Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy early Bday Gav!

Posted By: Leah

 My baby boy is turning 5 this weekend, can you believe it?
Wasn't he just in my belly during another freakishly hot summer back in '06?

Gav's getting ready to start school and we are so excited (hello paycheck without 1/3 coming out for daycare, YES!)
Gav is turing 5 on Sunday (remember my awesome story about how I made the dr. hurry and do the emergency c-section so he could have 8.7.06 birthday - and he was born at 11:57pm)

Today is his school party with his friends. I love having his party at school because it ensures 1- all his friends are there (well as many as are there on a Friday afternoon in the summer) and 2- there are teachers to help wrangle kids. Oh, and 3- no gifts involved, only fun (my child is blessed with more than he could ever dream of, so there is no reason for his friend's parents to feel obligated to give him more).   
His party is this afternoon, after the kids wake up from their naps. Gav is obsessed with playing Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons (you get the idea). So his party is Angry Birds themed. Not sure how many other kid's parents pacify them with their cell phones/ipads like I do, so the other kids may not have a clue what an Angry Bird even is... but I tried to carry out the theme so hopefully they will all be into it :)

More pics and bday posts coming soon (Gav has several more celebrations planned. yay for him having divorced parents and me having divorced parents too! It makes holidays/birthdays way more exciting and last for WEEKS :).

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