Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best week ever, mid-week update (lots of fun pics haha)

Posted By: Leah
This Mon - Wednesday I had a work conference at the beach! A seashell nametag lanyard? yes please!
This was me oh, 2:30pm on monday, laying by the beach. So great. We actually didn't have any work stuff scheduled until later in the afternoon, so there was time to lay out and have fun.

This is my roughest work look in the history of the world. I mean I kinda like it... but whatever, I met the dress-code (barely! who cares, I'm at the beach)

They were supposed to feed us some kind of dinner, but it was lame (seriously... like just cheese and crackers and a piece of fried grouper fish-stick style and a pineapple or something). So we all went out to dinner! We went to a place called Bluewater. It was waterfront and pretty nice. My friends and I all wanted to try everything so we ended up each ordering something different and sharing. I got to order the ribs, yum!! Oh and a key lime martini, but they were out of graham crackers for the rim. I was pretty sad about that :(

Then we went and got ice cream! It looked like gelato but the man said it was not, and don't mistake it. I'm like whatever, yo? My friends had been there an extra day (ya can't do this stuff when you have a kid) and had discovered this cute homemade ice cream place called Boombalatti's.

Then we went back to the hotel and got in the hottub outside.
While in the hot tub, got a call the rest of the office was at the hotel's bar... so....thats where we went.
Looking a little rough, but no we weren't super tipsy or anything. Just had beach hair happening.

The next day... (after I finally took care of my hair, haha)
We sat through some actually really good meetings. I was inspired and fired up. Seriously!
Then it was time to get ready for the lual. I had gained maybe 5 lbs already so I opted to wear my LBD to conceal the swolen belly off of cupcakes/cheesecake/cheese/fried goodness. I was going to wear the same LBD to lil wayne this friday... still might:

My bestie work girls and I looked so super cute!

We were cold for a minute... then we started eating/drinking again
(yes, this was my dinner. no real entree at the conference for the 2nd night in a row. So I loaded up on coconut shrimp, crab and artachoke dip hahah)

There was some hula dancing, I'm not really sure who thought that was fun. I get it was a 'lual' but very loose interpretation. We needed a real band/dj. Sorry, I wasn't getting low to the hula. Anyhow, I don't think I have any pics of the rest of the night. We hung outside by a heater. Went up to a room party. Went back out to the hot tub w/ a different cru. Saw some crazy things go down and... Were all in bed by midnight. Oh! But at some point we did make friends with a random from omg...hold on... crap, I forgot. But it was some 400 person town. Yeah, that kind of night. He did buy my friends drinks then try to scoot his chair all up by me. Whatever! He went to the bathroom and we ran upstairs. #meangirls

Next day, beautiful, gorgeous morning!
That's the view from our balcony.

We went to a REALLLY boring session. More like 3 sessions, actually. Love this picture! HAHA

Aaannnndddd... that's it. Ok so not over the top exciting, but it was fun and for work so I got paid and enjoyed a lot of free alcohol & food, so I can't complain :)

I got home, picked up Gav and in my mailbox was a cute vintage dress from SheaIsAwesome. I think I'll wear it to the Avett Brothers on Saturday. Do you think I should wear these shoes with it? idk.

So... How has your week been?
PS ok, so I can't talk about this too much (due to the sadness) but I didn't see Chris Lambton in Wilmington. I follow his every tweet and he flew in Tues night while I was at the lual. He was at the Azalia Festival on Wednesday... and that's the day I had to come home. #sadness #fail  We were prob. within 5 miles of each other or less. I can't think about this anymore. I'll imagine happier thoughts like Chris L and me (instead of Alli) laying in the grass like this:


  1. You jerk! Looks grand! Our beach house is actually about 3 minutes from that hotel!! Small world!! I don't get up there much these days but Bluewater always was a good choice!!

  2. So much better than anything I do at work!

    Love the new dress and I think the shoes would be cute with it.

    What else is up? You've been so busy lately I haven't got the good deets!


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