Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not trying to brag... but I just have to share

Posted By: Leah
How excited I am about my upcoming birthday which includes 2 trips!

First, next week I'm going w/ my friend and her family & Gav to the beach! It's a new beach I haven't been to before. She found us a big beach house, so I think it will be awesome!!! This will be my 2nd beach trip of the spring, I'm so lucky :) We'll be there 4 nights and on one of the days I'm going down to Charleston to see my friend Mary from college... i can't wait!!!!

Then... the very next week I'm headed up to NYC! That will be soo awesome in a totally different way. We're staying in midtown manhattan so we can walk everything.

AND... I'm getting to see Mobb Deep with  Ghostface Killa & Rawkwon from Wu-Tang while we are in NYC, so I'm sooo excited! The concert's at best buy theatre which is in time's square so that will be cool at night to go to.
* PLUS *
I got myself a special early bday present today (thank you tax refund) White iPad2 with a pink cover (ofcourse!)
Of course none are available anywhere for sale in the stores right now (& ok yes, i had it engraved, why? it's free!) so i'll probably get it in the mail AFTER I come back from nyc, boo... oh well!

This is the quote I got on it... it didn't fit all of it so I did a little creative rewording (oh well!) But this is basically it (this was the quote on the board at the 1st WW meeting I ever went to like 3 or 4 yrs ago. I love it.)
Ok last thing!!! no, i'm not getting this tattoo... but isn't it gorgeous??? I found it when i was looking for the quote above just now:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cute Little Things - Chickie Easter Edition!

Posted By: Leah
I adore easter... the springtime, pastel colors, and best of all cute little things! (I admit it's all chicks, my fav animal EVER.)

I adore it so much that I put together this post to share with you guys all the cute little things that make me over the top happy about easter! I am literally sitting on my hands right now to stop from buying every single one of these adorable little things

Ok i'm really going to stop because there is no reason for me to buy let alone look at baby girl shoes. lets be for real...

Ok back to reality. Must get off etsy now.

ok done. seriously.

So... I got myself an early bday present. I literally coult not Not buy this necklace. It's so great. love love. swoon... you know how it is when you must have something.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's like a DIY / Tutorial / Review

Posted By: Leah
When I went to see Weezy, you know I had to have all parts of me looking right. One of those parts was my nails. I am a fan of having my toes professionally done (those girls layer on 800 coats, can draw the best tiniest pics on my toes, and that whole thing lasts 2 months).

But fingers...eeh... I never had good luck with any polish staying on... professional or not... UNTIL NOW!

I discovered: Sally Hanson's Salon Effects!
I saw these advertised in my Glamour back in Feb and ran right out to Target (and they didn't have them at the time)

But then I was randomly at target again in March... and guess what I found????
I got the 'all laced up' because it seemed like a good idea (OH! and I picked up some hardener/top coat and this was a good idea.)

So I put these on (yes, at work during lunch) right before the weezy concert that evening (just incase it was a huge mistake and they immediately fell off)

They give you directions, a nail file and cuticle thing... all for $8 which i thought was a good deal!
It's basically a sticker (that smells like nail polish... because it is) you put on your nail, then file (or rip) off the excess at the end.

Turned out soo good right!? (oh and yeah, my nails were stained yellow b/c of my St. Patrick's day green polish back in march. so gross, right!? lesson learned: always use a base coat!)

So here's the final view:

**Creepy Claw Hand!**

Ok no really, this is how you are supposed to show your nail polish for a review, right?:

So I put at least 2 layers of the top coat/hardener which I think was a smart move.

The box says they last 10 days... it's now been (hold on what is 4/8 + 4/19?) 11 days (thank you calculator!) and I JUST snapped this pic:

I mean... sorry for making it creepy xL but for detail you can see they still look pretty decent.
I have gotten tons of complements. I say run out and buy these + a top coat and you will be set!

No, sorry this isn't a giveaway. Get your booty to Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and buy them yo'self.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Best week ever part II

Posted By: Leah
My last post was about the beach, this part is about the concerts! Lil Wayne & Avett Bros!!!
This is mostly going to be in pictures, I hope that is okay :)

This is now my new twitter & fb & gmail chat & all the other ways I talk to everybody from work's profile pic. I love it. It's me getting ready to see lil wayne aka weezy aka my boyfriend (yes this is true, no he doesn't know it yet). I may not have been 100% sober. Good to know for future photos!

Oh hello travis barker! You opened for Lil Wayne? how wonderful!!!!!

Mix Master Mike, what you got to say? What... you did your thing on the turntables while Travis barker played drums? So amazing!

here's Lauren and me... looking so excited to see this amazing concert!!!

Here's our view, MMM is on the left, Travis Barker was on the right couldn't see him :(

But guess who came out next? Rick Ro$$!!! Rosea!

But you know who I was really there to see...

 Lil Weezy!!!!
(yes I screamed and flipped out when he got on stage)

It was like magic happened...

I love weezy. no words. But guess who came out next???
Nicki Manaj!!!

"Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really just a lady"
I wasn't a huge fan of hers, but I am now!!! Barbie!!!

Oh and her ass is no joke!

I have more pics, but I'll add tomorrow from this concert... b/c the next night was.... the Avett Brothers!

We tailgaited a little... until it rained!!! :(
(that's my lil sis sarah holding the frisbee)

How upset do I look about the rain? yeah ickyness.

But we finally got to go inside (and to the bathroom!!!)

But because we had general admission that just meant we could sit on the floor for a while.

Then Grace Potter came on! she's great

Then Avetts!!!!

(yes we pushed our way to the front!!)

I love Bob Crawford (an avett bro just not by birth)

Ok so these pics sooo were all on my phone but you get the idea!!! More coming soon I promise!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best week ever, mid-week update (lots of fun pics haha)

Posted By: Leah
This Mon - Wednesday I had a work conference at the beach! A seashell nametag lanyard? yes please!
This was me oh, 2:30pm on monday, laying by the beach. So great. We actually didn't have any work stuff scheduled until later in the afternoon, so there was time to lay out and have fun.

This is my roughest work look in the history of the world. I mean I kinda like it... but whatever, I met the dress-code (barely! who cares, I'm at the beach)

They were supposed to feed us some kind of dinner, but it was lame (seriously... like just cheese and crackers and a piece of fried grouper fish-stick style and a pineapple or something). So we all went out to dinner! We went to a place called Bluewater. It was waterfront and pretty nice. My friends and I all wanted to try everything so we ended up each ordering something different and sharing. I got to order the ribs, yum!! Oh and a key lime martini, but they were out of graham crackers for the rim. I was pretty sad about that :(

Then we went and got ice cream! It looked like gelato but the man said it was not, and don't mistake it. I'm like whatever, yo? My friends had been there an extra day (ya can't do this stuff when you have a kid) and had discovered this cute homemade ice cream place called Boombalatti's.

Then we went back to the hotel and got in the hottub outside.
While in the hot tub, got a call the rest of the office was at the hotel's bar... so....thats where we went.
Looking a little rough, but no we weren't super tipsy or anything. Just had beach hair happening.

The next day... (after I finally took care of my hair, haha)
We sat through some actually really good meetings. I was inspired and fired up. Seriously!
Then it was time to get ready for the lual. I had gained maybe 5 lbs already so I opted to wear my LBD to conceal the swolen belly off of cupcakes/cheesecake/cheese/fried goodness. I was going to wear the same LBD to lil wayne this friday... still might:

My bestie work girls and I looked so super cute!

We were cold for a minute... then we started eating/drinking again
(yes, this was my dinner. no real entree at the conference for the 2nd night in a row. So I loaded up on coconut shrimp, crab and artachoke dip hahah)

There was some hula dancing, I'm not really sure who thought that was fun. I get it was a 'lual' but very loose interpretation. We needed a real band/dj. Sorry, I wasn't getting low to the hula. Anyhow, I don't think I have any pics of the rest of the night. We hung outside by a heater. Went up to a room party. Went back out to the hot tub w/ a different cru. Saw some crazy things go down and... Were all in bed by midnight. Oh! But at some point we did make friends with a random from omg...hold on... crap, I forgot. But it was some 400 person town. Yeah, that kind of night. He did buy my friends drinks then try to scoot his chair all up by me. Whatever! He went to the bathroom and we ran upstairs. #meangirls

Next day, beautiful, gorgeous morning!
That's the view from our balcony.

We went to a REALLLY boring session. More like 3 sessions, actually. Love this picture! HAHA

Aaannnndddd... that's it. Ok so not over the top exciting, but it was fun and for work so I got paid and enjoyed a lot of free alcohol & food, so I can't complain :)

I got home, picked up Gav and in my mailbox was a cute vintage dress from SheaIsAwesome. I think I'll wear it to the Avett Brothers on Saturday. Do you think I should wear these shoes with it? idk.

So... How has your week been?
PS ok, so I can't talk about this too much (due to the sadness) but I didn't see Chris Lambton in Wilmington. I follow his every tweet and he flew in Tues night while I was at the lual. He was at the Azalia Festival on Wednesday... and that's the day I had to come home. #sadness #fail  We were prob. within 5 miles of each other or less. I can't think about this anymore. I'll imagine happier thoughts like Chris L and me (instead of Alli) laying in the grass like this:

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