Monday, October 17, 2011

Weddin' State Fair & More Awesomeness

Posted By: Leah
I left my camera at home today :( but I just HAD to share a few pics from this weekend from my cell. I'll try to get more pics up this week from my super busy, but amazing weekend!

The first thing, was Courtney's Wedding!!! We've been planning this day for the past 15 months, and it was finally here! She got married at The Hayloft, a barn that has been converted into a really cool event space right outside of Greensboro, NC. Check out the boots on the girls!

I found this pic on my phone of one of the wedding gifts I got Courtney & Chris. They are little measuring cups in her china pattern. Not on her registry, but they were a cute little addition to the other stuff I got in her pattern. Also, check out the girl on the red plates above... I just snapped this pic, but is it my imagination or did Kate Spade design dishes of ME!?!?!!!?

Ok back to the weddin' (as the sign said.) So they had cans of beer at the bar and this is courtney's custom koozy! Bahahaha!!!

Did I tell you? I directed the wedding! I know, I have skills you didn't know about. Actually, one day I'd love to be a wedding planner/coordinator/director. Courtney said she got tons of compliments on me (and ppl came up to me too) thanking me for helping her day go so smoothly. I was just the calm voice of reason and told everybody where to go hahaha!

So this is hilarious... in the bridal suite/changing room the girls in the wedding were supposed to wear beige heels and have cowgirl boots for pictures. They ended up keeping the cowgirl boots on for the ceremony (which was good, it was outside in the semi-muddy grass and they stood for a while). So I kept having to run into the bridal room for different things (toss bouquet, sparklers, etc). and realized these girls all wore my same shoe size... so i HAD to have a shoe photo shoot w/ their shoes/boots! Look how adorable lauren and I were in the boots!

So that was saturday. Super fun wedding. everything went perfectly (I know, you're welcome everybody)
Then yesterday the BF and I went to church (I got him starbucks) then we got Gav back from his dad's and we went to the NC State fair with Lauren! Bf had never gone so it was quite an experience!

We milked cows (and they gave us chocolate milk!)

We rode on the ferris wheel (I was only a little bit scared)

And that was it, but it was a fun weekend!!!!

 Next weekend will be awesome because bf and I are going to a mustache party! I'm DIY our mustaches (even though technically he already has one). But let me know if you have any awesome ideas because the person with the best mustache will win!!!!
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