Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confession: I'm a hot mess

Posted By: Leah
I honestly thought it would be a great idea to get Mystic'd before Bonnaroo. I went to supposidedly the 'best' place in town (my friend who is lighter than me goes there all the time and looks amazing). What I have learned that I, infact, am destined to be pale for life. Here is me today:

Kinda looks like Jaundace and/or I have a liver problem. Oh and PS my knees aren't that fat, I was bent over and idk... it was not a good angle *noted for the future.

This was me last night, I thought it looked amazing (but my house was dark so maybe not so awesome)

These were my feet last night because I didn't buy the $3 foot protectors and opted to stand on paper towels instead (why do I even bother trying to do this beauty stuff?)

Here's me at work. Ok, i guess the bathroom is pretty dark so it's now as awful a yellow shade as I feel like it is...

But I'm still totally covering it all up w/ a sweater 

Oh! speaking of me being a hot mess, long story but another one of my kitties ran away. Well for 1 night she came back last weekend and I tried to carry her into the house. She let me pet her and hold her, but the picking her up part... didn't really work out.

Next confession: a couple weeks ago I had an unfortuinate hair-dying experience via Ulta. I wanted like a pretty dark reddish (but still natural look). I woke up the next day after getting this (why is it always the next day things go south) and had this crazy red un-natural hair.

Yes, it looked awesome. I look like a rockstar, however thats not really me. I wish it was, and that I was confident and could pull it off. but i felt so overly self-conscious I just wanted to crawl into a hole, so I had them do a dark semi-perminant color on it. So now my hair's a little darker than natural which is sort-of bad ass, sort of lame.

 So this is me today... looking a mess. About to go to Bonnaroo where I'll be camping in a tent. and using babywipes for my shower.

OH! AND..... speaking of HOT MESSES
(hot mess-a-roo I mean!)

Check out the UPDATED weather forecast I just saw this morning. it went from hot and sunny to scattered t-storms and hot.

And my signature is still wacky.

None of this is really awful, and if these are the biggest problems in my life (which they are, and ALL self-inflicted) I'm a very very lucky girl.

I just find the whole spray-tan story extra hilarious/ironic. Do you remember my guest post on House of Dolls? It AGAIN goes to show that I need to just keep myself as natural as possible and when i go and start 'trying to get all hot' I just end up a hot ass mess.

Click HERE for my hilariously hot-mess wedding beauty don't real account of me being a hot mess yet another time (involving hair, spray-tan, basically the same elements I just can't ever get right hahah)

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