Friday, May 27, 2011

Guess who's going to Bonnaroo?! This girl.

Posted By: Leah
That would be me!!!!
I am super excited (like 99% excited and and a teeny bit, like1% scared, but I'll be okay!)
I just assume everyone knows what bonnaroo is, but at work when I try to tell people where I'm going they are like "huh?" so... My description (and this is just from what I've heard/google image searched HAHA) is that it's like a mondern-day, annual woodstock type of thing. Its a huge festival on a farm, with camping, and dirty hippies (no offense if you are one, but you know that's who's there. it's more of a fact than judgement).
An event so exciting Ben & Jerry's created an ice cream flavor for it!

Here's the line-up:
I'm most excited to see Lil Wayne (duh), Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, Eminem, Big Boi... what if Nicki Manaj comes out, I'd love to see her again too! And Grace Potter will be there (saw her this year opening for Avetts... damn I'm awesome... i mean old news... but shesh!) Ok back to who else i'm excited to see... Um... Neon trees, The Strokes, Widespread, Robert Plant...

Basically if you haven't guessed I'm a top 40 girl. I wish I could be a cool hipster and into obscure bands no one heard of, but lets face it, I am not. I almost jumped out of my chair and thought i saw Rick Ross in the line-up (he was at the Lil Wayne/Nicki/Travis Barker/MM Mike concert) and he was awesome... but no it's Rick Rosas (not Rosea! haha)

They have added a comedy line-up that was just released including... Donald Glover who I LOVE (he raps too, how great is that)! in the past they have had all kinds of people show up like Conan O’Brien, Zach Galifinakis, Reggie Watts... etc. Apparently Bonnaroo has lots of suprise guests who might not be able to confirm until the last sec, but who are super awesome! 

So this is still the 99% awesome part, right? I mean totally a once in a lifetime type of show.

Back to me and my obsessive google image searching (you know you do it too, how else would us visual folks survive life??)

I'm actually really down w/ this kind of picture. These girls are cute and I would rock some fairy wings in an instant. Remember last summer?

And this cute mother/daughter duo looks cute (OH I will have an entire other post on my Bonnaroo outfits! yes I have them all planned out and they are fun)
The stuff that I know I need to mentally prep for is this:
Me: "Eeew don't touch me please dirty hippies. thanks!"
PS I am pretty sure the one non-mud covered person in this shot has her boobie out! nice.

Also this:
I have no issue in being in large crowds. But I know day in/day out for 4 nights/4 days in the sun/heat may be intense sometimes.

But then i think of the important things... like Lil Wayne

And what if they suddenly say "Speaking of Young Money... how about special guest Drake!" omg!

oh! and celebrities attend Bonnaroo, because there really isn't another music festival like this right now

I am super excited about Bonnaroo and could not be going with a better group. We will have a little compound camping set-up  planned (they are going to do a yard test-run to see how everything fits together with tarps, etc.) and I can guarantee we'll be eating some amazing, like gourmet, probably vegan and raw goodness (we happen to be going with a couple straight-up chefs who are all into food and catering and making things I know nothing about... but I know they will want to make sure I am fed).

So yes I will be looking like probably every one of the people in the picture above. From super happy to scared at some point. But I'm pretty tough, and I don't mind not showering (haha eew tmi). So I think it'll be good. I'll have my iPad & phone & we'll have generators to make sure we have electricity at all times etc (to charge all our electronics so I can keep everyone updated!)

its 12 days away so get ready for my Bonnaroo fashion post coming soon. You might have seen me tweet this last night, but my looks are everything from 50's pin-up to 90's radness. All while wearing as little as possible (i do comfort 1st, then modesty 2nd, then fashion 3rd)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opperation Slimpossible and WW Points Plus!

Posted By: Leah
Exciting news for my 2 girls at work CRD and Lauren... they were selected to take part in a lifestyle makeover sponsored by the health system we work for. For 6 months they are taking part in all of the offerings the hospital has to improve health and wellness. Their goal is to each lose approx 50 lbs. CRD is getting married in October, so this is the perfect time! Lauren is now officially single and there is no better way to feel good about yourself than to have selfconfidence that comes from living a healthy lifestyle.

Here is their blog: Opperation Slimpossible
Please follow it and offer my work besties support and help often!

You can scroll through their blog and for the past few weeks they have gotten to go to the Sports Medicine Clinic, meet with a Dietition, etc.

Anyhow... another offering here is Weight Watchers at Work. I am a WW lifetime member back from '09 and yeah... i'm not exactly at my goal weight. I was very close about a year ago...actually w/ in 4 lbs! But I never was able to get to my goal (or 2 lbs above) to attend the meeting for free. You KNOW how tight I am with my $$ so paying $13 for someone to tell me what I already thought I knew wasn't really appealing.

I know, I know... the Weight Watchers saying is "If you could do it by yourself, you would have." That saying pisses me off everytime I hear it, but I know it's true. ANYWAY Yesterday CRD, Lauren, and I went to weight watchers. I was curious about the points plus... and it is a little different (and a little the same) as the flex points/core program I had been successful on... omg... 3 yrs ago (yikes! time flies!)

The awesome thing I learned at the WW meeting is that if I get back down to my goal (it is not like I have an unreasonable amount to lose... I mean I wear all my same clothes as I did 3 yrs ago... yikes again, I need to go shopping!) but anyhow if I get back down to my goal... I get my $$$ back! Yes, it's a set fee for the 17 week session and then WHEN I get back to my goal (no chance of 'if' this is an easy thing to do), I get reimbursed. Win-Win, right!?

But with so many girls on WW, I figured I should let you guys all know that yes, I am a lifetime member, and yes I'm back 'on the wagon' and will probably talk about food again a lot more. I have kind of a unique problem where as most people binge eat, or just eat unhealthfully. My problem is that I don't eat enough because I am rarely hungry. Sometimes even with others say they are hungry and ready for lunch, I lie and am like 'ooh yeah, uh me too.' when really, i could go all day and only eat dinner. It's sort of a gift and a curse. A gift because it keeps my weight in check really well, but it screws up my body and puts me on constant starvation mode so my body gets super excited when I eat A LOT and I can gain like 3 lbs in a day and keep it on if I'm not careful.

So this is why weight watchers is good for me... I HAVE to eat the points they give me.  My body loves me eating all the extra calories and can jump out of starvation mode.

Oh and btw, for the record I LOVE to eat. I know some people could take or leave eating, just eat to live, not live to eat. I am a foodie for sure... I just make excuses why I can't give myself the food/fuel/nutrition I know I need  (I don't have time to eat, I am not hungry, etc. PS this is pretty much at work only. I eat really well at dinner at home.).

Oh and also... yes gav eats very well. His daycare teachers say he's the best eater in the class and at home he's such an adventerous eater, having anything i make myself... from polenta to talapia, mango to papaya. And he eats non-stop. So I'm excited about all the new WW recipes I have for us to try.

Anyhow so yes, in summary, I'm on WW again. I hope to drop the weight  I need to in maybe 1 or 2 months. Oh and we are doing 2 classes a week together at work - bodypump which is like weightlifting and physical strength is something i for sure need to work on :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

My 31st Birthday Cinco De Mayo at the Beach!

Posted By: Leah
I went with my best friend from kindergarden Kari and her fam and Gav to the beach to celebrate my 31st Birthday. Yes, my Birthday just happens to be on Cinco de Mayo (more like Cinco de Mayo is on my birthday). So it's always a party!

Just like with my NYC pics (that post is below... also a continuation of my birthday celebration) I took all these pics on my cell phone camera, so they aren't the best. And no, i didn't edit them but that's okay :)

But first before I left for the beach , my best friends at work suprised me and decorated my work cube the day I left. I have the most wonderful work besties ever! xoxox
This is entering my cube

This is my amazing sign they made

This is inside of my cube

& a Gift card fo my favorite fro yo place Taste!!!
Plus a piniata & crown! so fabulous!

Lauren made me delicious red velvet cupcakes FROM SCRATCH!
ps I later heard I should have kept these refrigerated. Sorry Kari that I left them out at the beach. We all ate them and I don't think any of us got sick off of the butter/cream cheese left out for DAYS! bahahah!

I got a little early bday gift of a car mp3 player... yes I've had ipods for what... 10 or more years, and never had something to play ipod music in the car. It  was a life-changing gift!

Anyhow, Gav and I made it down to Pawley's Island, SC to the beach house to meet up with my friend Kari and her fam.

The beach house was super nice (usually they are all sandy and crappy). I kept calling it 'rich people stuff' because for real, this place reminded me of a rich person's house... it was well decorated, had a super nice kitchen, etc.

So I was a little obsessed with these stair lights. I don't get out much I know, but I thought they were super cool and if I ever build a house I will make sure I get them.

All Gav wanted was to go play on the beach. it was a little windy/chilly, but when Kari put her kids to sleep, we went out there. And... we found several washed-up jelly fish. Scary. This is gav covering his eyes and running away from them.

Here's Gav with one of the possibly rotten cupcakes (I don't recall us having any 'issues' but hard to remember!)

I didn't trust Gav to sleep on the top bunk so I made him sleep on the trundle where he couldn't get hurt.

The beach house had this back porch that had been glassed in to create an extra den kind of room. Gav was obsessed with making me play their super old Nintendo 64. I was like "is this the 1990's?"

Anyhow, I finally got Gav to sleep... and it was midnight and officially my BIRTHDAY!
Kari made me the CUTEST rice krispy treats that look like... HELLO KITTY! she is so amazing.

OH! and she put sugar glitter on them for a sort-of Twilight effect (hahaha! I wish I could say it was an inside joke, but if you read Twilight you know about the field of sunshine!)
Kari Rocks. The End.

The next morning Andy, Kari's awesome husband made us all breakfast... and me a huge bowl of fruit for my Fruit 'till Noon obsession.

How beyond adorable is this photo??? It's Gav and Kari's daughter walking down the path to the beach. I love this shot xoxoxo!

Don't forget... My bday is on Cinco de Mayo! So mexican food for dinner of course!

Gav found me adorable mama & baby starfish for my bday. isn't he the best!?!?

I adore anything with stars or 5's (my bday is May 5th 5/5 - cinco de mayo... you get it)
Starfish & my star tattoo... ok yes, it's an obsession :)

Oh! I should add that we gently threw the starfish back into the ocean. I can't be killing live animals on my bday. I don't roll that deep!

We went back inside, took our baths/showers and gavin passed out on the floor with his cars (look at how his foot was hahah).

Gav slept and slept and it was 8pm and Gav STILL wasn't wasnt awake from his super late nap, so guess what?! Andy's parents were watching his & Kari's kids and so I let them watch passed-out Gav too! (yes, I moved him into the bed. but he still did have his cape on.) So that meant....

We could celebrate my 31st Birthday aka Cinco de Mayo kid-free!!!! If you have kids, you understand this was HUGE for us... Thanks gav for sleeping! What a great gift :)
I'm such a trip! hahah!
Anyway, we did Tequilla shots at this place (ugh I forgot the name and FourSquare - the only way I remember anything is messed up.)

Then we went to La Playa for dinner YUM!
here is my 'mexican boyfriend' hahah

Next we went to PTI - AKA Pawley's Island Tavern
More Tequilla shots
Oh! and this looks wayyy more wild than it was... hahaah! so this girl (not kari, girl in white) was trying to look cute at the bar and talk to this dude... but her tag was out of her shirt. Meaning she had on her shirt inside-out!!! so we had to take a picture (again... this was a good idea on my bday!)
Oh! this was our adult Capri Sun! So we took these out to the beach (kids were still sleeping when we got back to the beach house. easiest baby sitting job for Andy's parents ever!) The stars were crazy bright and we could see them all the way to the horizon where the sky and the ocean met. It was a gorgeous and fun night. Thanks Kari & Andy for celebrating my bday at the beach!

Ok... this blog post is getting LONG and a ton more happened on this trip other than my bday. I'm going to stop for now but another post is coming soon!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Amazingly epic nyc happiness

Posted By: Leah
I had the most amazing, wonderful time in NYC. It was the absolute best trip in every way possible. I am so so lucky and so very happy. You know that movie "Waiting to Exhale" and in the movie it was about finally in your life being able to exhale; let your guard down, feel safe with and enjoy being around someone?  That is what happened for me on this trip.
I took all these pics on my phone and didn't edit them at all, so the quality isn't the best, but it's a little glance at what we did...
This is me on the Alice in Wonderland statue by the Mad Hatter in Central Park
We arrived super early on the 6am flight and landed before 8am on Thursday, May 12. We were pretty tired, so after dropping our bags at our hotel (in midtown) we got Starbucks and went to hang out in Central Park. We ended up staying there I think 3-4 hours just people watching, relaxing on the grass and hanging out. We laid on a hill under a tree and I watched a bird build her nest. It is amazing that it takes me going to NYC to be still enough to see something like that happen.

We left the park and walked down 5th ave window shopping and went into FAO schwartz. I really liked the barbie foos-ball table! We met up w/ a friend of a friend and hung out with him for a while. He's from Holland and so sweet! I like meeting new people, especially genuinly nice ppl like who I was with and it was adorable to see them together and so happy. After a little more window shopping, we went to finally check into the hotel and got ready for the Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang concert! It was at Best Buy Theatre in Time's Square!

We were kind of exhausted by the time we got to the concert, but they had general admission theatre seating (like a movie theater) in the back, so we sat there, watched the show and ate an Oreo cupcake all NYC style. The highlight of the concert (other than them singing "I like it Raww!" my favorite throw-back song from Middle School) was when Lil Kim came out! It was exciting!
The hotel wasn't super fancy but it was nice and clean and perfect for what we needed. We stayed on 36th btwn 9th and 10th in Hell's kitchen/clinton area. About a 10 min walk from time's square. Here's our view out the window... we were on the 14th floor:
This is actually the best NYC view I've ever had... usually it's like a brick wall or ally.

Then it was Friday, the 13th. This will go down in history as the best Fri the 13th EVER (I'm not going to go into why with too many specifics... but it's a very wonderful, good, happy thing. Just know that :) But we did a lot of stuff earlier in the day before it starts getting to this kind of sweet/romantic-ish stuff... just hold tight...

We grabbed bagles on the street for breakfast (and more starbucks of course) and walked down to Washington Pk in Greenwich Vill. They had a dogpark (below) that was pretty cool. The dogs weren't all crazy/wild like in dogparks around here, they were super well behaved.

One of the main reasons we walked down towards DT is so I could get a Chrome bag (it's what the real bike messengers wear). I saw one, was jealous and had to have my own. I also got these cool shoes. I adore both of them big time.

The chrome store was so cool. They took amazing care of us and they don't have their merch out to purchase, like they run to the back and get it. they even have custom super girly colors! But I ended up going w/ this pretty blue and black. I can't wait to sew patches on it!

I wish this pic came out better, it's the conveyer belt that sent my shoes up to me at one of the shoe stores we happened to stop in.

We kept on walking south and went to Little Italy and China Town

A sad but true fact about these cream filled corncake things, is that when I bit into one, the cream squished out into my hand and I now have a 2nd degree burn. #truestory.

We were looking for this famous noodle place for lunch, but it was always like a mile from where we were and we never ended up there. we went back through little italy, got some gelato and hopped the subway to brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, We went to an indy comic book store and I got gav some comic books. then we went to Barcade (Yes Bar + arcade = barcade. awesome).
Barcade was amazing. And no I didn't play any video games. We just chilled and talked and discussed some stuff and talked and got some stuff out there and...yeah... best Friday the 13th EVER <3

But with the basic lack of nutritious food, we needed some good protein so we went to this super awesome place called Radegast Hall & Biergarten.
We had a side of brussell sprouts which were AMAZING, but didn't make it in the pic. (PS we always ordered 1 entree and split it so we didn't ever get too full and wouldn't have left overs). This whole meal was amazing. Ok this whole day was amazing (sorry about leaving out the actual good details, but you can maybe guess). We made friends w/ the ppl celebrating a bday next to us and they told us about a really cool park that overlooked the Manhattan skyline. we went there next.

I am not trying to get sappy, but laying in the grass, overlooking the city, watching the sunset, talking, listing to iphone music... EPIC. It was straight out of a movie. Again... best Fri the 13th ever...

So after it got dark we left the park and went and hung out w/ the coolest hipsters ever in Brooklyn. I don't have any pics of the cool kids, but it was a very happening location on a fri night and I wish everyone there was my friend. We stopped for a drink at a French bar called Juliette and sat outside. I had this fancy sparkling wine/lemon thing. So good.

We were going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to NYC, but it was far down... so we walked the williamsburg bridge (same thing basically, I'm pretty sure). This is the Manhattan skyline at night from walking across the bridge.. Epic!!!! (I need to find a new word other than awesome/epic, but that's truly what it was).

We were going to hop the subway to time's square but eneded up getting on the express so next thing we knew we were in Jamaica Queens... um yeah... Good news is we didn't actually leave the subway station, so we got back on another train and ended up getting off as soon as we got into the city and it was safe... AKA upper east side. It was actually really amazing walking from there down to Time's Square because it was the real Gossep Girl type kids hanging out all around us.

We made it to Time's square just before midnight and sat on these red steps and did more people watching.
Another shot of my shoes + happiness

Here's our view of time's square from the steps. Hard to tell from the clock in the background on the right, but it was midnight right around then.

And...we were hungry again, so we stopped and got a slice of pizza... a slice is only $0.99 what a deal!

And that was the end of my best day ever... but the trip still wasn't over! The next day was Saturday.
We slept in and then met friend of a friend again at the park, then walked w/ him up to Madison ave to meet his wife.

I thought this was of columbus circle, but it was just the park entrance kinda by the Plaza

Anyhow, we all met up and got a super late lunch at this really amazing place called Serafinia. The guy at the table behind us had this pasta/seafood dish that looked amazing so we ordered that to split. Here's ours... looks so good, right?!
It was supposed to have white sauce, but there wasn't much, so I had them make us red sauce. They literally smashed up tomatoes w/ fresh herbs and gave it to me right then and it was so delicious. Also, the guy next to us had 2 boys who ordered stuffed pizzas. One boy only touched 1 slice, so the dad GAVE us the rest of the pizza... OMG it was (I think) goat cheese and roasted garlic... so amazing. PS yes everyone in NYC was super nice and awesome. But we also did a lot of non-tourist stuff and were around the locals.

That is it for my pictures and today.... I will write another post soon, and one about my 31st birthday (also awesome!!!) I posted this on my Twitter this morning, but I'll say it again... I have only been 31 eleven days, but so far it has been the best year of my life.

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