Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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I know I'm totally sooo late on the whole pinterest thing. Yes, I fought it for a while. I sorta got it, but sorta was like what's the point. Anyhow, yes i am on there (this is after I check my fb, twitter, all email accounts, etsy feed, and have nothing else going on).

I've seen some cool stuff. Like really cool, inspiring stuff that I feel the need to share on here. More like out of all the cool crap, this is stuff I really for real x infinity want to do. And I'm more likely to remember how to find it on here (hey this blog's been happening since '09) then there.

Basically, this post is more for me than you. But I'm pretty sure this stuff is universally awesome.

Anniversary / Christmas / Annual whatever picture. Love Love Love

I've been thinking about xmas a lot. Ever since the bf told me that he couldn't wait to take me to s. park (the big fancy mall in qc) at the holidays, we'd get hot chocolate and people watch, so happy that we already got all of our gifts for ppl online. 

this is just ribbon tied to twinkle lights (PS I keep those command adhesive clear hooks around my ceiling year round because I'm so excited to decorate for the holidays.)

I randomly have this obsession with wanting to make wreaths (not that I've ever done it... but I have the need to big time. Nevermind I live with an exterior door that's like down a dark hallway).


I would sooo have this on my door right now (gav starts kindergarten tomorrow!!!!)

This would be for my birthday/your birthday/anybody's birthday

ok... over it for now. but you get the idea!

PS if you want to follow me on pinterest, here you go

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