Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Posted By: Leah
In honor of Bonnaroo I've started adding -a-roo to everything get into the spirit (ok really I am a copier-a-roo and saw somebody else who had this idea and have stolen it):

Here's the weather forecast-a-roo ... looks hot, but sunny-a-roo

I tried to get all my clothes & stuff packed and ready back over memorial day weekend, but had some more last-minute stuff-a-roo I'll have to bring

All this stuff is like straight-up necessity-a-roo. Sheets, bugspray, rain boots, etc. Also I had some extra food (even though I already got a ton at Trader Joes) that like, if the other food all goes away, I'll have this and will be able to survive-a-roo for days/weeks! if I had to

Here it is all packed up-a-roo (my foot's in there to show it's really not a lot)

Oh! so I found these @ REI this weekend. It's called a Kool Tie and has some chemical/crystal crap in it that gets cold & stays cold for DAYS. So I of course had to prep them and try them out. The picture on the left is after I had them hanging in the hot sunday for like 7 hours... they still felt cool! actually i felt them last night (2 days later) and they were STILL cool!

Ok so this picture-a-roo has nothing to do with Bonnaroo except a couple weeks ago I was at Fiddler's Grove w/ the fam and saw this cute set-up and had to take a pic!

I got a new memory stick for my camera so i plan on taking 4000+ pics/videos etc at Bonnaroo. My sister's in Denmark and she said she wants to feel like she was there too... so that's my mission-a-roo!!!
(Yeah... zero clue why my signature is flipper weird. I've opened it and flipped it every wich way in every photo editing software I have and nothing is fixing it :(

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  1. oh my, that little camping trailer is absolutely adorable!! and it looks like you are all set. woohoo!


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