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Detox / 7 Day Cleanse

Posted By: Leah
Leah's Body Makeover Week 1
Total lbs lost - 5*

For the past 7 days I've successfully done a GNC Complete Body Cleanse. And I've not only survived, but rocked it!

Have you ever done a cleanse? I had not and was honestly a little bit nervous. I had visions of myself at work running to the bathroom and having bad times. I did not experience anything like that at all.
So the deal is there's a bunch of pills excuse me herbs to take in the morning, evening and this fiber blend think Metamucil to drink in the morning as well. Sounds pretty intense, but it was actually not bothersome at all. Meaning, no running to the bathroom or anything weird/crazy/unusual happening on my insides. No cramping no & TMI anything. Nothing tasted gross, not even the fiber mix thing (it was like a dreamsicle). 

I also worked out every day. this could have helped with everything going so well. By day 2 I had lost 2.8 lbs. I think the majority of that was due to what I was eating (or not eating, I did mostly vegan). This is sooo not for everybody. But don't knock it until you try it for a couple weeks. My diet is taken directly from the Skinny Bitch and Fit for Life concept of eating 50%+ raw everyday. 

So I know you are wondering... what the heck did I eat every day???

Breakfast / Morning Snack - Fruit 'till noon (seriously!) I'm over blogging about why this is the the way to go. here's a post of me explaining how awesome it is. Also here (this is a personal fav). I eat as much as I want of fruit (normally 2 pieces before lunch. Some ppl need a lot more. I'm not big on breakfast). But i 'get' the cleanse's pills in the morning/evening. it goes along with this concept of your body's daily cycles.

Lunch - Salad! Not a boring iceberg leaf with a cherry tomato either. I'm talking a rockstar of a salad with bright spring-mix greens, delicious dressing (anything to make the salad yummy! Who cares about fat/cals. You're eating a salad!) I always have some sort of protein (black beans, red beans, chick peas, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, etc) Some kind of crunch (other than lettuce. Like celery, cucumber, more of the nuts). And some kind of fruit/berry (I like raisins) to mix it up sometimes. I will have theme salads, like a Mexican salad and use black beans, avocado, salsa. Or an asian salad with sesame seed dressing, pecans, mandarin oranges. You get the idea. Also, I try to work-out on my lunch hour and when I'm all hot/nasty after that, I don't want anything too heavy or hot to eat. A delicious, colorful salad is usually perfect. 

Afternoon snack - Fruit! (and this gives me 75% raw for the day. I LOVE "Fruit 'till Noon, Raw 'till Dinner." VERY easy to do at work where you can only eat the foods you bring in.)

Dinner - This is the place where honestly, in the past I've screwed up. I am a single Mama and came home straight ravenous for food most nights. I also have a hungry 5 yr old who eats lunch at 10:30am in kindergarten. It's SO EASY to just make a box of mac and cheese, throw in a frozen pizza, fish sticks or just get take out. But not anymore. I'm really doing a lot of meal planning and that helps sooo much with ideas and time. The way I do it probably should not be recommended for families where the person who cooks dinner is expected to create something new and different each night. But for me, who can make a whole bunch of something and then eat the same thing 4 nights in a row, it's awesome! OMG duh, 4 servings of something to last me 1/2 the week = what a traditional family would consume at 1 dinner. So lately I've been into wraps. At first I was a little hesitant. in cutting stuff out, I'd love to cut out gluten too (and sugar and canned vegetables...) but gluten-free wraps are gross & expensive so I use carb balance wraps , and pretend these are super good for me and healthy :) basically they are just FULL of fiber which works for me and they have more protein than the others. On WW they are 4pts+ each. I have the burrito size and have one ginormous wrap. 

Here's the recipe I've had most of last week. I didn't even know I liked mushrooms until I created this concoction. I'll post more recipes as I make them, but here's another that I LOVE and it takes zero time, just slap hummus on that thing. Ok last one, this is sooo yummmmm omg I want to get some tempeh right now!
And my plan is 80/20 80% healthy(vegan/gluten free) 20% not. I'm human, yo?
I felt like having chicken for lunch AND dinner and I did. Sorry baby chickens.
It was grilled if that helps.
<--Tempeh Wrap

Anyhow ok so last thing I did was get my exercise on. daily. Not sure if I've ever exercised for 7+ consecutive days in my entire life prior to this, but thanks to my work's fitness opportunities and Just Dance 3 on the Wii, it was pretty easy and fun. Here's what I've done:

Wednesday - Purchased Just Dance 3 and did it for a good hr with Gav
Thursday - Body Pump (OUCH killed my arms and I was on super low weights) and Just Dance
Friday - Precor eliptical for 30 min and Just Dance for a few songs 
Saturday - Treadmill run/jog/walk 35 min and Just Dance for a good hour with Gav (down 2.8 lbs total)
Sun - Just dance for prob 45 min total throughout the day and 1 hr playing w/ Gav at the playground  (down 3.8 lbs total)
Mon - Ran/Walked 30 min on treadmill (down 4 lbs total) BTW woke up feeling awesome, awake before alarm! Full of energy. Felt kind of ick at night.
Tue - Body Pump (arms weren't sore. yay) (down 4.8 total on my scale) Felt kind of ick at night.
Wed - (*only down 3.2 on WW scale :( Just dance for 9 songs, which HAD to be 30 min at least, right?
Thurs - um, no exercise. down 5* lbs total on my scale (WW's scale LIES! bahah oh wait, at WW it's after I've eaten/drinken and am wearing clothes. my clothes weigh 2 lbs, right?)

I've been for sure tracking on ww (just because i'm paying for it and it keeps me accountable). 
I'm supposed to eat 26 pts a day. This week I've been eating between 16 - 20 (except for one day I had 28 pts when I got into the TJ's lemon curd left over from xmas. It's heaven on a spoon + I tracked it!). 

That's it for week 1 of my getting my body makeover on.

While working out I try to think of inspirational stuff like what I want to look like, etc. I'll work on that in another post. But it'll be good. And hopefully attainable.This is an awesome inspirational post from Sometimes Sweet.

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