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My 31st Birthday Cinco De Mayo at the Beach!

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I went with my best friend from kindergarden Kari and her fam and Gav to the beach to celebrate my 31st Birthday. Yes, my Birthday just happens to be on Cinco de Mayo (more like Cinco de Mayo is on my birthday). So it's always a party!

Just like with my NYC pics (that post is below... also a continuation of my birthday celebration) I took all these pics on my cell phone camera, so they aren't the best. And no, i didn't edit them but that's okay :)

But first before I left for the beach , my best friends at work suprised me and decorated my work cube the day I left. I have the most wonderful work besties ever! xoxox
This is entering my cube

This is my amazing sign they made

This is inside of my cube

& a Gift card fo my favorite fro yo place Taste!!!
Plus a piniata & crown! so fabulous!

Lauren made me delicious red velvet cupcakes FROM SCRATCH!
ps I later heard I should have kept these refrigerated. Sorry Kari that I left them out at the beach. We all ate them and I don't think any of us got sick off of the butter/cream cheese left out for DAYS! bahahah!

I got a little early bday gift of a car mp3 player... yes I've had ipods for what... 10 or more years, and never had something to play ipod music in the car. It  was a life-changing gift!

Anyhow, Gav and I made it down to Pawley's Island, SC to the beach house to meet up with my friend Kari and her fam.

The beach house was super nice (usually they are all sandy and crappy). I kept calling it 'rich people stuff' because for real, this place reminded me of a rich person's house... it was well decorated, had a super nice kitchen, etc.

So I was a little obsessed with these stair lights. I don't get out much I know, but I thought they were super cool and if I ever build a house I will make sure I get them.

All Gav wanted was to go play on the beach. it was a little windy/chilly, but when Kari put her kids to sleep, we went out there. And... we found several washed-up jelly fish. Scary. This is gav covering his eyes and running away from them.

Here's Gav with one of the possibly rotten cupcakes (I don't recall us having any 'issues' but hard to remember!)

I didn't trust Gav to sleep on the top bunk so I made him sleep on the trundle where he couldn't get hurt.

The beach house had this back porch that had been glassed in to create an extra den kind of room. Gav was obsessed with making me play their super old Nintendo 64. I was like "is this the 1990's?"

Anyhow, I finally got Gav to sleep... and it was midnight and officially my BIRTHDAY!
Kari made me the CUTEST rice krispy treats that look like... HELLO KITTY! she is so amazing.

OH! and she put sugar glitter on them for a sort-of Twilight effect (hahaha! I wish I could say it was an inside joke, but if you read Twilight you know about the field of sunshine!)
Kari Rocks. The End.

The next morning Andy, Kari's awesome husband made us all breakfast... and me a huge bowl of fruit for my Fruit 'till Noon obsession.

How beyond adorable is this photo??? It's Gav and Kari's daughter walking down the path to the beach. I love this shot xoxoxo!

Don't forget... My bday is on Cinco de Mayo! So mexican food for dinner of course!

Gav found me adorable mama & baby starfish for my bday. isn't he the best!?!?

I adore anything with stars or 5's (my bday is May 5th 5/5 - cinco de mayo... you get it)
Starfish & my star tattoo... ok yes, it's an obsession :)

Oh! I should add that we gently threw the starfish back into the ocean. I can't be killing live animals on my bday. I don't roll that deep!

We went back inside, took our baths/showers and gavin passed out on the floor with his cars (look at how his foot was hahah).

Gav slept and slept and it was 8pm and Gav STILL wasn't wasnt awake from his super late nap, so guess what?! Andy's parents were watching his & Kari's kids and so I let them watch passed-out Gav too! (yes, I moved him into the bed. but he still did have his cape on.) So that meant....

We could celebrate my 31st Birthday aka Cinco de Mayo kid-free!!!! If you have kids, you understand this was HUGE for us... Thanks gav for sleeping! What a great gift :)
I'm such a trip! hahah!
Anyway, we did Tequilla shots at this place (ugh I forgot the name and FourSquare - the only way I remember anything is messed up.)

Then we went to La Playa for dinner YUM!
here is my 'mexican boyfriend' hahah

Next we went to PTI - AKA Pawley's Island Tavern
More Tequilla shots
Oh! and this looks wayyy more wild than it was... hahaah! so this girl (not kari, girl in white) was trying to look cute at the bar and talk to this dude... but her tag was out of her shirt. Meaning she had on her shirt inside-out!!! so we had to take a picture (again... this was a good idea on my bday!)
Oh! this was our adult Capri Sun! So we took these out to the beach (kids were still sleeping when we got back to the beach house. easiest baby sitting job for Andy's parents ever!) The stars were crazy bright and we could see them all the way to the horizon where the sky and the ocean met. It was a gorgeous and fun night. Thanks Kari & Andy for celebrating my bday at the beach!

Ok... this blog post is getting LONG and a ton more happened on this trip other than my bday. I'm going to stop for now but another post is coming soon!

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  1. yay!! looks like an awesome birthday weekend. dannon turned 31 on may 8 and it never even occurred to me to do something wicked fun on cinco de mayo for it! next year...


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