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Bonnaroo 2011 - Part 2

Posted By: Leah
As you read in my post Bonnaroo Part 1, it was such an amazing experience! I have been sitting here so excited to get this next post up so I can relive all of the fun we had. Just like I did in the Part 1 blog, this post is a summary of what we did on Day 2 (Friday, June 10th, 2011).

Also, consider yourself super lucky because I added some highlights and extra pictures that did not make my FB album cut (don't forget I took over 500 pics/videos.)

Chad is an amazing cook. He creates food combinations that are simple, unique, healthy, and taste amazing. This photo probably isn't the best example of healthy, but it was our high in protein brunch wraps that left us with full bellies late into the night. Chad brought his generator that powered the skillet, 2 fans, charged all of our phones/electrical devices. Pretty much if you want to go camping, he will make sure it's done right.

See the pimento cheese on the wraps? Chad had told me that he brought suprises for the trip. The first was a Hello Kitty bag with snacks for the car, bubbles... and then back on Day 1 he woke me up with a triscuit dipped in Pawley's Island pimento cheese. It's heaven in my mouth. I had first learned about it when I was in Pawley's Island to celebrate my birthday last month (b-day beach post here). I brought a couple containers of this amazing pimento cheese home, but didn't know how to transport it from my house to work to charlotte to Bonnaroo.

I heard it was at select Harris Teeters (not mine :( but by some miracle Chad knew to pick this up for our trip. If you ever see it, don't look at the fat/calories, just buy it and put it in your belly immediately. Trust me, it's the best pimento cheese ever and I consider myself a pimento cheese connousour.

Ok sorry, see how passionate I am about pimento cheese?  I digress...

Everyday chad would make us amazing wraps. Always with cooked sweet potatoes, eggs, sometimes avacado, other veggies, etc. We had turkey-sausage on the side. I always had a full, happy belly and felt amazing. 

The 2nd day (after I took my blanket out of the sauna-tent and got it all dirty the 1st day) we took the air mattress out and laid under our shade by the fans to keep cool during the day. At one point I looked over and was like... is that Luda (back when he had braids) in our tent? Oh... it's just Rian.
They look like twins, right?!?!

My iPad provided us all hours of entertainment in the shade. We could facetime, watch tv shows and movies, check our FB and e-mail. Yay for my verizon mobile hotspot card too.

Anyway, our first show we wanted to see that day was Florence + The Machine at 7pm. We made sure we were fully hydrated, feeling good, and headed into Bonnaroo (yes, I know it's confusing. Bonnaroo = the thing where you swipe your wristbands to go see the shows. Everything outside of that is just the campground.)

This is the first day they opened the What Stage aka the Main stage. The grounds in front of it were large enough for the 80,000 attendees to all watch one show together. The Bonnaroo folks thought they were cute naming everything super confusing like the which stage/what stage/this tent/that tent/the other stage, etc. Notice the pretty grass, because this part had been previously blocked off the day before.
This was inside of Bonnaroo by This Tent. In only 1 day the ground had gone from lush and grassy to dead and dusty. A lot of people had their bandanas over their mouth to keep from breathing in all the dirt and dust.

We made our way to Florence + The Machine and had a pretty good view. Then we noticed the dumb girls to our right were laying in their hoops thinking they were cute. I was waiting for someone to step on their faces.

This is the view directly above the girls. Not exactly a place I'd want to lay down, but good for them for feeling free enough to do so.
Another crowd-shot at Florence. Rob + Rian were by the 2nd pillar somewhere in the crowd.
You can't see Florence in this shot, but she was up on stage looking like a creep in her black cloak.
After Flo + Machine we went into the cinema tent and hung out in the a/c while we watched some Aqua Teen. It wasn't crowded at all and if any of us wanted, I'm sure we could have taken a nap in there.
Then it was getting close to 11pm, so we went to the main stage area to get ready for Arcade Fire. I absolutely + adore how this picture came out. See the bonnaroo arch in the middle? yaya for extra slow shutterspeed and me not being able to stay still :)

Everybody had on glow sticks/glow stuff. I wish I had brought some. But I found a few on the ground and wore them. Not quite to the extent of this person.
Ok get ready for a story!

The name of this story is: Tiny Booty Girl.
When we were sitting on the ground waiting for Arcade Fire to start, these crazy girls in front of us started taking off their clothes. It was funny because no matter how much they took off, they kept on their fanny packs. I like to take pictures of random things, so I took a picture of these girls stripping down. Then their much skinnier friend (Tiny Booty Girl) showed up and didn't have to strip because she already had on pink glitter panties. So of course I had to take a picture of that as well.
Rob saw me taking pictures of Tiny Booty Girl and handed me his camera (photo below).So... next thing I knew, tiny booty girl caught me taking pictures of her tiny booty and turned around and gave me this HUGE smile (that picture is perfectly captured on Rob's camera somewhere). Then she told me to touch it! I was like "uh... ok." and rubbed the upper glitter part. She was like "no, touch my ass! it's nice isn't it!?" I was like "yes, it's very nice" and put my hand on her left booty cheek.
Tiny Booty Girl ran back to her friends then ran back over to me (I was sitting down the whole time) and said "Sorry, it's just the Bonnaroo spirit!" I said "oh it's fine!" I mean she did have a tiny booty, I'm glad it was being appreciated. She gave me a side-hug and asked if I wanted one of her glow sticks (she had them on her writst and in a necklace). I said "Sure!" and traded her one I had found on the ground for the green one you see in the picture below.
I had this dry shampoo that I thought was really awesome, but because I didn't have any mirrors (other than the side-mirrors and my reflection in the dusty truck) I didn't realize that my hair looked like a powdered wig. At least it wasn't greasy!
Anyhow, finally it was 11pm and time for Arcade Fire to start (if you haven't noticed, they schedule the concerts for late at night, when it's not so sweltering hot). We saw these glowing yellow lights in the sky that were moving. As it turned out it was parashoot jumpers (parashootists? ppl who had a parashoot who jumped from a plane). They had hundreds of thousands millions of LED blue tiny lights on plastic propellers they threw above the crowd.
 You can sort-of not really at all see them in this picture. It was sooo pretty, like the milkey way or something. Then they would land in the crowd. I ended up getting one! but not until later....
So Arcade Fire went on, they were good of course. And by then it was maybe 12:30am and we were hungry again. I had read good things about Samosaman's $2 samosas, so we got a few for a snack to share. I think we got apple, chicken & potato and then a traditional vegetable one (maybe?). They were out of the sauce, so they were just okay. But I'm a big fan of samosas so it was good enough for me.
We had left Rian (who eats pretty much only only raw/vegan) on a bench to get our non raw/vegan samosas. The bench was by the Which Stage where lil wayne would come on at 1:30am. When we got back to where Rian was I asked if they would mind if I stood up on the picnic table during lil wayne. He's my favorite... here's the post where i saw him in April if you forgot.
Guess what? Chad and Rian MOVED the table so we could be close! It was sooo awesome! they moved it probably 100 yards closer to the stage. Here's me standing on the table drinking a smoothie. Yes it was a fruit smoothie, no I would not drink alcohol in the heat ever... even at night. It was fruit and ice.
It's very hard to tell in the picture, but I had a bike light on my shirt. I really wanted glow sticks and stuff (it's on a farm so there weren't a lot of lights). I thought I was cool/cute. Looking at these pics... not so much.

Here's weezy. He did the exact show I had seen in gboro. I mean it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen... just this was the exact same. and the crowd wasn't into hiphop so only Rian and I knew the words to all the songs haha.

I jumped off the table in the middle of the show (about 20 ppl had gotten on it with us) and had expected a bigger drop, but didn't think much of it. When the show was over, we realized that with all those people dancing, the table had sunk about a foot or so into the ground! Good thing it didn't break with all of us on it.
Lil Wayne was over around 3am (it's Bonnaroo time, you stay up when it's cool and sleep as long as you can until it gets too hot in the morning). We went to see a little of Pretty Lights (that's the name of the group. Like a DJ spinning techno sort of stuff). I am pretty sure everyone there was on some kind of psychadellic drugs. They were all dancing super crazy but like alone in their own worlds. Every couple of minutes there would be an explosion of hundreds of glow sticks shooting up like out of a cannon in the crowd.
After this we went back to the tent...

Without giving away too much of the next post/day's story away... all I can say this was a tramautic, scary, hilarious, unfortuinate, sick, creeper situation that did not directly involve me. But I was close enough that I was pretty shooken up by hearing the story. I know you can't wait for Post 3/Day 3!

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