Monday, September 26, 2011

CRD's Bachelorette at Myrtle Beach

Posted By: Leah
I've been the worst ever about updating my blog. But here are some pics from this weekend from Courtney's bachelorette party at myrtle beach:


The band was pretty exciting at the bar we went to.

 We first thought these guys were gay, then we learned they were European! (Like in Legally Blonde) And don't know the US's 'bubble of personal space' but they were so super fun.
 This girl loved me. Also German. She took me to meet her friends. They were all adorable (and european).
    "Hello dudes in the band, do you want to come back to the condo?" Someone though this was a great idea.  

 Meanwhile back at the condo... I couldn't take a bunch of pics because that would have been too obvious. but the band guys showed up and also 3 other dudes some of the other girls with us met. Lauren and I went to bed.  Nothing too scandalous happened except the band guys had to be kicked out.

We had the biggest refrigerator ever. just fyi.

SN: This girl where the band was wore a dances with wolves shirt. it was awful. even from the back.

Her friend also had on white tennis shoes and white tall socks. she made a top out of a red flame bandana. not awesome.

This chick was dressed just too extra. Stay classy myrtle beach.

We got home last night and my throat is sore. Good thing we each had our own cups to drink out of all weekend.

Have you been to a destination bachelorette party?
Have you ridden in a stretch Navigator limo?
Did you know it is $250 if someone throws up in said Navigator limo?
Have you ever had girls you were with invite dudes from a band back to your beach condo?
If you could throw a bachelorette party, what would you do/where would it be?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Posted By: Leah
So there's something that you all probably should know. I've kept it on the DL for a while, but I keep seeing it popping up in other blogs, so I might as well tell you all now:
I'm an artist for Free Crappy Portraits.

And it's not that I have just done a guest spot, I'm actually an official artist on the site. If you've ever read the side there is an artist's section HERE and when you see Leah... yeah that's THIS LEAH.

My personal favorite is the link on the right side to all the portraits I've done that make it to the site. All of the artists draw several portraits a week, but unfortuinately not all can make it to the site. (there's a huge demand)

Ok so I'm just going on and on like everybody knows what Free Crappy Portraits are. is exactly what it sounds like: a place to submit photos in return for an amateur drawing for no money. The funny thing is that some of the artists on there are actually not that crappy. Like their work is really quirky, cool and you'd probably drop a boatload of cash on etsy for someone to do the same type thing. The gamble is you never know what your portrait will turn out.
So it's free, fun, and totally worth requesting.

Your next question is... will I draw for you for free? Um yes, duh. That's the best part about FCP. It's not a site trying to make money, or be something it's not. It's just people who like to draw (but not always well) doing a favor (drawing) for someone else. I totally get a 'pay it forward' feeling when I do it. PLUS i've found that drawing is really good therapy for me.  I spend between 1 and 2 hrs on average on the portraits I draw for the site. I do at least 2 a week (I am given assignments by the ppl who run the site).

Also, I love the praise I get. I seriously don't do this for the complements. But they totally make me happy! here's some of the feedback i've gotten:

"This is the most amazing, fantastic, exciting,
totally made my day picture ever. Me and J printed it out and framed it. It now hangs on our bedroom wall next to all the other non-serious pics we take!"
Oh yeah, this was what they had requested... and their pic:
"This is me and J...we rarely take seriously pictures...I am a vegetarian...he is a chickenatarian...I'm a cat person...he is a dog person...he is a musician...I am musically challenged...I'm and artist...he can't color in the lines...he is winter...I am summer...but he loves me...and i love him."

Sometimes people blog about me... and they don't know me at all! But it's awesome wonderful stuff like this post a girl named Cali wrote about he HERE. I wish I could comment and tell her it's ME and THANKS!!!
ok. exhaile. I feel better having shared that I'm a crappy artist. I'm so faux-famous :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Mosaic

Posted By: Leah
Dang. I've been too busy to blog. And too busy to make my sept mosaic until i forced myself to do it right this second. Since Gav's started school my life/work/everything has been crazy hectic. Kind of overwhelming. I just want to have a break. But even if I have an hr to myself it just gets hectic. Not fun. Hopefully my life will get back to being all lovely again soon.

I pretty much already know the theme of this one. It's confort/memories/stuff to make me happy

So here's the deal if you want to make your own!

Make a mosaic of your own by doing a Flickr search for the answer to each of the following questions:

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. Favorite drink?

5. Dream vacation?

6. Favorite hobby?

7. What you want to be when you grow up?

8. What do you love most in life?

9. One word to describe you?


Make one for your blog and let me see it :) I really like this project and want to keep it up every month.

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