Monday, September 26, 2011

CRD's Bachelorette at Myrtle Beach

Posted By: Leah
I've been the worst ever about updating my blog. But here are some pics from this weekend from Courtney's bachelorette party at myrtle beach:


The band was pretty exciting at the bar we went to.

 We first thought these guys were gay, then we learned they were European! (Like in Legally Blonde) And don't know the US's 'bubble of personal space' but they were so super fun.
 This girl loved me. Also German. She took me to meet her friends. They were all adorable (and european).
    "Hello dudes in the band, do you want to come back to the condo?" Someone though this was a great idea.  

 Meanwhile back at the condo... I couldn't take a bunch of pics because that would have been too obvious. but the band guys showed up and also 3 other dudes some of the other girls with us met. Lauren and I went to bed.  Nothing too scandalous happened except the band guys had to be kicked out.

We had the biggest refrigerator ever. just fyi.

SN: This girl where the band was wore a dances with wolves shirt. it was awful. even from the back.

Her friend also had on white tennis shoes and white tall socks. she made a top out of a red flame bandana. not awesome.

This chick was dressed just too extra. Stay classy myrtle beach.

We got home last night and my throat is sore. Good thing we each had our own cups to drink out of all weekend.

Have you been to a destination bachelorette party?
Have you ridden in a stretch Navigator limo?
Did you know it is $250 if someone throws up in said Navigator limo?
Have you ever had girls you were with invite dudes from a band back to your beach condo?
If you could throw a bachelorette party, what would you do/where would it be?

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  1. hey stranger...i'm attempting to crawl out of my hole for a few minutes and get caught up. as always I find you a busy girl, penis charms, picking up band it!


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