Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY Holidays - Scarves as Wrapping Paper

Posted By: Leah
In my quest to raise Gav up right hipster, I was trying to think of a cool gift for him to give his Kindergarten teachers.

 I had ordered a ton of Arbonne (you know, it's like a vegan/eco friendly-ish/way more expensive Mary Kay) that I knew I would give as gifts, I just wasn't sure to who whom. I hope the teachers know what it is and appreciate it. If not, maybe they can regift. I also included one of my washcloth cupcakes (as seen in my etsy shop). At work we had a scarf sale a couple weeks back and I picked up a few scarves. Put it all together and I got... some cool teacher's gifts!

Then I thought hey, it would be awesome to use the scarves to wrap the Arbonne, right?!
Well after trying to scrunch it all together in a sack-shape, i figured I'd have to get creative. I dug in the recycling and found some random boxes to use instead.

And sure enough, after a bunch of trial and error, i folded the scarves right and they are now serving as adorable hipster wrapping!

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