Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not trying to brag... but I just have to share

Posted By: Leah
How excited I am about my upcoming birthday which includes 2 trips!

First, next week I'm going w/ my friend and her family & Gav to the beach! It's a new beach I haven't been to before. She found us a big beach house, so I think it will be awesome!!! This will be my 2nd beach trip of the spring, I'm so lucky :) We'll be there 4 nights and on one of the days I'm going down to Charleston to see my friend Mary from college... i can't wait!!!!

Then... the very next week I'm headed up to NYC! That will be soo awesome in a totally different way. We're staying in midtown manhattan so we can walk everything.

AND... I'm getting to see Mobb Deep with  Ghostface Killa & Rawkwon from Wu-Tang while we are in NYC, so I'm sooo excited! The concert's at best buy theatre which is in time's square so that will be cool at night to go to.
* PLUS *
I got myself a special early bday present today (thank you tax refund) White iPad2 with a pink cover (ofcourse!)
Of course none are available anywhere for sale in the stores right now (& ok yes, i had it engraved, why? it's free!) so i'll probably get it in the mail AFTER I come back from nyc, boo... oh well!

This is the quote I got on it... it didn't fit all of it so I did a little creative rewording (oh well!) But this is basically it (this was the quote on the board at the 1st WW meeting I ever went to like 3 or 4 yrs ago. I love it.)
Ok last thing!!! no, i'm not getting this tattoo... but isn't it gorgeous??? I found it when i was looking for the quote above just now:


  1. this is all so awesome! if you need anything while you are here, let me know. and i do love the placement of that tattoo.

  2. That is a really pretty tattoo! Enjoy! Tell me if you come down to Charleston!

  3. woohoo! concerts and trips to fabulous cities - how awesome! speaking of fabulous cities, when are you coming to LA? :)

  4. If I were to get an iPad, I would definitely get white too! Good choice.

    I love the tattoos on the girl's back.

  5. You think you can cram a few more trips and concerts in? Goodness girl. Well at least now I know where you've disappeared to...I'm jonesin for some updates!

    Happy almost bday and squeezes to gav. xoxo


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