Friday, December 23, 2011

Tanglewood ... Festival of Lights

Posted By: Leah
Last night Lauren, my mom, Gav & I drove to Tanglewood's festival of lights. I hadn't ever gone, but if you ever get a chance it's awesome!
  And it's totally worth it! (just pack as many ppl as you can into your car before you go)

So here we are in the rain, going up to the place where you pay (yes, this stuff isn't free). But it's cool because Tanglewood Festival of Lights Outreach Program benefits over 12,000 disadvantaged adults and children from the community.
 Oh, and bring a child if you know one, everything's so much more magical w/ a kid! Plus Gav said the most hilarious things like "Oh look it's a yack running" (well... it was a light-up something not a reindeer so maybe). and "It's a turkey!" (wrong holiday, it was a peacock, but close!)
 Oh, and TMI but Gav had his first 'pee in a bottle' experience. I brough him some juice because I didn't want him to be all thirsty as we were going through the lights. That idea was awesome until he had to 'go.' I think his exact comment was 'IT'S COMING OUT!" but my mom was in the back seat with him, dumped out the apple juice and they somehow manuvered the peeing in a bottle. way to go mom/gav!

  This was probably my favorite part, they had lights going up these trees (my mom kept saying 'these trees are old. I know this') and so it was like you were going through an enchanted light forrest. This picture does it zero justice, but trust me it was awesome.
 What's better than like a million zillion bajillion lights? the lights reflecting on a lake.
 OOh i need to post the video of this one, if you roll down your window, you hear bells! it's magical!

 so ofcourse this place is smart and offers a stop in the middle with a bunch of port-a-jons, a big inside market with holiday crafts and a big fire for roasting marshmallows. Lauren hooked us up!
 Gav liked roasting them, but he will 'only eat the white ones.' hahah
 this was so fun! and it was like 65 deg outside which was not very festive, but comfortable. Oh! and the rain stopped just in time! :)

 We've got Mary, Joseph, some Wise Men, Angel and Baby Jesus a Bee (?)

Ok so back in the car and onto more lights. this was a real train, but w/ lights
 And Tanglewood park has all sorts of races, so a lot of the displays were about what they have there (marathons, triathalons, equestrian events, etc).
We got home ummm... ok after midnight. And Lauren & I had to work this morning early, but that's okay because it was a blast! So glad we went! 

Happy Holidays!

(PS thanks Lauren for the use of your cell phone pics along w/ mine!)

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