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Amazingly epic nyc happiness

Posted By: Leah
I had the most amazing, wonderful time in NYC. It was the absolute best trip in every way possible. I am so so lucky and so very happy. You know that movie "Waiting to Exhale" and in the movie it was about finally in your life being able to exhale; let your guard down, feel safe with and enjoy being around someone?  That is what happened for me on this trip.
I took all these pics on my phone and didn't edit them at all, so the quality isn't the best, but it's a little glance at what we did...
This is me on the Alice in Wonderland statue by the Mad Hatter in Central Park
We arrived super early on the 6am flight and landed before 8am on Thursday, May 12. We were pretty tired, so after dropping our bags at our hotel (in midtown) we got Starbucks and went to hang out in Central Park. We ended up staying there I think 3-4 hours just people watching, relaxing on the grass and hanging out. We laid on a hill under a tree and I watched a bird build her nest. It is amazing that it takes me going to NYC to be still enough to see something like that happen.

We left the park and walked down 5th ave window shopping and went into FAO schwartz. I really liked the barbie foos-ball table! We met up w/ a friend of a friend and hung out with him for a while. He's from Holland and so sweet! I like meeting new people, especially genuinly nice ppl like who I was with and it was adorable to see them together and so happy. After a little more window shopping, we went to finally check into the hotel and got ready for the Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang concert! It was at Best Buy Theatre in Time's Square!

We were kind of exhausted by the time we got to the concert, but they had general admission theatre seating (like a movie theater) in the back, so we sat there, watched the show and ate an Oreo cupcake all NYC style. The highlight of the concert (other than them singing "I like it Raww!" my favorite throw-back song from Middle School) was when Lil Kim came out! It was exciting!
The hotel wasn't super fancy but it was nice and clean and perfect for what we needed. We stayed on 36th btwn 9th and 10th in Hell's kitchen/clinton area. About a 10 min walk from time's square. Here's our view out the window... we were on the 14th floor:
This is actually the best NYC view I've ever had... usually it's like a brick wall or ally.

Then it was Friday, the 13th. This will go down in history as the best Fri the 13th EVER (I'm not going to go into why with too many specifics... but it's a very wonderful, good, happy thing. Just know that :) But we did a lot of stuff earlier in the day before it starts getting to this kind of sweet/romantic-ish stuff... just hold tight...

We grabbed bagles on the street for breakfast (and more starbucks of course) and walked down to Washington Pk in Greenwich Vill. They had a dogpark (below) that was pretty cool. The dogs weren't all crazy/wild like in dogparks around here, they were super well behaved.

One of the main reasons we walked down towards DT is so I could get a Chrome bag (it's what the real bike messengers wear). I saw one, was jealous and had to have my own. I also got these cool shoes. I adore both of them big time.

The chrome store was so cool. They took amazing care of us and they don't have their merch out to purchase, like they run to the back and get it. they even have custom super girly colors! But I ended up going w/ this pretty blue and black. I can't wait to sew patches on it!

I wish this pic came out better, it's the conveyer belt that sent my shoes up to me at one of the shoe stores we happened to stop in.

We kept on walking south and went to Little Italy and China Town

A sad but true fact about these cream filled corncake things, is that when I bit into one, the cream squished out into my hand and I now have a 2nd degree burn. #truestory.

We were looking for this famous noodle place for lunch, but it was always like a mile from where we were and we never ended up there. we went back through little italy, got some gelato and hopped the subway to brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, We went to an indy comic book store and I got gav some comic books. then we went to Barcade (Yes Bar + arcade = barcade. awesome).
Barcade was amazing. And no I didn't play any video games. We just chilled and talked and discussed some stuff and talked and got some stuff out there and...yeah... best Friday the 13th EVER <3

But with the basic lack of nutritious food, we needed some good protein so we went to this super awesome place called Radegast Hall & Biergarten.
We had a side of brussell sprouts which were AMAZING, but didn't make it in the pic. (PS we always ordered 1 entree and split it so we didn't ever get too full and wouldn't have left overs). This whole meal was amazing. Ok this whole day was amazing (sorry about leaving out the actual good details, but you can maybe guess). We made friends w/ the ppl celebrating a bday next to us and they told us about a really cool park that overlooked the Manhattan skyline. we went there next.

I am not trying to get sappy, but laying in the grass, overlooking the city, watching the sunset, talking, listing to iphone music... EPIC. It was straight out of a movie. Again... best Fri the 13th ever...

So after it got dark we left the park and went and hung out w/ the coolest hipsters ever in Brooklyn. I don't have any pics of the cool kids, but it was a very happening location on a fri night and I wish everyone there was my friend. We stopped for a drink at a French bar called Juliette and sat outside. I had this fancy sparkling wine/lemon thing. So good.

We were going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to NYC, but it was far down... so we walked the williamsburg bridge (same thing basically, I'm pretty sure). This is the Manhattan skyline at night from walking across the bridge.. Epic!!!! (I need to find a new word other than awesome/epic, but that's truly what it was).

We were going to hop the subway to time's square but eneded up getting on the express so next thing we knew we were in Jamaica Queens... um yeah... Good news is we didn't actually leave the subway station, so we got back on another train and ended up getting off as soon as we got into the city and it was safe... AKA upper east side. It was actually really amazing walking from there down to Time's Square because it was the real Gossep Girl type kids hanging out all around us.

We made it to Time's square just before midnight and sat on these red steps and did more people watching.
Another shot of my shoes + happiness

Here's our view of time's square from the steps. Hard to tell from the clock in the background on the right, but it was midnight right around then.

And...we were hungry again, so we stopped and got a slice of pizza... a slice is only $0.99 what a deal!

And that was the end of my best day ever... but the trip still wasn't over! The next day was Saturday.
We slept in and then met friend of a friend again at the park, then walked w/ him up to Madison ave to meet his wife.

I thought this was of columbus circle, but it was just the park entrance kinda by the Plaza

Anyhow, we all met up and got a super late lunch at this really amazing place called Serafinia. The guy at the table behind us had this pasta/seafood dish that looked amazing so we ordered that to split. Here's ours... looks so good, right?!
It was supposed to have white sauce, but there wasn't much, so I had them make us red sauce. They literally smashed up tomatoes w/ fresh herbs and gave it to me right then and it was so delicious. Also, the guy next to us had 2 boys who ordered stuffed pizzas. One boy only touched 1 slice, so the dad GAVE us the rest of the pizza... OMG it was (I think) goat cheese and roasted garlic... so amazing. PS yes everyone in NYC was super nice and awesome. But we also did a lot of non-tourist stuff and were around the locals.

That is it for my pictures and today.... I will write another post soon, and one about my 31st birthday (also awesome!!!) I posted this on my Twitter this morning, but I'll say it again... I have only been 31 eleven days, but so far it has been the best year of my life.


  1. oh wow, that looks like such an amazing trip! i haven't been to new york since my senior class trip in high school (which was when the twin towers were still standing). i would love to go back as an adult, especially now that i'm a total big city girl. plus i have some good friends there (one of them was likely a cool hipster kid you saw in brooklyn). such a fun city. of course, it helps a lot more when you're with someone(s) special. ;)

  2. Love it! And frankly I'm a little annoyed that I haven't gotten the deatails yet! J/K...but seriously...make with the scoop!

  3. Your trip looks awesome and the food looks really good.

  4. I am so happy for you! Isn't it great just hanging out with a wonderful person! You don't have to spend a bunch of money or do anything you said, just sitting under a tree on the grass is bliss! YAY! Love are making me and Chris want to go there now! WE thought about doing a baby moon there, now we are itching to go to NYC. :)

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