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Bonnaroo 2011 - Part 3

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I ended yesterday's post Part 2 with a big build-up, so I probably should get to that part first. I have been thinking of how to delicately describe this story so that you the reader can understand the angst I felt, but still keep my own lady-like classyness.

Because (as you may or may not know) I am embarassed and shy regarding most situations involving bodily functions/fluids/solids, etc..  I figure the only way I can really even start this story about what happened after we got back from Lil Wayne is to show this picture:

  1. What do you think is in the bucket?
  2. Why do you think the person responsible could have not handled this situation somewhere else?
*BONUS* If you guessed that this 'situation' was 'handled' IN THE TENT WHERE I LAY MY SWEET PRESCIOUS HEAD you would be correct.
Me = not happy...
Had to talk it out with Rian from standing on the back of the truck... far from the tent.
 Did not want to sleep in my tent again. ever.
I went through the 7 stages of grief: - Shock or Disbelief - Denial - Anger - Bargaining - Guilt - Depression - Acceptance and Hope -(IE acceptance this really happened. hope nothing like this happens again)

Back to Bonnaroo... So they had zero police presence at the festival. The only time we saw cops was directing the crazy traffic in on Wednesday night/Thurs morning. Around the campground (everywhere outside of the red fence) there were Mounties who just rode around. They never said anything to anyone and never went inside of Bonnaroo. Around the campground and inside of the festival there were people with green t-shirts that said 'Safety' who were Bonnaroo volunteers. I guess if something were to have gone down, this is who you would tell.

Here were the horses enjoying their breakfast from the back of a golf cart.
When we arrived and had our wristbands put on by 'Security' (aka girls wearing practically nothing), they also gave us blue recycle bags for our campsite. Throughout the festival they had regular trash cans marked 'landfill' and next to that was the 'recyclable' and 'compost.' Pretty responsible of them.
There was a huge fire tower with a clock on the top. Every hour (supposidedly... I only heard it maybe 5 times total, but other people said they heard it more) the clock would 'coo-coo' and then play a couple throw-back songs. Anything from the theme of Lavern & Sherley, to Fraggle Rock, to good old Michael Jackson.
There was also a ferris wheel! I was spoiled going on a HUGE one at the NC Fair last fall (post here). So it was not a must that I went on this one, even though I would have liked to. It actually wasn't even until the last day when we saw where it was in relation to the festival. We only saw it in the distance.
At night the ferris wheel was lit up (except there was always a section where the lights didn't work. lame) And it wasn't just solid lights, like all blue or red, etc. The ferris wheel had patterns and designs that were constantly moving and changing. It was pretty cool, but we were never close enough to get a video (and I was always bummed about the broken section of lights).
Here is a picture of the wall that surrounded and separated Bonnaroo from the campground. There were images, posters and text on there, but tagging/spray painting/whatever you want to call it was encouraged (I guess they figured if they allowed people to tag the wall, they wouldn't tag other things).
 The red wall around Bonnaroo wasn't fully closed, behind the stages (I *think* this is The Other Tent) there was a break so the artists/crew could get in and out.

 I took this photo around 9:00am, the only explination I can guess is that people got too hot sleeping in their sauna-like-tents and relocated under the trees.

Anyhow, enough my 'Bonnaroo Tour,' back to Part 3 - Day 3. (Don't forget, you can revisit Part 1 & Part 2). Day was Saturday, June 11th. We had to get a little earlier start (be inside Bonnaroo by 2pm instead of our usual 6pm) to get tickets to see Donald Glover (he's the black guy from Community. So hilarious.) We got our tickets around 2:30pm for the 4:30 show. Instead of leaving and coming back, we just sat down under a tree in the shade.
 You know my obsession with stars, so I was extra excited to find these on the ground where we were sitting waiting on the show.

 Once inside it was so nice and air conditioned. Here is the stage.
 The usher had probably the BEST job at Bonnaroo... get to see famous people from in the shade, not a bad gig. Here is a picture she took of Chad, Rian and I. They look good... I look like I hadn't taken a shower in 3 days and was covered in dirt w/ no make-up and psycho eyes. HOTTT!
 For being not such a huge tent I think it held around 1,300 people.
 Donald Glover is awesome. I like his shorty shorts.
 Then back outside it was just in time to go see Mumford & Sons at 6:30pm.
 Mumford performed on the same stage as Lil Wayne, and just like the crowd at Weezy not knowing his songs (except for me and Rian)... no one seemed to know Mumford songs either! (except for Rian and I... Again!!!) But they did an awesome job (all the artists did). They sounded JUST like the CD which is really all I can ask for :)
 After that the huge mob headed over to the main stage to see the Black Keys at 8pm and then Eminem was coming on at 11. There was this tiny little creek of mud and lord even knows what else, that was the cause of the huge delay. Notice the wheelchair in the upper right.

 Right before the Black Keys, a group of people broke out sparklers!
 Kind of a bokeh effect... ok really the pictue is blurry :(  but this is the best I could get.
Black Keys were pretty good, but I'm not really a big fan (I know... what? I'm prob the only one).  We were hanging out on the grass before Eminem (we had a good spot), then suddenly there was thunder and lightning so we bee-lined it back to the tent. OF COURSE the second we got to the tent the slight drizzle of rain had stopped. It was almost 11pm and we knew we had a big day of more shows and driving back to NC coming up so we just went to bed early. Our campsite was pretty close to the main stage and we could hear Eminem. It was sort of like we were at the concert, just not at all.

Next up will be Bonnaroo Part 4... this will have more of my "leah's tour o'Bonnaroo" and the last day's acts. Also my wrap-up with what I *really* thought about a few more things not already discussed. Check back soon!

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  1. 1. I love all these post!
    2. You gotta be kidding me that the dude shit in a bag!
    3. How did you handle the crowds? There are So many people there!
    4. I saw Mumfords stream on youtube! Such a great show! Love them! I decided I like the banjo player best!
    5. Your powder hair is hilarious! Whatever does the trick ;)
    6. So glad you went to The Black Keys! They are too cool! Love their sound!
    7. I love that everyone is half naked, no matter your body type! Great to see everyone being friendly and everything! Just love the camaraderie!!
    8. The place is SO big! It really is like the Woodstock of our generation!
    9. Love that they recycle!
    10. Glad to see you had such a fabulous time!
    ...and the pic of you and chad is just too cute!


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