Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day and ABC's of ME!

Posted By: Leah
Ok first off the local radio stations 107.5 and Rock 92 have told everybody medical marijuana is legal and to go to the hospitals today and the emergency departments are passing it out. They even created commercials and everything. We just got an e-mail saying it was an april fools day joke... oh yeah, I work for the huge health system here. I also get A LOT of calls by accident for people thinking they are reaching the hospital but somehow they get me. I hope to god I get a medical marijuana call. I can't wait to f-with some ppl this morning.

Are you playing any april fools day pranks? I had a reallllly good one, but it didn't work out :( I ended up telling the person what I was going to do and they may have freaked out slightly at just the thought of my plan... it was AWESOME!

I'm in a chatty-mood today so I am going to take part in this fun thing I saw on another blog called the "ABC's of Me" feel free to take part if you aren't into working on this Friday either!

{a} age-30... almost 31 (next month... BOOO)

{b} bed size-King (this was awesome when I was married, even awesomer (real word?) now that I get the bed to myself)

{c} chore you hate-um all of them, but I always put off the dishes & folding clothes until I absolutely have to.

{d} dogs- Well... I had a dog, but I got gav, not the dog lol so I guess he's still mine?

{e} essential start to your day-check every possible social networking site on my phone (FB, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail... etc)

{f} favorite color-Purple and light blue (but not together, that's kinda 90's)

{g} gold or silver-Silver unless it is an athletic competition, then obviously Gold. (<- hahah I agree)

{h} height-5'6" this is real.

{i} instruments you play- um... i played the clarinet in middle school and could still probably play it. because of that I am sure I could play the recorder and/or penny whistle HAHA! I used to have a jaw harp, but never quite figured it out (yes this is a real thing).

{j} job title-Project Specialist (which describes exactly no part of what i do. it should be like event coordinator/logistics specialist/program - something, etc)

{k} kids... yes, gav. and that is all. forever.

{l} live-North Cackalack

{m} mom's name-Annie (linda) long story.

{n} nicknames- oh wow ok any version of Leah including Le, LeLe, La La La Leah (chia knock off), I used to be Bit (not anymore). My 1 friend at work calls me any form or ho, slut, oh! whore housewife. yeah, people don't like me hahahahah j/k

{o} overnight hospital stays-I had gav so I hung out for like 4 days or so

{p} pet peeve-people who are talking and won't shut up so I can tell my story which is way more impressive/awesome.

{q} quote from a movie- uh... first thing coming to mind... (nothing) eeh umm... ok my mind is blank. sorry.

{r} right or left handed-right

{s} siblings- 1/2 sister who is 9 yrs younger

{t} time you wake up-6:28am which is really 6:03am (clock set fast), then I hit snooze for approx 1.5 hours. (yes this is real. it's like a gift I give to myself every morning)

{u} underwear-is something people should invest a lot of $$ in.

{v} vegetables you dislike-i mean i'll eat anything, but I would rather not eat most green/yellow/purple things.

{w} what makes you run late-not able to find gav's matching shoe or socks or something i could/should have done the night before.

{x} x-rays you've had-oh wow, a bunch of ultrasounds, dentist x-rays, i broke my wrist, my foot... yeah i'm a mess.
{y} yummy food you make-this is a trick question b/c some ppl think i'm an awesome cook some ppl not so much. uh... i can make good cakes/pancakes/etc from a mix.

{z} zoo, favorite animal- sadness, my zoo membership expired yesterday. I like the cute furry things.

PS AAAnnnnndddd it's april so i want to do my mosaic about me later today! yay!


  1. haha, love the abc's :) TGIF!!!

  2. I've got so many nicknames it's gotten to the point that I'll respond to just about anything. :)

  3. these posts are such fun ways to get to know people! my favorite part is how you listed gav under the pets section. teehee! ...funny, because it's true. :)


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