Monday, April 4, 2011

Guess where I am this week?

Posted By: Leah
I'm at a work conference at the beach, holler!
Yes, my work booked this entire resort for us. How great is that? They shut down every office in the whole state to make sure no one missed out. So nice! And there's an indoor lazy river! I adore everyone I work with... legit! these girls are my good, good friends and it's so nice going on a vacay... I mean work event! with them!

I like to think of this as my adult spring break (ok not at all hahah)
Anyhow we are having an NCAA Championship party tonight, then tomorrow's a lual! I've always wanted to go to a real lual (this is close enough, it's at the beach. better than like at a frat house or something hahah)

Ocean front, so so awesome!
My actual pics coming soon....

And then Friday is the lil wayne concert!

 And Saturday is the Avett Bro's concert!

 is my life exciting or what???!!?! I'm going to go ahead and call this the best week ever! I am jealous of myself, it's that good! YAY!

PS... guess who else is at this exact beach this weekend (thank you twitter!) Chris Lambton, only my future husband!!!! Yes, I should have probably mentioned this 1st, but I did try to control my crazyness for a little while. Idk where exactly he is... but I'm leaving it to fate for him to find me. It will happen!


  1. Ha! Have fun!! I am soooo jealous of your Avett concert!

  2. what?! why can't all jobs be this cool? have the best time ever!

  3. So jealous! I want an adult spring break!!

  4. Your work booked the entire resort? Where do you work and how can I get a job there???

    What resort are you staying at? It looks lovely. I hope you enjoy your "work".


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