Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's like a DIY / Tutorial / Review

Posted By: Leah
When I went to see Weezy, you know I had to have all parts of me looking right. One of those parts was my nails. I am a fan of having my toes professionally done (those girls layer on 800 coats, can draw the best tiniest pics on my toes, and that whole thing lasts 2 months).

But fingers...eeh... I never had good luck with any polish staying on... professional or not... UNTIL NOW!

I discovered: Sally Hanson's Salon Effects!
I saw these advertised in my Glamour back in Feb and ran right out to Target (and they didn't have them at the time)

But then I was randomly at target again in March... and guess what I found????
I got the 'all laced up' because it seemed like a good idea (OH! and I picked up some hardener/top coat and this was a good idea.)

So I put these on (yes, at work during lunch) right before the weezy concert that evening (just incase it was a huge mistake and they immediately fell off)

They give you directions, a nail file and cuticle thing... all for $8 which i thought was a good deal!
It's basically a sticker (that smells like nail polish... because it is) you put on your nail, then file (or rip) off the excess at the end.

Turned out soo good right!? (oh and yeah, my nails were stained yellow b/c of my St. Patrick's day green polish back in march. so gross, right!? lesson learned: always use a base coat!)

So here's the final view:

**Creepy Claw Hand!**

Ok no really, this is how you are supposed to show your nail polish for a review, right?:

So I put at least 2 layers of the top coat/hardener which I think was a smart move.

The box says they last 10 days... it's now been (hold on what is 4/8 + 4/19?) 11 days (thank you calculator!) and I JUST snapped this pic:

I mean... sorry for making it creepy xL but for detail you can see they still look pretty decent.
I have gotten tons of complements. I say run out and buy these + a top coat and you will be set!

No, sorry this isn't a giveaway. Get your booty to Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and buy them yo'self.


  1. I have wanted to try those, but I am so damn cheap!

  2. I totally bought those the other day and I could not get them to stick to my nails for the life of me, no matter what I did! It drove me crazy so I gave up! What's your secret?

  3. I have read about these and I want to try it. I attempted to get them at a local drugstore but they didn't have it. I am going to check WalMart.

    THey look so easy to put on and it looks like a fun option for a night out.


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