Friday, January 6, 2012

Back on plan

Posted By: Leah
So many ppl have been posting about their diet/fitness goals for 2012. And today I am too. The holidays suck because there's so much delicious food you have to eat because it's only around one time a year. And here I am... having gained 8 lbs (EIGHT omg!) How is that possible? That's as much as a gallon of milk! HOW!? Uh duh, easy. It's called shoveling food in my mouth. But FOR REAL it's about to come off fast. I know it. I re-joined weight watchers (for um the 3rd time since becoming Lifetime like 3 yrs ago). And I have my exercise schedule all planned out. A full plan of attack.

Ok first - The Diet
(because as we all know what you eat is 80% of your weight loss)

I'm going to dually track my food. What?! that's a boat load of work, why would you do that? I know you are asking. Welll.... here's the thing. Weight Watchers is really great for some things. Like the motivation is awesome, I do enjoy the meetings. The recipes are good, their website is really nice. They offer great incentives like you get to go for free when you are a lifetime member (which I am BOOM). However the plan it's self... um... not so good. ok sorry but I'm a hater.

Yes, Jennifer Hudson looks AMAZING! And I want to look exactly like her and sing like her and... ok here's my issue with weight watchers.... It doesn't work for me. Why? because (see how I'm avoiding telling my reasons!?)
1- The concept of 'you can eat anything you want' does not work for me. I am a classic binge-eater. I can't just measure out a little bowl of chips, take one sliver of pie, eat one reese's cup. I just can't. I have zero self restraint and the only good thing about that is that I know it about myself. Because of knowing I have no control over food if it's in my house, unfortunately I really can't eat anything I want. Tracking it or not.

2- They really don't take into consideration (to my knowledge) stuff like blood sugar spikes, binge-eaters, exercise bulemics, etc. WW gives you these exercise points and yes thanks to them you can eat a whole chocolate cake and then go run 8 miles and then you can eat your 0 point vegetables, multi-vitamin, water, and get all your 'healthy checks' in. WW will consider that a good day. They even give you extra points to get your binge-eat on even if you don't take the run.  But generally, the binge-eating doesn't stop after 1 meal.  I know they are supposed to 'teach' you not to do this and to eat whole grains and stuff at the meetings, but that stuff only sinks in for like 30 min. To weigh and portion everything out and stay in control is awesome, let's all do it! But there's this thing called life and it's nearly impossible to measure every single thing you eat, know it's full nutritional value etc.  Well if it was  easy, why wouldn't everyone be a WW lifetime member, attending for free and looking all hot? Yeah it's not.

3- WW (in my opinion) is in it to make $money$. I'm sorry but it's true. Yes WW is awesome and ppl lose weight and I'm sure there are people (other than the leaders) who have lost weight and kept it off for 20 yrs or something, but I have just not seen them. EVERYONE I KNOW who is a lifetime member like myself has had to go back. So that just goes to show that something's not 'clicking' with the program for true lifetime success. The only way it works is if you go to the meetings every week, track all your food, and that's really no way to live. That puts WW in control of your life, not yourself.

So why did I even join up AGAIN if I'm such a hater? Well I work for a very large hospital system and we get killer (no pun intended!) deals on having Weight Watchers at Work. Basically with this deal if I'm successful on the plan, it pays for itself (well, practically). And yes, the meetings are fun. And I like going with my friends. And making new friends who LOVE food (my co-worker kathy told me to never trust skinny bitches. She's a WW lifetime member too). And the ACCOUNTABILITY is actually what this whole game is about. Stepping on the scale in front of a stranger, them writing down my weight and then people celebrating if I lose 5 lbs. That's it truly it. It's totally about bragging on yourself and being vein.

Ok so off my WW-rant. Back to the 2-ways I'm tracking. I am a fan of the LiveStrong website. They have the Daily Plate where you enter in how much you want to lose a week (say, 2 lbs) and it figures up the CALORIES I need to eat daily. And the SODIUM. And FAT. And real things that matter. Not a mysterious 'point'  (when WW changed from flex points to points plus they totally lost me! Worse than before when I ate core (now power foods)) With WW I think they said I need 27 or 29 pts a day or something. Even with their calculator on my phone, app on my ipad and book marked on 2 computers, I still can't remember/figure that mess out. I have to literally type in every food, as I'm eating it and then see how much I should or shouldn't be eating. Wow I'd love a 2nd slice of avocado. Oh wait, nope that would put me over. Screw it just give me the avocado, and some tortilla chips, and some cheese, oh it's too late to work out. FML.

Anyhow, another thing I know about myself is that I do not need meat. Yes I eat it and yes I enjoy it (Holla back at a chick fil a chicken sandwich!) and also I know I do not need dairy (fro yo rocks my life). But these are not things I must eat every day.  But when I eat my fruit 'till noon and a salad for lunch on WW I'm up to only 2 pts for the day. On Daily plate I'm up to 450 calories, almost 1/2 my daily allowance. See what I'm saying? So on WW they (in my crazy, crazy mind) WANT me to go home and have 25 pts left over and have to eat everything I can get my hands on for dinner. Which leads to un-healthy decisions. With the Daily Plate I say oh, I have 500 calories for dinner, and not much fat or sodium, I can have some black beans, rice, green pepper in a wrap. Or if I had an extra 350 cal's then I'd consider getting some fro yo. If that's all I ate on WW I'd STILL have 20+++ pts left over to eat on... idk, I guess anything? Hello pint of ben & jerry's.

People have tried to explain WW points to me a kazillion times. and I have the calculator. And they tell me I'm not getting enough food, well guess what? I lose weight counting calories, WW just keeps me eating. It's like football. It's like I get it, I know the rules, it's just not for me.

Ok WAY more than enough on that.

Part 2- the Exercise

I mentioned this in my 12 in 12 post earlier in the week, but I have a new exercise plan that I have no choice but to stick to.

Here it is:
Mon & Friday - During my lunch hr run on the treadmill in the gym at work (ok jog a little, then eat for 30 min)
Tues & Thurs - Go to Body Pump (weightlifting) class at work
Wednesday - Go to WW at work
Weekday evenings - Play Just Dance 3 on the Wii with Gav (Minimum 3 songs a night)
Weekend - Play Just Dance 3
Any evening/weekend Gav is w/ his dad - Run on the treadmill at my apt fitness room OR run outside (yikes)
And extra stuff too... like taking the stairs, parking at the back of the parking lot and walking. All that good stuff.

Part 3 - The cleanse

Technically I've never really done a real cleanse before. I think I may have tried a fruit fast (which I failed on). And back in the olden days like 10 yrs ago when I did LA WeightLoss they had a great 'kickstart' routine that involved unlimited rotisserie chicken and $40 juice. But this time, for real I feel like I need to start with a real, live cleanse. I'm talking go to the store and buy something specially designed to eliminate the oh so delicious yet awful for me treats I've been eating the past month since halloween. But I picked this one up at GNC. I read all the reviews, then asked the poor kid at GNC 85 infinity million questions. But he said it'll help me clear out the crap (literally) i've been eating the past couple months. And he said as long as I eat really well (no dairy, red meat, etc) I'll be good. So yikes, I feel like I'll regret this. But i guess it's worth a shot. (might have to do daily updates on this one specificallY!)
Whew! So that's the official plan. I'm linking up with anybody who's doing linkie dealies. So far I think it's just KLaw. I may come up w/ my own linkie because this is serious business.


  1. Yeah Weight Watchers always seemed kind of confusing to me when my friend did it. I did track my food/calories online with an iPad app for awhile (it might be the one you had above) and that worked pretty well. I am attempting to do more running again. Good times!

  2. I loooooved this post! I thought there was something wrong with me. I did weight watchers for a few months and lost like 1.5 pounds..even though I was at the gym like a maniac. I was really discouraged. So I thought about the science of losing weight and in it's most basic form, weight loss = consuming less calories than you burn. DUH. Why do people make that hard? I've been counting calories and the weight is melting off. THANK YOU LORD!!!

    Also, I got this really cool app called MyFitnessPal. It's probably similar to the one you mentioned in the post. It helps you track calories consumed and calories burned. I'm loving it!

    Good luck!!!


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