Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shh! ...I have a secret

Posted By: Leah
New, bigger, exciting things coming to ShopLeah.
Wait... no... don't go there yet.
I was just so excited about these that I had to share.

(And if you are overwhelmed with excitement, you know you can just contact me and I'll hook you up. Maybe this first batch won't even make it into the shop!)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Posted By: Leah
Classic Without Edge 5x7 folded card
Tell them you love them with Shutterfly Valentines cards.
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Party Planning Obsession

Posted By: Leah
Way back even before J. Lo was the Wedding Planner, I wanted to be a wedding planner.
I've been very fortuinate to have jobs that have all allowed me to plan events, parties, and even weddings.
With Gav's 5th birthday coming up, and CRD's wedding, I am in full-on party planner mode. Kari has always said that I should professionally plan kid's parties. I would have more fun doing that than anything else because there is so much room for creativity and fun.

Anyhow... that said, I am working on a new etsy project. I'm not quite ready to reveal it, but it goes along with parties/showers/etc. Hopefully later this week I'll have pics and some things back in my etsy shop.

But right this second I can't help but constantly be distracted by the types of parties I'd like to plan. I love to theme things up big time. I planned a koala party yesterday, complete with a jungle moon-bounce, etc. But today I'm back on my nautical obsession. So here are some amazing cuteness ideas I couldn't help but share. This would be my 4th of july clam bake kinda themed event (if I had a bunch of people who would attend, oh and a place on the water, and a ton of cash to throw this schendig):

via                                                                 via

My outfit would be something like this:

via                 via

KIDDING! I have to dress it up for my awesome party

viathese shoes don't match but are awesome

Gav would rock something like this (that's a belt not dog collar)

via              via

and this would be my preppy yet ecclectic group of friends attending:

Hahah ok that's it! the end!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pics found on my cell phone from the past few weeks...

Posted By: Leah
 I love when other bloggers do these's like i get to see (literally) a snapshot into their lives. Normally I comment all about what each picture is when I post on my blog, where it was taken, tell the whole story.

 But I'm going to keep quiet (for once) because really... most of this stuff you can figure out (or if you follow me on twitter I probably already posted a few): PS these are all out of order

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